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IEA Chief Warns: Just Six Months Left for Green Recovery to Change Course on Climate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/18/iea-chief-warns-just-six-months-left-green-recovery-change-course-climate


Not sure if we even have six months, sorry to sound so pessimistic.
Read the article and it seems like most countries are going in the opposite direction of what is necessary for beings to survive on this planet.

Above and beyond (literally and figuratively) what is happening socially/politically is the earth system changing so rapidly due to human actions I find it hard to think about much of anything else, especially something like the Bolton book and the upcoming “election”.

Wondering if anyone else here is following what is happening in Siberia and the arctic and if so, what your thoughts are?

I am not a twitter member but follow certain climate scientists twitter feeds and was lead to Kris Van Steenbergen on twitter. I don’t know anything about him
but if what he is saying on his latest twitter feed is factual we should be talking about it and what this means for humanity in the NEAR term:



I agree with you, Caroline. I fear we passed the proverbial rubicon years ago. Yes, I follow temps in the Arctic and climate data at cci-reanalyzer. What is most shocking, presently, is the state of arctic sea ice. Take a look. If you look at the volume of ice, it is nearly gone. I fear we will see a blue ocean event for the fist time this summer. Once that happens, we’re going to see nonlinear planetary warming on steroids. We’re fucked, I’m afraid…and in the very near term. Peace.


Thank you so much for responding!

I’ll be honest, I am seriously fretting about what is happening in the arctic and the twitter feed I happened upon this morning----- Kris Van Steenbergen (? who I know nothing about so I can’t vouch for his twitter posts) thinks we will have a BOE this summer, this August.
Can you check out his twitter and let me know what you think? I am horrible with charts, graphs etc. My brain goes numb and I can’t decipher them. Maybe I don’t want to decipher them.

What is your take on his twitter posts from today?

To be honest…I know nothing about twitter. I’ll see what I can find out.

I don’t either, I was linked to his twitter feed from a progressive political blog. You just click on it and scroll through the tweets. When twitter first came out I thought it would be a complete bust. “Tweets” (I thought)? Are you kidding me??? No way will that last . . . and here we are! Twitter everywhere replete with a horrid “commander in tweet”.

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Just found his twitter page, Caroline. He is following data from the U.S. Navy as well as the National Snow and Ice Data Center. I don’t know what credentials Kris holds but his observations seem valid. The severe decline in sea ice and extreme Arctic warmth should be front page news headlines. Sadly, it’s not.

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Always appreciate some official ringing an ecological alarm bell.

But alarms in the natural world have been clanging for decades, with almost no real change in the neoliberal industrial colonizing corporate economy. People sometimes point to the Montreal Protocols, which vastly reduced production of ozone-depleting chemicals, as real change, but much larger ecological problems have continued to accelerate.

And looking at the prescriptions of this IEA report, there is nothing about REDUCING ENERGY USE, or SHRINKING HUMANITY’S ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT, or ENDING INDUSTRIAL AGRICULTURE.

If we were serious about assessing, understanding, and acting in response to the ongoing and accelerating human industrial assault on the ecology…


Three articles one after the other at the guardian today which make me agree with you Carloline:





Alarm bells going off everywhere, and “our” media can’t take their eyes off distractions…


We are living on borrowed time now i believe:



The alarm bells have been ringing for decades. This is a long read but shows the effect of this industry:



An article on the Siberian climate:


I posted this on another thread couple days ago.

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To all above: thanks for replying to my question. Hard to “like” the comments that speak the dire truth.

Maybe GM mosquitoes will save the day! (if I could, I would insert the scream emoji here)

Ok . .ok I will stop being such a doomer!

But I couldn’t resist posting this.

We could see this coming ----the f—ing greed fueled (a la disaster capitalism) company Oxitec was NOT going to give up making a fortune----- they capitalized on Zika, batted away a few pesky protests/opposition groups and here we go:

“Plan to release genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida gets go-ahead”

  • 750m insects to be released with second trial planned for Texas
  • Critics say risks of ‘Jurassic Park experiment’ not assessed

As an Alaskan resident, your post is spot on; nonetheless, what is really happening in Alaska seems to be being ignored. A friend of mine is a Captain of a NOAA research vessel and even his research corroborates that the state of the arctic sea ice and the potential of vast amounts of methane from the melting of arctic permafrost…is: shocking!


Marvin Gaye was singing about all this years ago:



Thanks for the link.

The 1970s should have been the turning point of industrial economies away from an ongoing assault against the ecology of the Earth, toward ecological economics which places humans firmly WITHIN, not “separate from” or “superior to,” the ecology.

The publication of Silent Spring in 1962 should have been the turning point.

Instead we had the neoliberal revolution, and the acceleration of all major industrial assaults against ecology.


SOOOO DAMN TRUE! Also, what is never mentioned is ( and this is not hyperbole ) millions of acres of Alaskan forests have been and are being devastated by beetle infestation. I own 155 acres in Alaska, and I have lost a lot of timber due to beetle infestation and when I fly I see vast areas of forests completely devastated, but never reported… why?

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If the storyline hasn’t a race attachment it’s not worthy of a mention.

Why? Same as the Siberian silk moths which are devastating the forests there is not reported. (Except in the article i posted above.) And this tragedy gets little press: