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If Biden Wants Unity, He Must First Hold Trump Accountable

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/20/if-biden-wants-unity-he-must-first-hold-trump-accountable


Exactly so! Without full accountability for crimes against the nation, there can be no healing, no justice, no END to the current actions that are designed to divide and make government even marginally responsive - and that very much includes the planned attacks and sabotage of the Biden admin. by trump and the GOP enablers/co-conspirators, and his apparently also mental followers who cannot separate fantasy and pathology from truth and reality!
A full investigation of all actions over the past 4 years in office and personal profiteering by official policy decisions, abuses of power, overt lies and deception, and deliberate undermining the nation and unconstitutional acts that amount, IMO, to treason.

No Justice, NO Peace!
Either hold trump & co to account Joe or begin your tenure as a failure that will not earn a legacy you can be proud of - for once…


Biden making Trump accountable for his crimes will go a long way in bringing the 73,000,000 who voted for the criminal to their fucking senses.


you’d think the M$Media would be behind such an action since it would drastically increase the only thing they care about (their ratings)


Biden needs to launch Nuremberg style trials on January 21 that go beyond bringing Trump to justice.
Unless Trump’s appointees and other enablers are also prosecuted, the half century of the GOP getting away with ever more egregious crimes will escalate to the extent that Trump, Moscow Mitch and their organized crime syndicate posing as the GOP will become more powerful than ever, while the Democratic Party fades further toward irrelevancy.

Obama’s look forward / ignore the GOP’s high crimes track record is what enabled Trump to ascend the throne. Biden repeating that travesty will result in future POTUSs more destructive than Trump.


More fantasy about accountability. More imaginings that the Teams are not united in protecting their elite (Bush, Cheney, Obama, Hillary, Trump), and in oppressing all of us.

“President-elect Joe Biden has privately told advisers that he doesn’t want his presidency to be consumed by investigations of his predecessor…”



“Accountability” hardly fits when speaking of domestic war crimes, genocidal in intent and in outcome. Ironically, the bull’s eye of viral predation from this administration – imposing pandemic terror unseen anywhere else on Earth – is a knot of upper midwest states which mainly voted for him, from Montana to Wisconsin, dark blue on CDC’s big map (and spreading):


The top quadrant of my Johns Hopkins positivity digest – the dirty dozen – comprises the same states. It’s a dynamic accounting, and it changes dramatically every few days. New Jersey is rising quickly to renewed statewide anguish. Down at the bottom of this ranking, the cleanest quadrant only has six states hanging on. My own state of California, at #45, just slipped up.


Ranking is based on Johns Hopkins’ test-positivity factored with “per-capita newcases” & “immediate mortality” – the ratio of totals on hand for deaths and cases.

>                        JH       per-capita     immed
>                    positivity    newcases    mortality
>                        %            %            %
>  1. South Dakota      52.0        135.4         1.16
>  2. Wyoming           55.6        104.3         0.75
>  3. Iowa              46.0        103.3         0.61
>  4. Kansas            38.5         69.6         0.63
>  5. Idaho             39.5         65.1         0.90
>  6. North Dakota      14.3        157.4         1.11
>  7. Montana           20.8         92.3         1.09
>  8. Wisconsin         15.6        101.6         0.70
>  9. Utah              18.4         77.3         0.30
> 10. Nebraska          13.2         93.0         0.58
> 11. Missouri          19.8         59.3         0.79
> 12. Minnesota         13.4         82.7         0.65
> --- ---------------------- ------------ ------------
> 13. Illinois          11.2         75.0         0.83
> 14. New Mexico        12.6         63.9         0.98
> 15. Indiana           11.6         68.0         0.86
> 16. Alabama           21.2         36.4         1.24
> 17. Oklahoma          13.5         50.8         0.68
> 18. Tennessee         12.8         49.8         1.20
> 19. Colorado          10.7         61.2         0.62
> 20. Pennsylvania      21.3         30.5         1.00
> 21. Arkansas          13.3         45.9         1.41
> 22. Michigan          10.4         53.3         0.95
> 23. Mississippi       16.6         32.3         1.47
> 24. Nevada            12.5         43.3         0.61
> 25. Ohio              11.1         44.7         0.54
> 26. Arizona           16.0         27.8         0.92
> 27. Kentucky           9.0         46.9         0.67
> 28. Alaska             5.7         66.0         0.22
> 29. Rhode Island       5.3         62.5         0.66
> 30. Texas             10.5         29.5         1.20
> --- ---------------------- ------------ ------------
> 31. Georgia            8.0         29.3         1.43
> 32. West Virginia      6.6         35.3         1.20
> 33. Oregon            12.5         17.8         0.85
> 34. Louisiana          7.6         26.5         1.16
> 35. Florida            7.9         25.8         1.05
> 36. New Jersey         6.8         29.9         0.67
> 37. North Carolina     7.2         25.3         1.20
> 38. Connecticut        5.0         36.7         0.67
> 39. South Carolina     7.1         24.3         1.34
> 40. Delaware           6.0         26.2         0.89
> 41. Virginia           7.8         17.7         0.99
> 42. Washington         7.1         18.6         0.80
> 43. Maryland           5.3         23.6         0.82
> 44. Massachusetts      2.8         27.8         1.22
> 45. California         4.9         18.2         0.71
> --- ---------------------- ------------ ------------
> 46. New Hampshire      4.6         18.5         0.53
> 47. D.C.               2.8         16.9         0.79
> 48. New York           2.5         17.6         0.69
> 49. Maine              1.9         10.2         0.73
> 50. Hawaii             2.0          6.3         1.13
> 51. Vermont            1.4          8.7         0.25


If we allow crime to go unpunished, we are no better than the criminals.


And we better NOT be talking about a “truth and reconciliation commission”.
Trump and his entire crime family, minions and all, need to be prosecuted and do real jail time in REAL jails - not Club Fed.

Absent THIS, Biden and the DP are legitimizing everything that has been done.


Just as more than a half century of lesser evil politics has resulted in both evils becoming more evil with each election cycle, Democrats ignoring a half century of ever more egregious crimes committed by the GOP continues to embolden that organized crime syndicate to keep pushing the criminal envelope.

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the start of the Nuremberg trials that prosecuted Nazi atrocities. There is no better time than today for Biden to commit to launching Nuremberg style trials on January 21 to bring Trump, his appointees, and other enablers to justice and end the GOP’s half century reign of terror.

Biden failing to prosecute will further empower the GOP at the expense of the Democrats who will fade further toward irrelevancy and end Biden and Harris’ political careers.


Actually Biden may be right on this one.

The people have spoken - record turnout, and although Joseph Biden has convincingly won the popular vote, some 74 million American citizens, knowing full well who Trump is - voted for him anyway.

If Biden spent his time and political capital prosecuting the person 74 million Americans wanted to be President - it would dishonor the vote itself. In effect, a declaration of another civil war.

In any case, this is not over yet - this election.

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Nice public hanging after a speedy trial would be rejoiced by every sane being on earth.


Trailer trash is trailer trash, all the orange manure monkey has done is give the absolute lowest lifeforms a voice, permission to leave the basement and debase themselves in public. a republican is a lifeform yet to be classified by science… it’s stench precludes classification.


The only way to even begin to rid the country of his influence is to show him the door out of it - permanently.

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Your rant resembles a Goebbels press release from 1934. Dehumanizing your opponents is the first step towards justifying their extermination.

rdc: Well-said.

I cannot agree with your reasoning ManySummits. As an American, again watching another criminal president skate on charges any normal American would be convicted on, is not only the wrong message to be shown our children and younger generations, but a constant reminder there are two sets of laws in this country, one for the majority of us, and another for the small percentage at the top.

Did the Republicans consider your reasoning when they put the entire nation through a months long revelation that Bill Clinton got a blow job in the Oval Office by a young woman whose friend revealed she still had the dress with the President’s dried semen on it?

Granted Clinton lied to Congress about it, but Trump has set a record of the number of lies he’s told that will stand for all time.


Trump and his criminal brood must be made examples of now otherwise the next time Republicans hold the White House there will be no limits on the level of their criminal undertaking.

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My preference would be to see him given a jail cell for many years before introducing him to exile in a “shithole” country of his disliking.

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You indeed have a way with words. Bravo.

I understand your stand for justice PonyBoy - and I could be wrong on this,

But Biden is not opposed to Trump being prosecuted - he is opposed to himself as President bringing this to the courts.

Ultimately, laws are only a mask, and can be made to say anything, as the Nazis did so long ago.

But if one believes in democracy, the people are the ultimate lawmakers, and half almost, knowing Trump was going to try and steal the election, because he said months in advance that he was, voted for him anyway.

So you are entirely right - the US is in crisis - but it is not because Biden refuses to inflame the situation further - it is because the people have lost their way.

This must be accepted if one believes in democracy.

Your Civil War came to the same point just before it began - Lincoln himself swore not to touch the slave laws in your south. It was only when the south attacked and seceded that Lincoln saw his duty as not to allow the country to be split in two.

Yet even today - the root reasons for the Civil War have never gone away.

If those right wing militias attack - then we will all see how Joseph Biden responds.

In reality, you live in an empire of the first order, and democracy is at the moment an inch from failure.

I expect the empire to continue, its inertia is massive.

Half the battle at least in a democracy is catering to minority rights.

Well - 74 million live in a world I can barely comprehend, but they only are outnumbered by six million.

How many of those who voted Biden were voting against Trump - and how many for neoliberalism in its tried and true form, which Biden has had no trouble saying he supports ?

How many just view all of this as just an interruption to their consumer way of life ?

I’d guess any who claim to be Progressives are a DISTINCT minority all told.

This is the tragedy unfolding now.

The Puritan founders were not just Christian - they were natural philosophers just as much, i.e., science believers,

"In 1663 62% of the Royal Society (the oldest academy of science in the world - Great Britain), were Puritans, including Issac Newton. The writings of Newton, Francis Bacon, John Locke and David Hume deeply influenced Thomas Jefferson as he drafted the Declaration of Independence.

  • New Scientist, special report, “Unscientific America” (29-October-2011, p.39 & 40)

I would love to see Trump and his allies in jail, but the question is not his guilt, it is how to keep your country in one piece.

I wish I knew the answer to that, but I don’t.

But Thomas Jefferson did say:

“Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.”

  • 1789

It is obvious to me at least that this is no longer the case.

So what is Biden, or in fact anyone, to do ?

You would have to be a wiser man than me to answer that.