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I'd Like to Offer This Sanity Quiz to All #NeverTrump Conservatives


I'd Like to Offer This Sanity Quiz to All #NeverTrump Conservatives

Charles P. Pierce

I am told regularly by people I admire and respect to hold my cynical tongue about all the career conservatives and television flotsam from the late and unlamented Avignon Presidency who now are all over the airwaves deploring the terrible things being done to the Republic by the president* and his dwindling band of loyalists down at Camp Runamuck. Be nice, I am told. These are valuable allies.


The terms “Republican” and “Democrat”, along with “conservative” and “liberal”, have been so smeared that they are no longer of much help in trying understand, much less control the chaos. I suggest that the terms “regressive” and “progressive” be used going forward (hint, fucking hint), until they have likewise become Orwellized.


Further quiz item: What was your position on the outing of Valerie Plume?


In a nutshell, we don’t have a Trump problem, we have a corporate control of government problem. Trump and the talking heads Pierce mentions are just a few in a long line of people gunning for the corporations.


As they say, money talks, bs walks. Politicians will go where the money is. We know there is no hope with republicans. With democrats, there is at least a chance.


Thanks once more, Charlie Pierce, for being a truthful journalist. Thank you for calling out the hypocrisy that has permeated the Republican party these past 38 years and counting. It’s part
of their DNA now!


How about “amoral stupid sods” ( ASS) versus “greedy amoral scum” (GAS)? :smiley:


No, the Dims are equally and irretrievably corrupted by corporate, lobbyist and billionaire money, and need to be killed off in favor of the one truly progressive, incorruptible party “major” party, the Green Party, the only third party currently with ballot access in many states, and in danger of losing that access over the next two years, unless we get significant (meaning 3+%) of the vote in the next two election cycles. We cannot be bought, because we are the only party that is controlled by it’s members from the bottom up, on a consensus basis, not a majority rules one. We do not and will not have PACs or Super PACs, and do not want or accept large single donations from the wealthy.

The controlling interests of the institutional Democratic Party absolutely have not learned anything from the 2016 election cycle and continue to do everything they can to sabotage and prevent truly progressive candidates for office at all levels from becoming competitive and having a chance to win nominations in either special elections or scheduled primaries in the current cycle. Occasionally one slips through, usually in a contest the party bosses had believed to be unwinnable and not worth contesting, where a true progressive has beaten an established Republican officeholder. These exceptions prove the theory that progressives could win if the establishment would just get out of the way, but they won’t. So the establishment rulers must die (politically that is)!


I completely get your reference and would lump both categories into the “regressive” camp while you, I and most of our colleagues here at CD will shoot for the “progressive” camp.


I see Trump’s approval rating is up a bit. Right-wingers gaining in Europe. Green Party is Providence for dreamers.


The one sure thing is that if we never try for better we will never achieve it.


The Green Party was ratfucked by the FBI.


You can’t be bought though the candidate who put you into the national mix, Ralph Nader, wrote extensively about finding a billionaire(s) to save you from irrelevance. Hello, in there.
Your handprint is on several national elections which have been horrible for the same people you claim to want to save. By causing the body politic generations of indigestion, you’re apparently now ok, with it dying from stomach ulcers.
As to many of the planks on your platform, quite a few of those are exposed by progressive forces now working within a viable coalition and in functional organizations.
You’re correct in saying the Republican party is an empty vessel, dangerous and truly off the tracks of normalcy. Mr. Pierce points that out here pretty plainly.
The GP should become an advocacy group and drop the pretense; maybe for example, joining The Working Families Party. Try that in 2020, ok?


A succinctly brilliant and brilliantly succinct piece of work, Mr. Pierce, from “I am told” to “Begin.”

Thank you.


What is the system we are calling money?
Why is it still a legal tender?
If the government refuses to perform its function, why should it be able to define what is considered a legitimate means for reimbursement for anything?

This is beyond campaign finance reform.
This is beyond money in politics.

It is literally about the fate of the planet, and what we value.
If you can’t contract with tenders that bind you to your accountability, why are we still using it?
If we created a system that did bind us, the only wealth would be shared.

If we don’t begin there, every system that will be put in place will be nail in the planet’s coffin.


Here are a few more for these rehabbed R’s:

Do you support the tax cut?
Do you support entitlement ‘reform’?
What’s your stance on global warming? Right-to-work state laws, minimum wage, the defense budget/empire and single payer.

Of course we can guess most of the answers. The troubling thing is that so many democrats would proffer similar responses. MSDNC is considered the left network!? Hail to the duopoly.


Charles P. Pierce, the quiz says it all. THANK YOU.


‘money is the mother’s milk of politics.’

  • jess ‘big daddy’ unruh


I predict a lot of failing grades.


Speculation, polling proof not in evidence.