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If 'Constitutional Crisis' Is Here, Say Progressives, Democrats Must 'Act Like It' and Impeach Trump

If 'Constitutional Crisis' Is Here, Say Progressives, Democrats Must 'Act Like It' and Impeach Trump

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With support for President Donald Trump's impeachment surging among the American public—as evidenced by new polling data and the 10 million petition signatures delivered to Congress on Thursday—House Democratic leaders are facing growing pressure to take action in line with their

From the article:

“…Pelosi ‘repeated the Democratic refrain that the House needs to engage in further investigation rather than impeachment.’”

It’s not an either/or decision. The House could hold hearings, could compel testimony, could subpoena documents, all under the glare of spotlights, gavel-to-gavel on C-SPAN—IF the political will were there!—before calling for a vote on articles of impeachment.

It could be, as were the Watergate hearings, a real-time civics lesson for a nation which seems to have forgotten everything it once knew about the subject, as well as a tool to build vital public support.


All degenerate Presidents we’re Impeached. Why stop now? We need to carry on the tradition with this Fucker and get him Out! We will take care of Pence after. If we don’t, the prediction for us is “PAIN” … Couldn’t think of a more appropriate time than now, while he’s up to the top of his Toupee in sh^t. ‘ Let’s Do It Now!”


Democrats in disarray, as usual. Yet Pelosi is described as the most effective House leader ever.

Let’s face it: The most consistent feature offered by Brand D is incoherence.

And Warren doesn’t get it? Where has she been the last few decades?


“It is incoherent to argue that Trump constitutes an existential threat to the Constitution, and that Congress should wait to use the Constitution’s primary defense against such a threat.”

Kind of like the ‘national emergency’ that the rump declared at the border after railing about it for months on end. It’s either real so you need to do something concrete about it, or you just need to shut the eff up and stop pretending you care.

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Jezus H christ. The impeachment hearings is WHERE YOU DO THE INVESTIGATION! Grow a backbone Nancy or hand the gavel off to someone who will actually fight.


"Yeah Democrats, Like Michael Cohen said, Trump’s A Cheat."

Don’t wait till he’s stolen all the bases in this game of Who’s The Chickenshit Now Hardball.


These idiots call it a CRISIS and in the next breath say “…but, it can wait”

Sounds like their approach to the Climate Crisis too doesn’t it.


I feel the same way about Warren. She came from money and has no clue how to relate to people that did not. Also, she talks a good game on all the issues she brings forth, but has Never delivered on anything. She’s no President but could have value as second or third in command on the Progressive side, as some people do like her. Let’s face it, we need all the help we can muster.

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Don’t count on Aunt Nancy for much. The last thing she wants is to be confrontational. She does not want to be in the Spotlight which may cause an investigation as to why she’s so rich, and where her money came from.


What Climate Crisis… as we’ve already surpassed the tipping point? How many Fossil / Fracking Operations have shut down? None. The only Crisis that matters is getting DT the hell out. “ Dead or Alive’ - Bon Jovi comes to mind.

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Good point about the civics lesson.
Constitutional experts also claim the proceedings would increase the odds of the SC ruling in favor of the committees requests for information from the Justice dept. and the WH.

There is no hope as long as Trump is in the WH, Turtleneck is running the Senate and Pelosi is Speaker of the House. Pelosi, for the last time: resign, and let us move on. Give us the future, we have had enough of your past. You are as complicit as anybody wallowing in the DC swamp these days. You are not the solution, only part of the problem.


Explain it every time it comes up in public. We have to. We have no choice. It’s our job. We are not obstructionist were the law is relevant. Even though it may prove detrimental to our 2020 bid, we can’t allow a total disregard for the constitution.

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Typically stupid inflammatory article. Can’t impeach Trump with a Republican Senate.

Perhaps not, but it is good practice for proving that democrats can play hard ball if necessary.

And how many Democrats have taken the time to read the unredacted report, except for Grand Jury testimony–none.

Aaron Maté Retweeted Sarah Westwood

No Democrats can read the report so long as they pull this stunt. If they read it, reporters can ask if the new info adds anything damning or changes the collusion-free outcome in any way. Democrats would be forced to answer honestly – no – & thus be forced to drop their stunt.

Aaron Maté added,

Sarah Westwood Verified account @ sarahcwestwood

Five Republicans and no Democrats have so far read the less redacted version of the Mueller report that DOJ made available to 12 congressional leaders, @ LauraAJarrett reports. This version of the Mueller report only contains redactions of grand jury material.

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I wouldn’t exactly call the NY Times writer “progressive”, nor, especially would I so label the groups calling for impeachment. It is still very much a partisan effort, one premised on an inquiry stemming from fallacious partisan allegations that Russia was responsible for the defeat of Clinton and election of Trump.

It is still very much in my view “payback” for that election; and it is still very much distracting from the really horrible stuff that the Trump Administration - at times cheered on by leading Democrats (such as with respect to our attempts to overthrow the Maduro government in Venezuela).

So perhaps the author of this article should amend the title to replace “Progressives” with “anti-Trump/ Impeachment activists”

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Agree that these criminals must be removed before we can begin to fix anything.

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