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Ida-NO: Gem State Lawmakers Consider Bill to Allow Bible in Science Classes


Ida-NO: Gem State Lawmakers Consider Bill to Allow Bible in Science Classes

Heather Weaver

Idaho’s public school students may soon have an additional reference text in science class — the Bible.


No surprise that Idaho is one of the states Ayatollah Cruzweanie won in the primaries. Perhaps Idaho and the other Cruz states will be the first to become theocracies.

Although I would never vote GOP, Trump is looking very good compared to Cruz.


The American Taliban works 24/7 through committed Evangelical Christians who wish to take down the wall between church and state and institute a Christian Theocratic nation. When they get through with their plans, dissent (to authority figures) will be a cardinal sin, women will remain at all times barefoot and pregnant, Blacks will be working out in the fields, and Hispanics will be granted 2nd class citizenship.

These people only practice their limited understanding of Christ’s teachings in what they can deliver to their own families. Anyone else (or outside of their tribe) is considered fair game for all acts of aggression ranging from the savage to the simple insult hurled often.


Yep Cruz is a different kind of fascist, an evangelical fascist. Hate to say it but I am thinking even oligarchy is better than fascism temporarily. Eventually corporate fascism would rise to the top and replace both earlier fascism sorry rather incorporate them.

I pray that we don’t end up with religion in government. I mean that literally.


This country wasn’t founded on Christian doctrine or any other religious beliefs - thank God. Still we are forced to beat back the legislation of the radically unhinged idiots, hell bent on legislating their moral beliefs to the rational folks.
The difference between these Tea Party bible pushers and the Neanderthal is the TP pusher can read. Can’t comprehend much - but they can read.


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I went to an all boys Episcopal boarding school. We had prayers every morning (for about two minutes), before marching off to class.We had a full service Sunday morning, and thirty minutes of chapel Sunday evening. Religion was never permitted in any of our classes-except in what was called Sacred Studies. That’s what it sounds like-Religion 101. The history of religion and the study of the Bible. The headmaster practiced a kind of “muscular Christianity” in the fashion of Teddy Roosevelt. He was also the hockey coach, and the head of the Greek Department. I remember him bellowing out passages of the Illiad “And then Ajax cut off his arms and legs, and rolled his body like a log under the feet of the Trojans.” Now that’s what I call True Religion.


I don’t believe in religions but I do believe in God. Mine is Jesus the revolutionary who came for the poor, who loved the outcasts and those in prison, who said it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. My Jesus … Would vote for Bernie.

All religions are right and no religion is wrong. My God loves atheists and Adam and Steve. My God requires only mercy not sacrifice. My God is love and that really makes sense for God to be. There is no hell and maybe we are all wrong about what is meant by heaven. My God created evolution and was creative in general …lol.

My Jesus taught us to think for ourselves and contradicted the bible when necessary and told us to not do eye for an eye like it says in Leviticus but to turn the other cheek. My God made them drop the stones and did not condemn the woman. My God said the truth shall set you free and if your soul would be your own just follow the truth and you come out okay. Mine spoke of peace and love and blessed the peacemakers. He healed people which is very nice of Him and logical for a loving deity to do.

My God was also a bit of a socialist and He sure liked to party and throw back a few! What I was taught was a separate God different from the others but what I learned was that there is only one and lots of ways we think are special but that they (religions) all look the same to Him. My God is a spirit and some say He and some say she and some never say anything and that is the way to be. You and yours and me and mine and we all live together and wait to see what happens later.

For me I hold to Jesus the revolutionary… Ain’t that something… God was a radical… Makes sense to me…lol.


Thanks for putting that out there.No doubt the atheist cultists will come by and try to trash you-but, I suspect that won’t upset you much.I came out of that school as an agnostic with a strong dislike of formal religion.These days, I’m a sort of Deist-most of the time.Other days, I’m a kind of pagan existentialist. My wife is a Quaker.I do sign on to the teachings of Jesus the revolutionary, but I don’t think he’s the son of God.If there’s one thing I believe in, it’s the sanctity of human life. Camus comes closest to describing how I feel about that. He was an atheist, but he had great respect for people of faith (in his case mostly Catholics), because in many instances, they were working towards the same goals he was. In the Resistance, specifically.


Thanks. Yeah they usually do, they have before and probably will …soon…lol. I knew that and decided to not be oppressed by …well somebody…lol

Seriously man why do I care what some people think. They have the same restricted absolutism as do fundamentalists except for them atheism is their fanatical religion. I have faith but not religion if that makes sense. Whatever someone believes is fine with me.

Camus makes me nauseous… Yes I stooped that low… I admit it but how often do you get to make that classic joke anymore at my age? Leaving aside Camus… most atheists like Harris et al claim to be atheists and say they don’t believe in God but then they start disproving religious tenets. I’ve debated many (I used to be into that like a hobby.) but they get upset that I don’t fit the mold. I’ve actually been corrected by atheists on ‘how I am not believing in God the right way’ … No joke. I came up with the concept of that Old Time Atheism as a counterpart to that Old Time Religion since both believed that they couldn’t be wrong and so there was no point in discussing anything with either. Basically that you could be wrong but they couldn’t.

The hobby part was showing them how they were wrong each in their way.

Those who want to force others to believe never notice what they are. The same fundamentalist thought over there is pretty much the same mentality over here when religious people don’t respect other people’s views.


It’s interesting to note that atheists as a group score very high on tests that measure empathy. Also, there are plenty of atheists who are not absolutists-in the sense that they’re not interested in promoting their point of view as absolute truth.They just don’t believe in God-that’s all. If others believe in God, it’s all the same to them. And yes-there are large atheist rallies, involving impassioned preaching about the non-existence of God, and the utter foolishness of those who would deny such a self-evident Truth. They are a kind of atheist Taliban. I suspect that the folks on CD who crap on about Sky gods and such are fellow travelers-also, IMHO, they are pretty fringey. But most atheists I know don’t wear their beliefs on their sleeves, and do not try to ‘convert’ the benighted inhabitants of the cloud of unknowing. They keep a low profile.


BTW?..I never actively proselytize … I just talk a lot which is far worse…lol.

But with respect may I suggest >>> Back in the days when the dark side of the force gained the upper hand due to a 5 to 4 vote, I was merrily trashing the rabidly Rush Limbaughed online (political chat rooms were big before Facebook etc) when here and there some fundamentalist would chirp in with some bible quote. They had me at a disadvantage there. So I went out and bought a bible and a kindly book store clerk helped me because my tradition (the Orthodox Lapsed and Unobservant Catholic Church of the I Forgot Everything) left the KJ bible impossible to read. She hands me a bible with the official imprimatur (get that…I needed that did I?..lol) and all that. To make a long story only slightly shorter… It was a red letter bible where only Jesus’s words were in red ink. Cool! Now I could quote those lines I did remember like the eye of a needle and feed the hungry (don’t cut food stamps) to these fundamentalists and hypocritical right wingers.

So I am zipping through picking and choosing according to the political issue of the day and since several decades went by since I was an altar boy - nothing happened btw - and I never read the bible back then either… A lot was kind of new although I remembered the general themes if no quotes.

I start trying to understand some things that Jesus is saying which were never taught to me. It was like ‘Hey did you know that Jesus said that?’ I mean really… I was like where did this Jesus come from and why didn’t anybody ever talk about these things that He said? I noticed that people were claiming to know what He meant even if that were different from what He said. I also noticed that people quoted Paul as if he were Jesus. Like that stuff Paul says about wives and lots of stuff. Jesus never says any of that stuff. The red letter bible did that for me. I realized that I agreed with the atheists in so many ways about religion especially fundamentalistism but I believed in God.

Luckily I had the red letter quotes which kept my mind clear. The truth shall set you free! Now WTF does that mean when you think about it? Well whatever it meant it made sense for most things. So maybe Jesus had really meant that for everything including science and what have you?

I began to trust that the truth would save me. Evolution is a reality, that is the truth. So if it is true then … Then… Then what? It’s true so big f’n deal. If you believe in God then God created evolution. So? No big deal believing that right? Lol. My hobby became my passion… Lol… I became a heretic to practically everybody …I mean all sides and the people they argue with too… Everybody… It seems that you can be religious, semi-religious, dubiously religious (my own invented description), agnostic and pretty much non religious but too chicken to go all the way and of course an atheist but all of them agreed (not that they had a meeting or anything) that I couldn’t be me! Yeah like I cared about that idea a lot!

Read the red letter Jesus … He is a revolutionary and pretty hard core. The religions have softened Him up with all this dogma that He would have rejected. They had dogma back then too… Remember that the Roman state apparatus killed Him… The revolutionary.

Long story …sorry.

I’ll leave you with a joke I wrote about being considered a heretic by everybody >>> “I don’t mind the Catholics and the Protestants, the Muslims and the Jews, the Buddhists and the Hindus all gathering wood to burn me at the stake but I really resent the two atheists who offered to bring the matches”!