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If China Won't Impose North Korea Embargo, Warns US, We Will 'Take Oil Situation Into Our Own Hands'


If China Won't Impose North Korea Embargo, Warns US, We Will 'Take Oil Situation Into Our Own Hands'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Analysts have warned that such an embargo would primarily harm North Korean civilians


Depriving North Korea of Oil at this time of year will only make the people suffer, not Kim Jung Un- This would be unspeakable, as North Korea is about as totalitarian as it gets-
I seriously doubt that even if the people revolted that they could overcome this little Dictator…
Trump needs to understand all of the suffering that we put that Country through during the “Police Action” of the Korean War- Every City was leveled, every dam burst and destroyed- Mass starvation and War casualties- And for What???


Hey, Haley…why don’t you take off your stiletto heal and pound it on the table to emphasize your senseless rants and epithets. Put the fear of a feral female in the hearts of the Chinese and N. Koreans. Think that will work? Continue to march to the beat of your emperor’s drums of doom and you will soon be passing through the gates of Hell where you will meet hundreds of your wicked peers. Oh, and happy holidays to you, too.


DJT cares not…suffering is only for the lazy and stupid plebiscite sleeping in cardboard boxes wearing rags insulated with cast off newspapers. His sociopathy, psychopathy and overall mental unraveling are readily apparent for all the world to see (with the exception of the blind, deaf, and mute GOP corporate marionettes in Congress, the WH, and the courts).


The USA loves to harm civilians around the world and at home. Nothing new about that. The US Empire is evil to the core.


BILLIONS OF $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for the war profiteers!


Just asking: Is there any doubt in any ones mind that the oligarchs and the international banking cartels have ordered Trump to attack North Korea just like they ordered Truman to attack North Korea in 1950?


Anyone, or country who doesn’t bow to the bankers demands is under threat of the yankee war machine.
Sad. Maybe if the average citizen of the uS of A didn’t consider themselves exceptional ( which they are NOT) their mental attitude would change. They are the TERRORISTS of the world.


That would actually be a BDS of the US by the world community. This woman is an “ambassador”? Where is the tact and diplomacy?


This is an extreme case of the Pot calling the Kettle Black!


You left out his loyal base, who still believe he is their savior!


It really is astounding projection isn’t it? Everything Trump can say to Kim he can say to himself. We have two man-babies with a lack of care for their fellow human beings playing chicken with each other. We are so fucked…


Her ignorance and incompetence are confirmed by thinking she can threaten the Chinese!


Will the US also bomb advanced Chinese and Russian rail services to London with daily arrivals throughout Europe and much of the middle east?

Profitable Chinese rail service to Afghanistan is growing at six thousand percent per year while the US burns billions of borrowed barnacles doing anti life stuff all over the globe.


“Little Rocket Man’s” equally sick (and sickening) USA counterpart, Obese ABUSER Man, needs a telephone call from the nation’s creditors informing him that any more talk from him about committing illegal acts of war will drop our country’s credit rating to ZERO, and all loans will become due IMMEDIATELY.


Haley is a stupid bit** and not worthy or experienced enough for her position. Her arrogance is also difficult to take. One gets to the point where it would be a relief to have the US attempt to embargo North Korea against both Russian and Chinese shipping. The US desperately needs to be taken down a peg or two. Of course when the missiles start flying in earnest, there will be no US to take down!


I’m simply amazed at how many persons are evil in the US. Trump has no problem in recruiting, these evil beings are countless.


Nikki Haley knows how to run International Affairs as much as Donald has a grasp of physics and global climate systems. SHAMEFUL that these CLOWNS are running the ship!


Making “Where Do We Invade Next” – Michael Moore’s most recent
documentary – absolute prediction …

.U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley further escalated tensions on the Korean
Peninsula Wednesday by warning that North Korea would be “utterly destroyed” if war breaks
out and suggesting that if China doesn’t shut off its oil shipments to Pyongyang, the U.S. would.

“China can do this on its own,” threatened Haley, “or we can take the oil situation into our own hands.”

But if you look at the map, you see that NATO continues to move ever closer
to Russia and China …

US obviously likes to keep its options open – its options to warmonger and create new wars.


Sad, but true.