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Ideas As Dangerous As Bullets


Ideas As Dangerous As Bullets

Among the latest ungodly alternative facts from the White House is a glaringly inaccurate list of terror attacks that leaves out white perpetrators and Muslim - ie: most - victims. Unforgivably, they include the Muslim worshippers, fathers of 17 kids, killed in Québec by a white extremist. In a stunning eulogy last week, an imam magnanimously cited the shooter as among the victims of hate before vowing, "We are going to have a prayer for those who could not finish their prayers.”


This article was posted two days ago. What it means, I do not know.

The pressure from narratives that belittle peaceful resistance and unity in diversity, simply being what they are, come fast and furious; without thought or orientation.

I feel deep gratitude to Imam Hassan Guillet for speaking to our response-ability to love all souls. If we choose to not experience this, we lose the capacity to continue to learn and love. Make no mistake, advocates of violence know this by default. It is an explicit void recognizable by what it makes absent.


The killings of so many struck down in prayer - among them, a grocer, pharmacist, professor and computer programmer - prompted vigils across Canada.

I quit reading this article at this point. It is clear, since the author singled them out, that the author believes the lives of a grocer, pharmacists, professor and a computer programmer are worth more than the cashier at the local gas station, or the janitor who cleans the toilets at the rest areas on the interstate highways, or worker who cleans the floors and stocks the shelves at the local supermarket, or the garbage men that pick up all the trash from a society built around waste and consumerism.

If you don’t think the jobs of those like the garbage men are as important to society as the computer programmer; I suggest that the garbage men should stop picking up your trash for a month in your neighborhood and the “lowly workers” should stop cleaning the floors, sinks and toilets in public restrooms for that same month.

It’s been quite a while since an article angered me so much. This type of elitist thinking represents exactly the capitalist beliefs that brought us to where we are today.

(Now I’m going to go take a long walk so I don’t put my fist through a wall.)


The four listed positions were, I think, the only 4 with such info available of the 6.
Mamadou Tanou Barry and Ibrahima Barry, 39, who was a father of four children, did not have any job descriptions associated that I could easily find, so I do not think it was anything intentional.

However, the author should have included that Ibrahima Barry was a father of four children, as that is a “career” in and of itself.


From an article on http://www.wired.com/2012/08/dhs “I was always fascinated with why people use religion to justify violence and believe the world was ending- and had a role to play in hastening that end,” Johnson said.