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'Ides of Trump' Action Aims to Send More Mail than White House Can Ignore

'Ides of Trump' Action Aims to Send More Mail than White House Can Ignore

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A new movement is aiming to get at least 1 million postcards on President Donald Trump's desk on Wednesday, March 15—historically dubbed "the Ides of March" and known as the day Julius Caesar was assassinated—to show "the man, the media, and the politicians how vast our numbers are...to make it irrefutable that the president's claim of wide support is a farce."



¨ They can’t build a wall high enough to stop the mail.¨ but perhaps they can stop the deliveries!!!

My wife and I mailed ours yesterday. As vain as Trump is, he will have to read a few before he notices a common theme.

Hopefully, mine will give his tiny hands a paper cut.


The WH can’t stop the deliveries because…
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays the US Postal Couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. LOL

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A mail campaign anti-White House action?

Sure. Two letters.

One to the White House.

The other to a Democrat: "Share power with progressive Democrats so your loser candidates don’t blow more elections. Share power or you’re fired.


Completely off topic but too outrageous not to post.

No need for congressional approval as laid out in the Constitution.
Check …
No need for presidential approval as laid out in Obama’s Presidential Policy Guidance.
Check …
No checks and balances as laid out in War Powers Act.
Check …
Just let the Pentagon decide where and when to bomb next.
Check …


I LOVE IT! You have just raised the stakes an order of magnitude, especially since my Congress-critter is a DINO.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Let’s all double up on this bigly brilliant, better than all the rest idea!


An outrage all around, including this little-talked about legacy that the U.S. Military leaves in its wake:



I’m going to do it. TWO CARDS! Especially since my representative blindly supported Clinton from start to finish. Trump is merely the evidence of how sorry the U.S. political system had become prior to Nov. 8.


First of all, the POTUS is effectively a “manager,” of sorts. In part, his job is to follow the instructions of certain members of the global elite—for better or for worse. The “ruling class” methodically install the POTUS, along with their handlers, facilitators and enforcers, as they set into motion a series of events that fit into 5, 10, 20, and even fifty year plans for a “new world order”. Meanwhile, their hegemony, all too often, present the citizenry with a distorted view of socio-economic and the geo-political realties; in turn, the common folks do often express world-views that seemingly belie the true nature of things.

It is ever so easy for the ruling class to take advantage of perceived and actual problems—by introducing solutions that do not truly benefit the public-at-large. Instead, the proffered solutions substantially advance any number of agendas of the “power elite” themselves. It is a classic example of the Hegelian Dialectic: problem->reaction->solution (thesis->anti-thesis->synthesis). It is a great way to persuade the citizenry to accept something that actually is not in their best interest.

For the commonweal, perhaps it is necessary to understand this divide-and-conquer strategy. The “power-elite” uses it to keep the status quo in their favor. Many people are fixated on labels such as liberal, conservative, democratic, republican, etc. Meanwhile, the very wealthy are truly united. Consequently, the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing; the middle class is disappearing. Welcome to the modern version of a third-world nation.

At the highest levels of decision-making, the Democrats versus Republicans dichotomy becomes blurred, and substantially disappear. Things are not always what they seem, as their ostensible motives conceal their true ones. Practically speaking, it is analogous to playing “good cop/bad cop” in a police interrogation room. In the final analysis, they all serve the same master: the international ruling class (“power elite”). Such real power and control is manifested through the financial institutions; it is largely enforced via the media, national security, intelligence, and military apparatuses. “Divide-and-conquer” strategy takes care of the rest. This inertia is built into the system. So, is it such a surprise that—at the lower levels—the citizenry question little, and effectively “police” themselves?

The cold reality is that the “deck” is stacked against the ordinary person. Far too often, even if a particular group or cause wins a victory against the ruling class, it is actually a hollow or Pyrrhic victory. You can rest assured that—at some point in the future—the global ruling class will take back the value of what they gave away, with interest. Don’t you realize that they can manipulate world affairs to such an extent that you are more than happy to allow the government to take away your rights? Out of fear, you’ll all too willingly give up your rights—even those guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. What a scam!

Those in power will always seek a way to control and dominate—if not one way, then another. Who can say for sure how they will do it tomorrow?

Case in point: The House of Rothschild has been playing these types of manipulative games since the Napoleonic Era. In the long run, they always seem to win. (By the way, Goldman Sachs is actually an Illuminati front.)

“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” or "Let them eat cake." is a quote which folklore commonly attributes to Marie Antoinette, a past Queen of France.

And, as the Borg (cyborgs) mantra (of Star Trek fame) goes, “Resistance is futile.” After all, the powers-that-be truly believe that this is their world—and we are just in it.


Cute idea, but…

Do you really think that these people give a damn about anything but implementing their own agenda? Do you really think they would alter their policies even if they got a billion cards?

Of course they wouldn’t. Not when they’re this close…

Go for it, if you want. At least it’s something. But we’ve got to be doing more. A lot more, starting yesterday.

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I am sure you are correct that even if they got a billion cards they are insouciant and could care less; nevertheless, it still feels good!

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thanks - as a number have noted, “unity” against Trump entails subordination of progressives to right liberal Democratic machine, aka ‘business as usual.’

Hoping the Young Turks’ recent brainchild, Justice Democrats, will catch on and move explicitly in this insurrectionist direction that was implicit in Sanders’ movement: negotiate with the long-excluded left if they want its support.

Establishmentarian Democrats will never “learn” - they can only be forced to share power. In this case, being forced means the certainty that they will lose unless they form a parliamentarian style coalition govt w/the large progressive flank that - conventionally - votes for them despite not being represented.

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“my representative blindly supported Clinton from start to finish.”

  1. Blech. 2) grrrrrrr…

See thoughts above to sk. and you.

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These deadly murderous acts are all part of imperialist amerika’s terrorist acts against the World; since 1492!!!


No, but, you have to admit - do the math, Riz - a billion cards airdropped on the White House would create a paper mountain that could literally smother its occupants…

…we’re not even talking about if someone touched a match to the heap…

…you may call me a dreamer, but…with about 7.5 billion potential post-card writers on earth?..I’m just saying…

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I’m all for doing whatever can be done to assure greater mental health. Especially in these dark days.

Personally, I would like to see perpetual solidarity rallies. Silent, solemn. Without clever signs or a party atmosphere. Just people coming together to witness and hold space for change. As befits the gravity of the situation.

All the fun marches and postcard campaigns and writing to officials demanding change are not going to get the oligarchy to change their positions one iota, and the same-old, same-old are not going to convince people to come over to our side. (Face it. They never have.) Views are too entrenched, and they’ve got control of the media (and the whole system, in fact) as a propaganda tools. And we’re not going to defeat them militarily. So what’s left? Intent and focus on our part. That’s all we’ve got, but, potentially, they can be the most potent tools of all.

I will buy a bunch of cards and get a bunch of low income seniors to send the Vulgarian a message.

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Yes: Total, rolling, non cooperation. Waiting for this General Strike too…