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If Anti-Immigrant Wish List Not Accepted, Trump Says, 'I'd Love to See a Shutdown'


If Anti-Immigrant Wish List Not Accepted, Trump Says, 'I'd Love to See a Shutdown'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump—who has repeatedly wailed about how "devastating" a government shutdown would be to "our military" and federal employees—said during an immigration roundtable on Tuesday that he would "love to see a shutdown" if Democrats refuse to accept his expansive anti-immigrant wish list.


That wrinkly old man is losing his hair on the job.

What could be funnier?


So they are holding community heath centers hostage, they want more money for the military and without the wall they, the republicans and djt are willing to shut down our government. I agree, shut it down until it becomes sensitive to the very real needs of the citizens. I could give a flying f___ about the military that already gets way too much of our GDP and we certainly Do Not need a wall that only fences me in.

When will the honorable right decide that they are destroying america by supporting this madman and get with the program of doing what they swore to do, uphold the Constitution. This is about country, Not party. Yes donnie, the world is laughing at us but for the reasons you think. They are also scared as hell of you and your nukes and that button you are so willing to push. Stand up like a man and walk away from a job you have no idea how to do. Be a man and do what is right for a change.


Jon Stewart used to get a lot of mileage comparing the words of Candidate Obama vs. those of President Obama.

Today the contrast is between Yesterday Trump and Today Trump. Who knows what he’ll say Tomorrow? Stay tuned, because there’s a whole army of pundits eager to parse it all for you in excruciating detail.


Better late than never, eh?


The thing with trump is he cares not a fig for truth, honor, empathy, our republic or the world we live in - to him it’s just a vehicle to draw-in the rubes, the chumps, who can be fleeced and victimized.

You R’Cons are seeing the future slip away with him, as well it should, under this pathological SB you support! The old saying from Honest Abe is: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Abraham Lincoln

The time is fast coming when the orange chimp will not be able to fool the vast majority anytime at all! His fantasy world of lies, bigotry, and pathology - contempt for all except himself, wealth and profits - his worship of Mammon - that evil will come crashing-down!


Speaking from experience, there is a time in every man’s life when he is faced with doing what is right, whether it’s understood or not, it has to be done…one can hope, better late than never, yes, thanks


This creature is channelling Roy Cohn, Ryan and Mc Donnell all in one massive blob of adipose.


Is there a cure for chronic mental diarrhea of the mouth…??


Shutdown or not, it’s all the same to him.
As long as he gets what he wants…and his needs are few, just two: Money and Power.
Those aside, he could not care less about any of it.


Corporate Dems are a disgrace. Just neck-n-neck behind the white supremacists in control of our Oval Office. With only racism and bigoted politics as the difference? Money that originated from chattel slavery, years ago, has corrupted Common Morality. Immorality is rampant. And the grip of knowing others are dying because of poverty makes this white guy feel creepy. As creepy as seeing Yemenis children die, Chernobyl children becoming cancerous, First People’s children seeing their parents go to jail for protecting Mother Earth, our Poor People’s children going undernourished on gmo garbage food, with no medical care. Goddess forgive them - the bankster boys. “They” …are…no words, just tears. The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. Just in time!


Maybe Trump sticking his head back up his arse. That might work. No wait, it would just be him talking out his hinder, as usual.


Wanna Shut Something Down?

“Shutdown” the 700+ Military bases worldwide.

Bring our men and women home.

Use them to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.

Stop using our Military to kill innocents every day while occupying foreign countries.

Stop the manufacture and sales of weapons to other known terrorist countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Create a Three Strikes policy with all congressional members. After 3 confirmed lies, members lose their jobs, and their pensions.


Get ready for the democratic collapse and capitulation, starting in 3,2,1…


Let the GOP and that Orangutan in the WH shut down the government, perhaps that would help usher in that long overdue revolution.


Your 3 strikes law, if enacted, would wipe out the entire congress!


trump cares nothing for this country! he is an egotistical baby, only in it for the “adulation” he thinks he deserves. he deserves impeachment!


It would be more than worth it to me, if the government was shut down as long as Trump was shut down with it!


That’s what this country needs.

Integrity, not dishonesty.

Poll “that” and I bet 85% agree. Or more.


I’d change that to “Be a human and do what is right for a change.”