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If Democrats Fracture, This Will Be the Fault Line

If Democrats Fracture, This Will Be the Fault Line

Sam Pizzigati

Back in the closing years of the 20th century, the British Labour Party leader Tony Blair thoroughly redefined his party’s essence. Labour, Blair believed, had to shake off the past and become a political force “on the side” of the upwardly mobile, not just workers and their unions.

Blair’s chief strategist, Peter Mandelson, would capture the new Blairite sensibility with a quip that would go viral in the UK, even before the days of social media.

Joe Biden was from a working family but has since sided with billionaires of the world and Joe Biden is not good for Amerika.


I think there are big differences between the US and Britain. In the US, politics is more about race. The group that supports the Democrats the most is African-Americans. The Republican Party is largely compose of whites and the strongest base group is white supremacists. The Republican Party also represents patriarchy and is led by a pro-fascist president.

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The issue, here, is less what registered Democrat voters believe - they will vote D come hell or high water and the party power elite knows it. The issue is what that power elite believes and that core is solidly in the Joe Biden/Clinton camp. After all, the party structure is organized around taking donations from corporations and big money donors. The party won’t risk derailing that money train with the threat of higher taxes on their primary donors.

It would take an all out war and breakup of the party to get a tax-the-rich, tax corporations candidate nominated. Highly unlikely, since Bernie Sanders and his camp will opt for party unity over giving the Republicans an edge by fracturing the Democratic party. That’s been their track record, so far. In fact, there’s a very real chance the party will give the nomination to a billionaire.


That is probably the most frustrating thing about this mess. Bernie is afraid fracturing will give Republicans an edge? A gameshow host buffoon beat the Democrat front-runner whose campaign was all about being with her. People want a progressive populist and if no one in the Dem party is going to take that role then voters will continue to stay home.


That war is has already started, how could you not notice?
Have you heard much about the Vichy democrat plan to institute Pay-Go lately? Have you noticed the momentum toward signing on in favor of a Green New Deal?
IMO the Vichy democrat leadership have been giving the republicans the edge since the New Democrats/Clintonites took the party away from the people and put a fking “For Sale” sign on it. There are people on the inside pointing that out now. The tide is starting to trickle in the other direction.


“The Republican Party is largely compose of whites and the strongest base group is white supremacists.”

No, the strongest base group are are flyover state’s blue collar workers, that have become poverty level min. wage fast food workers. They are not white supremacists, just mostly white folks that want a decent wage, that Bill Clinton, W. Bush, and BO took away from them thru NAFTA, etc.


Each year, we all produce an economic pie, and that pie is divided up somehow. When the economic pie is being divided, it’s a zero sum game. If 1% take half the pie, that leaves only half the pie to be shared among the 99. The slice for each of the 99 would be doubled if the same size pie was shared equally. What would doubling your income (and doubling the income of all your neighbors and customers) do for you and your business?

The uber-rich are taking more than their fair share, out of all proportion to their respective unaided personal contributions (if any) to increasing the size of the pie, meaning to that extent, they are taking what they did not, but you (the 99) did contribute. In effect, they are taking by depriving you of what’ should rightfully be yours.

To top it off, they pretend that they should be favored as the;"job creators"t; (when it’s demand that is the job creator), they spare no effort to minimize their taxes, they alone get bailed out when their wealth extraction crashes the economy, and they propagandize you with their fraudulent class-serving economic model, neoliberalism.

What have you got to complain about?


There’s actually plenty of racial politics in England. On the Continent, too.

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Warren Buffet: "There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

Three people get together to divide a pie: A rich capitalist, a white union worker, and a black union worker. The rich capitalist takes 9 out of 10 pieces of pie and whispers to the white union worker, “That black guy is trying to steal your slice.”


Not all the 1%ers asked for, wanted or even cared about Trump’s & Repub’s latest tax cut package. That’s a fact. CD ran articles about them here while all this was being hashed out in 2017.
Jamie Dimon on NPR said he didn’t care if they took his personal tax cuts away. Other billionaires have said similar things; the question is what the 1%ers see as the role of govt in our lives, as RW Libertarians battle Capitalists who believe in govt regulations and some common rules of the road, as it were.
However, the Corporate tax rate reductions were bipartisan, since their claim was, U.S. based Corps. were at a disadvantage compared to other countries in the global marketplace, even those who are our allies and members of the G-20, et al.
Democrats such as Biden vs. Democrats or Social Democrats like Sanders is more about how all Americans share, and to what extent, in the fruits of our labor. For a whole host of reasons, wealth redistribution through taxes and social engineering creates a better country for all of us to live in and mutually enjoy. The empirical facts support this overwhelminly.
To true progressives, supporting Sen. Sanders and his vision for this country, over former VP Biden and his vision, should be a no-brainer. The last 40 years of both men’s careers in our political economy show this to be true, as well. Again, the empirical evidence is overwhelming. Just sayin’.


I would disagree with you in this statement.

When the 1% get the money, it does little to improve people’s lives as that money is tucked away in gold bullion in their Swiss bank vaults or used for stock buy-backs to further concentrate their own ill-gotten wealth.

When workers get the money, the money is spent and then it circulates many times to improve everyone’s lives. This was a core principle in Henry Ford’s factories - he not only wanted workers, but he wanted customers to buy his $500 cars.

The only problem with letting the workers get the money is that it is oftentimes spent on mindless consumerism at Wal-Mart. And mindless consumerism wastes resources which hurts the rich, the poor, and the planet.


BS- those that say they did not want tax cuts are liars.


The tide is starting to trickle in the other direction.

Tide versus trickle.
They don’t seem to be evenly matched.

My bettor half tells me to put my money on tide.
My better half tells me to give my money to the Green Party to help the Greens become more than a trickle.

Well, CD ran articles about them. Tom Steyer is a liar also because he gave $100 million dollars to progressive candidates and causes, helping in recapturing the House and spearheading Trump’s eventual impeachment proceedings? To you I say:
" A wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse ".

While it took a while to get there, I think this article’s main premise about the internal struggle taking place within the Democratic Party is spot-on. I’m with Bernie and will not be voting for any Democratic nominee who isn’t a Progressive. I’ll vote third-party or not vote for president at all before I vote for a Joe Biden or a Nancy Pelosi. We need change in the right direction…to the Left! I’m tired of these neoliberal politicians who count on enriching themselves once they leave office by passing the legislation necessary to legalize the robbery of the nation’s productivity.


The British pie got a lot smaller when the Brits lost their colonies, Mr. Pizzigati. Also, theirs is a parliamentary system. You have muddied the water by comingling the British Empire with our military empire. I suggest that you stick to American history. To use your metaphor, where will the money come from to clean up the rat infested lower basement? I think that it has to come from taxes paid by the fat cats in the penthouse.

In 1953, when Eisenhower was president, the marginal income tax on the uber rich was 91 per cent. That money trickled down to the middle and lower classes, stimulating the economy, resulting in a long period of prosperity. Ronald Reagan cut it from 70 per cent to the low 30s and the working class has been stagnant since, while C.E.O. income has soared obscenely. In part, the confiscatory taxes on the rich can be justified by the fact that they relied upon publicly funded infrastructure to amass their fortunes. This scenario has happened many times in our history. For those interested, I refer them to “Rebooting the American Dream” by Thom Hartmann.


Neo-liberalism is upward concentration of wealth. Neo-liberalism is for condemning hard working families to a life of marginal economic survival. Neo-liberalism is for not caring about your fellows. Neo-liberalism is by the elite, of the elite, and for the elite, leaving the majority with the crumps. For neo-liberalism to exist in a democracy, it must rely on leaders to practice deceit and obsfucation, since no informed voter will support his own economic demise. Joe Biden is a confirmed Neo-liberal: He cannot be trusted with our future.


Our only hope today lies in our ability to recapture the revolutionary spirit and go out into a sometimes hostile world declaring eternal hostility to poverty, racism, corruption and militarism


From the rats in the basement to the sharks in the penthouse:

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