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IEA Report Misses the Mark on 'Sustainable Recovery' by Sidelining 1.5°C

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/02/iea-report-misses-mark-sustainable-recovery-sidelining-15degc

Good IEA vs Bad IEA? Let’s get down to the heart of the matter–the decision-making apparatus that we call economics. Hyper-financialized capitalism cannot be used to forge a sustainable path forward. Period. Sustainability is anathema to it. Decisions, economics, trade, barter, call it what you want, must be reformed (re-formed–as in torn apart and formed anew) to account for harmony between People and the Planet. Until and unless this is seriously addressed by the major players in the world, Progress will not happen and the ice will continue to melt, species will continue to disappear, people will be forced to leave their homes and many will perish on journeys to destinations unknown. It is truly time for us Progressives to kick some Troglodyte ass. There is no Planet B.