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If Democrats Want to Beat Trump, They Better Not Nominate a ‘Free Trade’ Candidate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/05/30/if-democrats-want-beat-trump-they-better-not-nominate-free-trade-candidate


The Democratic Party is beholding to Corporate America.

There is no maybe when it comes to if they will nominate a "free-trader."

I’d be more appropriate to label their next candidate, a "traitor-to-freedom."

Don’t listen to what they say, look at what they’ve done.


Current agreements are not about free trade but about corporate profits and protections. Trade deals inclusive of labor (not corporate unions), environmentalist, and small business could be a good thing. Problems, like climate disruption, will not be solved one country at a time so building walls, whether literal or economic, is not the answer.


This could well be it for me and CD.

Democrats’, ‘Trump’, ‘Democrats’, Trump’, ad nauseam. Ach!

Even before logging in to find this article, I’d already decided the whole slant is about the only two parties in play, which is to say the bloody Duopoly.

It’s like a self-reinforcing cycle of control. Talk about the only two viable parties, ignore and/or dismiss any and all alternatives, then bitch, bitch, bitch about things not changing.

Maybe this should be called Duoploy Dreams. That’s certainly common enough, right along with the MSM.


It’s going to be a neoliberal, even if they have to rig another primary or just flat out overrule the votes. That’s who it’s going to be. And the pundits will support whomever that candidate is because “Trump!”.

And we’ll do this crap for another 4 years.

And then again. And again. Until it’s too hot to even care about things anymore.


I apologize for my own bitching and moaning Tennegon. I know that I too seldom suggest ways to fix what is clearly broken in Washington DC other than recommending others immediately dump their allegiance to the parties of the Duopoly, and register as Green, Socialist, or Independent if they must, but also to actively look at how the corporate parties have done little to nothing to make their lives better while catering almost solely to the Military Industrial Congressional Complex.

I too have thought of breaking with Common Dreams. My words here matter little.

Again, sorry for my whining.

You have provided myself and others with your valuable opinions.

There’s that Tennegon.


Thanks too, for your long standing support of the Green Party.

Jill and Ajamu were the best possible candidates.

The people of America continue to make fatal mistakes when it comes to choosing honesty and integrity.


How many times do we have to see articles like these until the public becomes aware that the Democrats don’t care about winning against the Republicans. They only care about beating the progressives.


Agree, but the likelihood that Trump will be allowed to run again is an indication of our collective insanity.


Thom’s article needs some work. I’d call this one an unfinished rough draft, take a fucking ax to it and start over. The last thing we should do is defend protectionism this simply. I’d suggest the final draft point out specifically how damnably wrong Trump conducts every duty of office. Global trade is macro-economics. It may be just as foolhardy to replace globalization with a national economy no less dependent upon long-distance transport within our borders. As a transportation planner myself, a lot of local GND component should be included.

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As in Obama…


Ain’t it the truth!

This article is just another example of telling people what they want to believe in spite of history and reality. For example, in response to the Great Depression, New Dealers passed a major law that resulted in the lowering of tariffs, the Reciprocal Tariff Act, in 1934. Those old new dealers sold us out! Trade isn’t a complicated topic—raise tariffs and jobs come back!

Thank you for such kind remarks, PonyBoy, but there is no need to apologize. That wasn’t what I was referring to in my own little rant/response. Your comments have actually been more consistent with my own feelings about the madness in which we find ourselves.

It’s the writers, with their complaints, who offer up essentially just more of the same, with the Dem wing of the Duopoly, as if that will make things better, when we all know it won’t. As others have so astutely commented here, the evidence of that fact can be found in the years of Clinton and Obama in the White House, the Dems in control of Congress, etc.

After the 2016 fiasco, with the Dems denying Bernie, and his selling out as he did, I realized that if I am to participate in the voting process, my choice will be based on my convictions, not on some strategy that others atempt to compel me to support.

Your remark is spot on, and thoroughly consistent with my point, that participation in our democratic process should be based on honesty and integrity, and that’s exactly why I will continue supporting the Green Party.

I’m sure we’re not the only ones who question not only this site, but the seemingly overwhelming obstacles of media bias, and the intransigence of such vast segments of our population. We are indeed in the minority when it comes to most issues. So it goes for those who hold progressive values and views.

So, thanks again.


As in Obama.

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Long article about global trade, no serious mention of the dis-integrating and collapsing ecology. Astonishing pundit blinders at work.


Real political enlightenment in these times we are living in, is rare.

Using it to benefit the masses, not just the few, by choosing to voice your support for the Green Party, and rejecting the parties that have consistently failed the population, is even more rare.

The Duopoly’s allegiance to Corporate America and the Military Empire extremists have decimated the middle class and shows no signs of stopping there.

My wife and I are alone in our families, while everyone else succumbs to the lies and promises of the serpents of the Status Quo.

Be happy Tennegon, that you won’t be fooled again.

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Bush Jr raids the treasury, does nothing to prevent 911 WTC attack, declares war for oil, and IMO ‘intentionally’ crashes the world economy. Obama leads the effort to rebuild the economy, gets a good start on heath care reform, continues war operations but with comparatively less disastrous, deadly results. Somehow both Presidents are exactly alike? How about you put the pipe down and stop pretending to be progressive?

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Thom talks about the environmental crisis all the time. This article was about trade and tariffs. He can walk and chew gum.

I was pleasantly surprised that he did include Clinton and Obama with Neoliberalism. He has a policy of never dishing democrats and I hope he is getting over that. They don’t deserve his support except for the true progressives i.e. Roe Khana, I’ve trying for years to get Peter DeFasio and Jeff Merkley to leave the dem party and start a new party with true progressive like Bernie and…


Jeez! Relax! I never said they were “exactly alike,” so why don’t you try to read more carefully instead of putting words in my mouth (for one thing, they get in way of my pipe). I simply identified Obama as a “free trade” neoliberal, which is what the article was about. If he had been “progressive,” we would have universal, single-payer health care, a plan for climate chaos, and a reduced rather than expanded drone war theater of operations (not to mention the elimination of extra-judicial killings). If he had not been a neoliberal, banksters would have gone to jail after the Great Recession. Obama made the world better for elite neoliberals, the MIC, the health insurance industry, Big Pharma, and did a dandy job sustaining mass incarceration and increasing mass deportation,. He stood up to no one and, as a result, critical cans got kicked down the road, and we are that much deeper in the shit. But, hey, I guess that’s good enough for you.