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'If a House Is on Fire, You Don't Add Fuel': 530 Groups Back Call to Rapidly Phase Out Fossil Fuels Worldwide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/23/if-house-fire-you-dont-add-fuel-530-groups-back-call-rapidly-phase-out-fossil-fuels

We are already at 1.7/8…this is a must be if there is to be any chance at all.

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The global land/ocean temperature rose .2C alone from 2011 to 2016. I just don’t see any way of stopping this accelerating, nonlinear warming. We’re going to blow through 2C far sooner than we think.

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Instead of moving to this logical goal – Trump is attacking California’s efforts

California was also shot down in the 80’s after moving towards 10% (I think it was
rather than 20%) of new cars being electric. Those who leased them loved them
but were prevented from buying them – and eventually all of the thousands of cars
were crushed/destroyed by car manufacturers while a long list of citizens who wanted
to buy them were not permitted to do so.
See: “Who Killed the Electric Car?” – documentary/movie – possibly at your library.

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Shelby –

That’s even more difficult to hear . . . .

Not many people I talk to seem to know about the crushing of electric cars. I worked for a County government in California. We had hundreds of electric cars purchased for County workers to conduct County business. All of those cars were taken away and replaced by gas guzzlers. Large cars with eight cylinder engines. The state basically did the same. They were sent to salvage and crushed. Effectively killing off electric cars for years.

but it reminds me that California, imo, inspired other states to move forward with electric vehicles
and that for a time we began to see some of that happening with town/state cars here as well.
And they no longer exist, so expect the same things happened here … in a bit smaller way.

California largely succeeded overall in its goals – and in inspiring the rest of America.
It’s corruption that killed the ELECTRIC CAR … and corruption/Capitalism which continues

Thank you for your reply and added info –

Saw the documentary years ago. The level of stupid psychotic thinking that it took to crush the EV-1’s was/is Heart breaking and criminal

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Guess you didn’t hear Greta yesterday –

“Economy” is fake news –

Nature is all –

Native people here existed for 13,000 years with sea shells –

And, another part of the fakery is that the reality of our economy is that it is
created by citizens –

and then manipulated by banks, financial institutions, central banks for the benefit
of Elites.

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Phred – You are so right that as I came upon your post again, felt I had to say
it is/was so much of what you are saying that it was unbelievable that they could
get away with doing it! Ugh! Nor did I know about it until the movie!

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Wait, what?.. I do not get your comment… didn’t realize you were responding to my video/comment…

theinitiate –

Why wouldn’t you understand my comment –

Your video was about the high value of an economy and protecting it –

the same idea we are all shooting down here every day –

PEOPLE over $$$/economy –

And the same idea that Great Thunberg very handily shot down at the UN –

The people profiting will always be able to afford a safe place to live.