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'Idiotic': Rights Groups Slam Trump for Reactionary 'Send Him to Gitmo' Threat


'Idiotic': Rights Groups Slam Trump for Reactionary 'Send Him to Gitmo' Threat

Julia Conley, staff writer

White House announced Wednesday they consider suspect in New York attack to be an "enemy combatant"


And Telly Kelly would be only too happy to escort the suspect to Gitmo…his old stomping grounds. He could strut like a peacock wearing his dress blues (it is winter so whites are not de rigueur) sporting his platinum plated sword.


In my mind and many others, a president should not just tweet about a tragedy like this act of terrorism , but speak to the people about the tragedy, the victims, and how the country should unite. What a surprise that this one made comments and tweets , and this took place in his home city no less. Did he even mention the victims and their families? I did not hear about that. One news clip showed a the father of one of the victims breaking down in tears. Once again, this is awful. One clip showed revelers continuing with their Halloween parade. I understand that they wanted to move on but still it seemed macabre showing party revelers at the site of a tragedy like this. Once again, people just living their lives, and being struck down - even disabled kids were targeted in a school bus. Who can wrap their heads around this?


Send Paul Manafort to Gitmo


Why do I get the feeling that Gitmo will be soon open for the torture business of good ole whites as well, soon? Complete with a new and improved DNA Dr. Mengele.


The thing with children is they have no control, no wisdom built of experience, and our educational system has shifted from teaching such essential concepts to how to 'make money" - the virus of capitalist greed has infected society generally and this prime example of “greed is good” mentality - no filter, no wisdom, no wide experience, no empathy, understanding of the natural world, only childish reaction and twisted ego. The tweetler is devoid of all those critical attributes - ignorant as well as being a polluted pool of mental illness and pathological extremes…not what America or the world needs…


What struck me most in the video is Trump’s body language. It is very closed off and defensive. He is on the ropes. Unfortunately, the gum on his shoes he’ll leave behind on the oval carpet is Mike Pence. What a tragic joke…


This is what? A personality protest? Shuffle board by the deck chairs? I get irritated and depressed, rather than motivated and engaged by this article’s dithering with procedural proprieties and cultural sensitivities, rather than about the looming iceberg. Okay, okay, sure, in an ideal world this is a problem. In a perfect world, it’s a big problem. But this is far from the perfect problem. It’s deck chairs.

At a certain point, the fight becomes one which is so essential that you have to, you must, gravitate only to such high-contrast, widely compelling, glaring departures form the human norm so as to garner the absolute widest participation in your resistance or get lost in the cacophony of grinding steel.

This article is way to far down the food chain to do much more than fire up a quarter of the base, and turn the rest of the eyes either to the sky in exasperation or to the horizon where the real threat yet looms.