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'Idiotic' 'Wasteful' 'Ridiculous': Describing Outerspace as Crowded and Dangerous, Mike Pence Uses His Serious Face to Make Case for Space Force


Hey Donnie, Star Wars is a work of fiction, not a documentary.


Sounds like a plan. When do we start?


Trump wants to “dominate” space so I guess that means he’s plotting the overthrow of the God that’s dominating it now right so Trump can declare himself GOD. All with the help of his trusty henchman Pence who will serve a Vice-God as the Earth burns … these folks are seriously messed up.


Provide Mike and Donny with the honour of being the first to blast off on a mission to battle the Sun in a rickety rocket supplied by Amazon .com and piloted by Jeff Bezos who wants to be a space cadet anyway. Bones spurs shouldn’t be an obstacle for this mission.


I’m sure we desperately need to spend our money on this program. Otherwise it might go to useless things like the crumbling infrastructure of our country or education or healthcare. (Interesting comment on last night’s local news; Hillsborough County, FL schools need something like $40 Million in Air Conditioning repairs and they can’t find enough teachers)

Thanks to the Vice Moron for explaining all this to us.


If we are going to talk about needed infrastructure spending, public transit spending in Ohio is less than $1 per resident/per year. A state that adequately funds transit spends about $20 per resident/per year. Cleveland RTA alone needs about $800 million in new light and heavy electric rail equipment. Some of the cars are approaching 40 years old and are being cannibalized to keep other cars running. The system could not handle another big event like the 2016 Cavs’ NBA Championship celebration, it would grind to a halt. Of course it’s no small factor that Gov. John Kasich’s Secretary of Transportation was a lobbyist for the asphalt paving industry! The swamp extends far past DC.


There’s no way to know, but on the principle that classy, articulate, quiet evil is more dangerous than deranged bluster, along with the corollary that many who (in my view rightly) condemn Trump would not condemn Clinton, Yes, I think that the result of the second Clinton would have been worse than Trump.


I was tempted to mentioned that a Space Force is appropriate, since the entire Trump misadminstration is a bunch of Space Cadets, but, naw, that’s too easy.


You’ve got the right general idea, DrJack. But you cannot “take down” satellites orbiting the Earth, for example, by firing some kind of ordnance at them. You can destroy things, but then you just have more space junk orbiting the Earth. If you go and destroy some space object, it fragments into a million pieces which then become projectiles to maim/destroy whatever they hit (which quite possibly includes your own space objects), but pretty much all those pieces will remain in orbit. So space (that is space in the immediate vicinity of Earth) is just not made for the type of combat operations the U.S. armed forces are used to. You break something up up there, and it immediately can threaten your own weapons or the ISS or whatever. Its almost like firing into a mirror or something.


Thanks for the distinction which I did understand before. I guess we’ll just need the Laser Blasters and Disintegrator Beams originally designed by Warner Brothers’ cartoons’ Marvin the Martian. After all, they’re only a few trillion apiece! Sound investments! More good jobs for white men!