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If Defeated by Booker in Democratic Primary, McGrath Urged to Hand Over Surplus Millions to Topple McConnell

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/19/if-defeated-booker-democratic-primary-mcgrath-urged-hand-over-surplus-millions

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I wouldn’t take that bet, McGrath is a DINO of the highest order, against most everything in Booker’s platform, supposedly enticed to run for the Senate seat as soon as her loss for the House seat was over in 2018, by Schumer, supported by the DSCC, and the DNC “establishment candidate”. Her political supporters would rather keep McConnell, than see a progressive on the ticket.
Sadly she can’t be counted out because of ballots mailed in before Bookers rise in the polls.


That’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s the right thing to do; or at least some financial support and the encouragement of her supporters to supportBooker and the same can be said the for the other guy (don’t remember his name) in the race.

Defeated McConnell, the real evil behind Trump (the real imbecile) , is so very important. I know it is an uphill road in Kentucky where Moscow Mitch has reigned for so very long. But he must be more vulnerable today than ever before due to his violating his oath of office so many times, also , his wife, Elaine Chow, is under investigation for funneling millions to Kentucky illegally…it runs in the family I guess.

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There used to be 3700 polling places in Kentucky, this upcoming primary there will about 200. This is just one more example of " the efficiency of the well-oiled-machine ", in America’s ongoing effort to keep the status quo intact. And, the PTB steering an old jalopy; with tattered dirt smudged Confederate decals stuck to the fenders, right into a deep ditch.
The McGrath donors are not, by and large, from Kentucky and aren’t progressive. They’re " fauxgressives " ( stolen ) who will, if Booker wins, take their money and marbles and find another pro-establishment candidate or Institute to support. This is who the DSCC and DCCC is.
FYI- In the past I’ve given $$$ to groups working for Mr. Booker.

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This race appears to already be over based on the big mail-in voting segment.
So KY will continue to be represented by a conservative in that seat.

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The fix is in, Jefferson county ,KY has ONE polling location for over 700,000 people. Are they serious? How blatant is the suppression of the vote ? Will the despicable NYT ever expose this ? Doubt it.


Stop with the Russian garbage. The turtle represents the Wall St banksters and the MIC/CIA/Mossad cabal .

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Even if it’s not, with the judges ruling, allowing most polling locations to remain closed, most won’t get to vote anyway. This in effect, just became an illegitimate election, and should not be certified by the Sec. of State because of that ruling.


Did Sanders give Biden the balance of his donations when he suspended his campaign?

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Welcome to the Covid19 election.

Despite preferring to vote in person, I just turned my absentee ballot request in the city clerk. My state, Michigan, makes voting very easy based on a ballot initiative that passed overwhelmingly in 2018.

Our Secretary of State mailed an absentee ballot request form to every registered voter, which, of course, Trump tried to misconstrue. That’s what bullshit artists do, not that Trump is artistic.

And, while I am aggravated by the closing of polling places, Wisconsin was raked over the coals by liberals for holding their in person primary mid-pandemic. Lots of infections happened as a result.


He gave it to Antifa and shipped it Fed-Ex to them. Bezos had it seized and put it in an offshore account in The Cayman Islands, supposedly. Why do you ask?

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Yeah, It’s going to have to get better here for me to vote. My state only allows mail-in ballots for certain reasons, doesn’t really matter, a progressive vote goes down the rabbit hole here anyway.

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Are you in Utah?

MS. Gulf Coast

I have no inkling where you get your “information”, unless it is from GOP sources:

Democratic challenger Amy McGrath continued her blistering fundraising pace in the spring, outdistancing Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for another quarter in their bruising, free-spending campaign in Kentucky.

McGrath’s campaign said its fundraising performance reflects a growing grassroots movement supporting McConnell’s ouster. It also questioned McConnell’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

“After 35 years of Mitch McConnell putting partisan politics and special interests ahead of doing what’s right, Kentuckians — especially the one million who have lost work at some point during this crisis — are outraged by Mitch’s repeated failed leadership and are demanding change," said McGrath campaign spokesman Terry Sebastian.

Both McConnell and McGrath have hammered each other in a series of TV ads that will likely intensify in the coming months. McConnell plays up his alliance with Trump, including putting conservatives on the federal bench and his ability to bring federal money back to Kentucky — a point he’s emphasized in traveling the state to tout coronavirus-relief flowing to the state. McGrath portrays McConnell as an out-of-touch Washington insider more interested in scoring political points than helping Kentuckians.

Yeah, you go ahead and dwell on that dime’s worth of difference.
That’s been going well.

A link to such an accusation seems in order.

Why you bothered to post an empty response is puzzling.

Some folks are easily puzzled.