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If Bloomberg Wants to Buy an Election, He Should Run as Republican Against Trump—Not Sabotage Democrats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/11/if-bloomberg-wants-buy-election-he-should-run-republican-against-trump-not-sabotage


Maybe the author is talking tongue in cheek…
Obviously Bloomberg, the Republican is running as a dem because he is not really opposed to Trump. Trumps policies are beneficial to billionaires like Bloomberg. He is running as a spoiler, with the blessing of the DNC, to be sure that Trump wins.
Hope I do not shock anyone here; Bloomberg is a liar.


Excellent idea. Bloomberg doesn’t mind waffling when it comes to party affiliations when it serves him.

Made another donation to Bernie. Please do the same if you can.


This was my question also. Why is Bloomberg over here effing around with the Democrats when he was/is a Republican? Only obvious answer is the “Stop Bernie at any cost movement” instituted by the unified elites. Now if only our class were as unified. We need to stop splintering ourselves around these centrist who never gave us anything to better our lives.


The author makes a good point: why not fight your enemy in the primaries and at least weaken him if he wins his party’s nomination?

It makes so much sense, in fact, that this is exactly what Bloomberg is doing!


Bloomberg doesn’t want to have anything to do with this election at all, but he is at legal risk for his involvement with master-pimp-for-girls-fellow-billionaire Epstein. He has no choice but to try to help Biden, or at least stay in the politics game.


The author makes it sound like a third or fourth party can’t possibly arise.

Except that for most of the article, he makes a case for why those parties should arise, and why they very may well arise after the Ds “disintegrate enough that Trump waltzes to a second term…”


Why is it illegal for an individual to contribute more than $2,500 to a single candidate, but—

Bloomberg can singly contribute his own money to his own campaign in the order of $300,000,000?

Because the USA allows the plutocracy to buy themselves into power.

Bloomberg should be limited to the $2,500 limit to his own campaign, just like everyone else.


This is a great idea. But he’s a few candidates short. Everybody but Bernie (and maybe Liz) should be running in the Republican (fascist) or Libertarian primaries. It would be the honest thing to do.


Hey all, You have to go to wall street on parade to read where Pete the Cheat is getting all of his money from, and how much he has received so far. It is sickening what we are up against, Please read it’s a must see. Bernie 2020!!!

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An overly generous analysis of Bloomberg.

The reason the 0.01% candidate is standing as a Democratic Party nominee is not to defeat Trump but to ensure Sanders doesn’t have a chance at the presidency.


this bastard created stop and frisk in NYC. why are people of color even thinking about voting for another white bastard billionaire who could care less about them. Notice Obama’s image in his ads all over TV??? ugly no matter how you read it.


There is no point in running as a Republican against Trump this year. You wouldn’t even get on the Primary ballot in most states. Secondly, while I do not support Bloomberg he isn’t sabotaging anything by running as a Democrat. Voters have every right to either vote or not vote for him. Frankly if Sanders is the candidate Common Dreams keep saying he is, he shouldn’t have any trouble defeating Bloomberg in the primaries.

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I thought his “assignment” WAS to sabotage Sanders? No other reason for him to put a “D” after his name that I can see. Does this define “political expediency”?


Bloomberg can’t run as a republican, the GOP won’t allow anyone to challenge tRUmp. They have eliminated primaries in a number of states already.


The GOP in most states refuses to allow opponents to Trump on the ballot. Why does this person not know this?

Likely that Bloomberg believes he is more likely to win the Democratic nomination than the Republican nomination. This could be based on the assessment of how Republicans might create rules making it difficult for anyone to successfully challenge Trump

I have said before, and will repeat: Bloomberg is a “Rockefeller Republican” who knows that the GOP, as it operates at present, has no room for a mere plutocrat who is not a Trumpian. His project is to transform the Democratic Party into a simulacrum of the GOP as it was a generation or more ago.l

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“If Bloomberg Wants to Buy an Election, He Should Run as Republican Against Trump”

Hillary already tried that and face planted.


4 first time posters all say the same thing.