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'If Biden Wants to Be FDR, He Should Immediately Cancel Student Debt': President-Elect Urged to Go Big

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/10/if-biden-wants-be-fdr-he-should-immediately-cancel-student-debt-president-elect

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Anyone that is so politically naive to believe that Biden will be the new FDR is deluded to say the least! The truth of my statement is that the FDR was Bernie Sanders.


This is fiction, not political analysis. You are more likely to see a unicorn on your front lawn.


I have yet to have anyone really explain to me how this will work and be perceived as fair by those who have lived in lousy situations while paying off (let’s say they are almost finished) their student debt. I’m for free college and trade school tuition (and NOT means tested), and I might be for some debt cancellation depending on how the details are handled, but I can almost assure people that all debt is not going to be cancelled.

We have the same issue (maybe bigger?) with medical debt. We need the analogous solution (M4A), but to wipe all medical debt tomorrow is going to leave a lot of disgruntled people thinking - “damn, I wish I had not made all those payments”.

And yes, Biden will never be FDR.


Hmm. I must have missed that breathtaking moment when Joseph Biden stated that he wanted to be FDR.

I suspect that Joseph Biden would much rather be himself… you know, somewhere to the right of Ronald Reagan… but not so far that he’s off the charts like rumpface or shrub.


While fantasy fiction, I think just about everyone could agree that some sort of New Deal 2021 actually could do a lot to begin healing the rifts of division we’re now experiencing.

Anyone finds that door to that parallel dimension, please pass along the address. I’ll pack my bags.


Yes, no way! 47 years of Biden’s political history corroborates your post.


I agree with dara. Canceling all student debt is an idiotic pipe dream. This is one of those ideas that turn moderate folks into republican voters. “Everybody gets all kinds of free stuff.” Look, some limited help for PUBLIC school debt is fine with me and much cheaper public education is seriously needed. I voted for Warren in the primary election, but too many progressives promise too much pie in the sky.

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I neglected to mention that. Given that I only support eliminating tuition for public schools, certainly not private schools, it is more problematic to consider eliminating debt incurred from private schools.

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If student debt is a high priority for Biden, the beneficiaries will find that they have bigger problems than they had with student debt…like living in a third world nation where they can’t find a job.

Biden’s highest priority needs to be rerailing the economy Trump devastated, concurrent with launching a Nuremberg style trial on January 21 to bring Trump, his appointees and other enablers to justice. Anything short of that will not slow the GOP’s ongoing dismantling of democracy.


Obama stabbed ~ fourteen million in debt college aged voters that put him in the WH in 2008 by not addressing this back then. Those fourteen million saddled with 1.3 trillion dollars in debt for seeking higher education did not vote for Obama the second time. You would think that that would have been a moment of awakening for Hillary. Ah, but nope, Hillary said to a community college group that she would cancel their loan after 20 years. Yeah, do the math, 6% + for twenty years, then cancel. And of course they did not vote for Hillary. Who also, btw, was in goldman sachs’ back pocket that had gotten into the buying up of those student loans. And now, here we are. Biden had the opportunity to put this election to bed early by announcing loan forgiveness, AND, AND, Medicare For All, but of course didn’t because of his pay masters, but now, like Obama did also in 2012, has a second chance not to blow it again. Hmm, now let’s see, student loan forgiveness or profit for campaign donors? Which will Biden choose? Heavy sigh!

p.s. When I graduated from college, I had a small loan debt. But, because of a peanut farmers loan program, 0% for the first three years and 1% after that, I was able to place a down payment on my first home and be college loan debt free soon after graduating. I can’t imagine facing $30,000 @ 6% and possibly much more loan debt right out of college that today’s graduates face.

In the meantime the 1% are stashing away billions in profit and along with the some 60 or more of the top corporations paying no taxes. Yah, something is broken alright!


Aw, c’mon man!!

The average payment is $250 per month. heck a lot less than their car payment.

As an example:
The teachers here are now driving red cadillac sedans and SUV’s.
I am darn tired of the Audi symbols in their parking lot.
And Ford is here, paying taxes, along with the workers and managers, who pay the teachers wages and benefits.

Besides, inflation is gonna be double digit next March 2021 with a new fed chair.
That pays off 8 trillion muddled east war debt.
Raises wall street gamblers Dow to $40,000 plus.
Empties the refrigerator and pantry.

Inflation is already “double digit”, further impacted by the Fed keeping interest rates too low.

After Republican Ford and Democrat Carter lost elections, partly due to being blamed for high inflation, the US has had bipartisan understating of real inflation rates for the subsequent four decades.

This is the same problem with NEW employees getting a higher starting rate of pay. Almost equaling the rate of a five year employee.
Like when minimum wage rates go up.
There is always a line where income is too high or too low to qualify.
Perhaps Biden could attempt to give away as much to health and education, that trump gave to big business and the richest 5 % or so.

Just reverse the increases in corporate welfare since the Dubya Regime was installed two decades ago, (with the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) receiving the most) and there will be more than enough money for M4A and education.


Canceling student debt would be a big boost to the economy and should be a key part of “rerailing”.


have no fear, young people. the democratic party takes care of the people who put them in office. if not for democrats, unions in this country would have been systematically decimated over the last 40 years



“wait…” until after the Democratic Party graduates from a 12 step program that enables them to shake corporate money addiction.


If you had just bothered to elect me!
I would have done a claw back to 1998.
IRS auditors into every millionaires closets.
Locate that 40 trillion dollars floating around that is not
on anyones balance sheet.
Reduced both medical and war dept costs by 50% without
the least loss of security or health.

you could have had loot to spend on important education.

If Biden wants to be FDR

News flash: he doesn’t