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If Bloomberg Wants to Buy an Election, He Should Run as Republican Against Trump—Not Sabotage Democrats

Of all the recent drop-ins from the mercenary Bloomberg crowd, you might be the most ridiculous and transparent yet.

“… if the author simply isn‘t a fan of Bloomberg policies or ideas why not just spend energy on this planet to say it vs try to break up the party…”

No, the idea is to expose the DNC for what it is - an establishment frontman desperately trying to maintain the grip their rich donors have on the levers of power.

“Bloomberg was a life-long democrat until 2000”

Yeah, then he decided to stump for Bush who was a war criminal and - oh by the way - cut his taxes which expedited his rise to stupid-levels wealth. A real populist for the working class ya got there.

“I have tons of friends (I‘m from California) who moved to NYC in that era and loved it, and it seems like he was certainly improvement over Guiliani”

A strong contender for absurd, brain-dead anecdote of the year. But I agree, he’s better than Guiliani!

“So yeah while I have qualms with the way he‘s entered the race late, and least he got in and is taking the risk at his legacy/wealth/whatever.”

You added a strong contender to your brain-dead list. Taking a risk at his legacy? Well there’s plenty to choose from. Is it the one as racist ‘stop and frisk’ champion’? Or maybe enemy of public unions? How about his stance on ‘reforming’ SS? He conveniently omitted that opinion on his website. His risk to his - need a second here to wipe the coffee off my screen - wealth!!!??? Some jokes write themselves. But you might have something there with ‘whatever’.

“When Iowa (tech capital of the western world :smirk: ) of all places builds an „App“ that breaks down on election night sigh we have simpler issues.”

Newsflash for dumbasses - IOWA didn’t build the app. It was a carefully orchestrated scheme by the DNC - with your boy Buttigieg in on it - to muck up the caucus results. You see, the DNC knew the likelihood of a Sanders’ win. And they didn’t have to use a ouija board, either. Party operatives have been canvassing likely voters in Iowa for the past year, using focus groups, phone banks, etc and had enough data to be concerned. Since outright fraud might confirm Bernie supporters claims that the game was rigged, this seemed like a plausible way to at least interrupt his momentum.

“So in summary, I disagree with the attempt at being clever because it simply leads to promoting party fractious ideology.”

Wow, you’re going for the triple crown. Please inform as to what that fractious ideology is. But could you wait awhile, my stomach still hurts from laughing at your considerable humor.

Not only is your post poorly written, your thought process is incoherent, bordering on farce. You paid hacks better wake up or Bloomers is gonna ask for his money back.

Since January 20th, 1981, our two-party system has been unbalanced because there has not been a legitimate liberal wing of the Republican Party. Michael Bloomberg could restore that balance by running against Trump as a liberal Republican (in the vein of the old Rockefeller Republican wing from 50+ years ago). If he really wanted to get under Trump’s skin, THAT would be the way to do it. He has the money to really wreak havoc on Trump from that side of the isle. … By doing this, he will restore something this country has been sorely missing since the “Reagan Revolution”: a liberal Republican wing, not subject to being blown over by the simple phrase “Republican in Name Only”, that conservative Republicans used throughout the 80s and 90s to put down anyone in the party that did not subscribe to Reaganite principles set forth by tax slashers like Grover Norquist.

Supporting Mike is great.
… Just know what he could actually represent
… Just know, when you support Bloomberg, you could be supporting a resurgence of a badly needed balance in our political structure.
…. Pull for Mike Bloomberg to be be more visionary and direct in his approach. We can’t blame him for doing an “end around” by running as a Democrat. There is currently no place for a liberal Republican to operate in such a hostile environment… The last level-headed Republican who tried to run on the national stage for the U.S. Senate was Delaware Republican Mike Castle; a somewhat respected moderate who served as Governor and Congressman. Castle fell victim to the Tea Party backlash (Reagan worship on steroids) while running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate and lost his Party’s bid to fanatic Christine O’Donnell. Democrat Chris Coons won the general election instead. This is why people like Mike Bloomberg masquerade as a Democrat.
…. Mike Bloomberg has a ton of money. Let’s encourage him to spend his fortune more wisely for all of us, while being true to his real self.

There’s only one way to stop this deceptive practice, eliminate party registration by choice and instead register by assignment. Literacy would be the first requirement.