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"I'd Like to Report Some Voter Fraud": Lindsey Graham Under Fire for Allegations He Urged Legal Ballots Be Tossed in Georgia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/17/id-report-some-voter-fraud-lindsey-graham-under-fire-allegations-he-urged-legal

  • “For the chairman of the Senate committee charged with oversight of our legal system to have reportedly suggested that an election official toss out large numbers of legal ballots from American voters is appalling,” Bookbinder [said]

Appalling? Yes. Surprising? Hardly. Let us not forget that Graham recently acknowledged that unless the vote is suppressed republicans will never win another election. Of course, they could push for policies that actually benefit most Americans but that is not the republican way. As a party and, I suspect, as individuals republicans are profoundly hostile to the American people. That South Carolinians can’t or won’t see this is what is truly appalling.


And, by the way, he’s another neocon.


The logistics of splitting the country up would be nightmarish and almost impossible , but at this point what other alternative is there .
These people will never again align themselves with truth . They have stopped over a line from which there is no return .
Ok, here is the way to do it - (-:
Build a North South Wall and anybody that voted for Trump , which is easy to determine , must move into the South and may not travel to the North without a passport .
Oh and the Trumptards have to pay for the wall .


Good idea.

What is appalling is that more than 3%, or 4% of Americans not only vote for these vermin, but actually vehemently support them. Americans richly deserve the horrors that await them.


S’more Graham cracker trickery, eh Lindsey, you ethically empty soul?


Yeah, but the Klu Klux Klan in South Carolina likes him.


And did he not break Senate Rules to get the Barrett nomination out of committee without a quorum?
Not only should he be removed, the Barrett nomination should be invalidated.


If Graham suggested that legally cast ballots be thrown out then it is difficult to conceive why Graham should not prosecuted for criminal behavior for trying to throw the election Trump’s way. In the same vein an article in Salon, as seen in the link below, believes [and quite correctly] that Trump should be prosecuted for the many transgressions which he has committed, both in and out of office. Unfortunately our incoming president does not support this position as Biden is quoted in the article saying that prosecuting Trump “would not be very good for democracy.” Apparently holding people accountable for their misdeeds is not high on Biden’s list of priorities. One wonders if Biden also believes that people who are not rich and powerful should not be prosecuted either.


“If you can’t be a good example then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning.”-Catherine the Great, Russian Empress [1729-1796]


No worries, Di Fei just gave Lindsey a hug for his transgressions and all is well.


“Should be prosecuted.” You’re going to have to specific, there are a lot of republicans in that position.
But we know that one of those republicans is lying. No surprise there either.

I haven’t checked, but there should be a lot of committee investigations going on right now.

Paleese, Now I have that picture in my mind, all day I suppose.

If you are referring to my post then it would be advisable for you to read the link which I had provided as it provides many reasons why Trump should be thrown in jail for what he has done.

I’d like to also know who threatened governor Raffensberger’s life, and yes Lindesy Graham has to be investigated not just for this but all his numerous other attempts to restricting conditions for voters whom he feared might be favoring Biden


Given that this report came from a fellow republican, it’s much more likely it’s true. Calls for Graham to step down, hell no! This type of criminality calls for impeachment, and forced removal from politics. But being a realist, I know nothing will come from this crime, it’s what happens when both parties are “kissing cousins”, and the CIA runs our Justice Department.
With no serious action against Graham, we can expect these crimes to continue and get worse, against the people. The “looking ahead” meme we’ve seen before from the dems, makes them complicit in these crimes.


Of course not. The very word “privileged” tells us that: “privi” + “lege” = “private law”. We proles must make do with public laws. </s>


So true, but i’d hate to see the ship sink and we all go down because of utter idiocy of a few mentally ill. That goes for the meanest turkey vulture McConnell who baffles me totally how he garners the votes and who votes for him time and again. Add to that list Feinstein of California a war monger criminal of epic proportions.

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Seems like all the fraud is on the gop side.


This might not be happening now if all of you goody-two-shoes, high-minded activists hadn’t refused to get down in the mud and out Lindsay’s gay behind to his homophobic, church-lady constituents last Summer. It wasn’t like some in the LGBTQ community in SC didn’t try. Search “Lady G/Lindsay Graham”. Now we are all stuck with him for another six years.