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If Democrats Want to Succeed, They Will Have to Implement Policies That Primarily Benefit the Working Class

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/13/if-democrats-want-succeed-they-will-have-implement-policies-primarily-benefit


“Succeed” ?

More like “want to” EXIST a decade from now if Pelosi seats seditious “representatives” during the first week of January, and Biden’s DOJ fails to launch indictments on January 21 to bring Trump, his appointees and other enablers to justice.

Democrats’ failure to stem the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP’s half century crime spree will empower the GOP more than it has ever been empowered, pushing the Democratic Party and democracy itself into the dust bin of history.


Labor must redefine itself as owner and manager with the co-op model. It absolutely baffles me that this is not the new investment future(s) for what could be an amazingly large portion of people, of us. The increasing number of successful food and production cooperatives can no longer be hung out to dry when propagandized as ‘socialist’ so as to veil the predations and chest thumping of a model so seriously failed as needing to be predatory in order to survive. That in and of itself socio- and/or psychopathic.
Some of the most profound social, spiritual and conceptual observations have been generated when folks unite to IMPROVE the conditions of life. In fact, in our known history has it ever been anything else but that?

Like public banking, we can choose and educate to cut through the vast swamp of propaganda that passes for what is now proving to be little beyond acutely biased ‘inews feed’ of predatory monopolies.

In the words of one of the early aeronautical engineers: “Simplicate and add lightness”


Ever since the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation the Democratic Party has defined “success” as getting more corporate money than the GOP gets.


… because their presidential candidate obtained the largest popular vote total ever and toppled an incumbent. However, the 2020 election results also revealed that the Democratic Party’s victory was quite fragile and might not be sustainable in the future.

Ya thunk? Biden didn’t win, Trump lost.

Further, Trump won in 2016 because he was anti-establishment. The masses like that. Biden, however, is the definition of “establishment.” i.e. “The Establishment is a term used to describe a dominant group or elite that controls a polity or an organization. It may comprise a closed social group that selects its own members, or entrenched élite structures in specific institutions.”


It’s just not going to happen, any more than Biden is going to find his inner FDR.

All you need to do is look at the corporate, MIC, Lobbyist cabal Biden is gathering around himself to know, working people will not be very high on the agenda (unless its to be fodder for more wars). Crumbs at best. Trickle down you know.


And we know this because of what happened when Saint Barrack ignored the Bush Cabal and the Bankster/Wall Street Cabal.
We got idiot Fascist. Next time the Fascist won’t be an idiot


Yep, many voters who voted for Obama also voted for Trump.

Just as Trump tested the candidate water by leading the birther movement, the GOP has tested the dictatorship water with Trump, “next time the fascist won’t be an idiot” and nothing will be tested as a competent dictator takes us beyond the point of no return and into a new dark age.

How many centuries did the previous dark age last ?


“…Maybe the Democratic Party is so tied into corporate power that it is not capable of reclaiming the progressive domestic policy legacy of FDR or LBJ. However, there is no other alternative vehicle for progressive policy at this point in time. The failure to address our various crises now could lead to global devastation. There is really no choice. Continued mass education and mobilization can only strengthen the progressive movement and, in this way, possibly save the Democratic Party by forcing it to meet the needs of working families.”

RAVE ON! Kenneth Peres, bio-noted “retired as chief economist of the Communications Workers of America. Formerly, he served as economist for the Northern Cheyenne Tribe, the Montana House Select Committee on Economic Development, and the Montana Alliance for Progressive Policy. Ken has held teaching positions at the University of Montana, St. John’s University, Chief Dull Knife College, and the City University of New York.”

How ironic that a chief economist at the Communications Workers of America could impart so little wisdom or this analytic Poli Sci 101 op-ed’s urgency about the need to join all of organized labor’s teeny voices to DEMAND ACCESS to the BIG VOICE booming from our publicly funded and developed instruments and spectrum of Mass Communications!

Step one out of denial and being denied is MAKING A CONCERTED & ORGANIZED DEMAND.

The closing statement by Sara Nelson, sez what we have to amplify and repeat until the spectrum holders turn blue in the face:

Sara Nelson is the head of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, made a statement about the labor movement that applies to the progressive movement in general: "Our task, is to build a labor movement that sees itself truly as a labor movement—not just a collection of separate unions. For years we outsourced our power while the bosses were outsourcing our jobs. We spent too much time trying to cut deals with the boss or build favor with politicians and too little time organizing members to fight for what we deserve. People think power is a limited resource but using power builds power."

Can we get a loud and joyful PRAISE BE!!! from the Professional Class, who have been our un-makers and un-doers in this ongoing struggle for evolutionary pay parity with those who claim themselves the privileges of CREATOR and MARKET MAKER over LIFE SCIENCES and the FEUDAL LORDS OF HI FInance Speculation\TECH\TELECOMM ?!?!

(Note this call and response prayer Terry Callier “Comin’ up from Babylon” (live) had to be broadcast on France’s national Public Interest and non-interrupted TV network because we have no such thing in the Land of the Spree and Home of the Knave where Free Speech remains such a foreign concept…and our hierarchies of Organized Labor DO NOT EVEN DEMAND EQUAL TIME TO THE SUBSIDIZED U.S. Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (FCC), where since 1967 every week has been THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET, PLANET MONEY, BUSINESS INSIDER, MARKETPLACE, FREAKANOMICS, FORBES & FOBs, BLOOMBERG BID-NET NEWS brought to U.S. by Monsanto (now owned by Nazi chartered Bayer Big Fascist Pharma, Fuxxon with apologies to the Fugs and their Tuli Kupferberg whose corruption of Exxon was redundant and don’t forget the nightly McNeil-Lehrer Report brought to U.S. by ARCHER DANIELS MIDLAND who we would’ve learned sooner that A-D-M had fixed the global pricing of Lysine keeping BIG AG b-i-g and not possible for FAMILY FARMERS to find a field to furrow, had any PBS\NPR News Reporters tipped U.S. off before the Justice Department could take years getting around to proving…All those monopolist years wiping out family farmers cuz our uninterrupted news was brought to U.S. via McNeil-Lehrer’s sponsor ARCHER DANIELS MIDLAND…)


Amen…Praise Be…A-men, A-women…

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The leadership of the Democratic Party is controlled by the same billionaire special interests that control the Republican Party. For this reason, the leadership of the Democratic Party is as likely as the leadership of the Republican Party to adopt policies that benefit the working class — just ain’t gonna happen.


Here is the problem. No part of government is allowed to show favoritism for any form of business model - and nonprofit models it seems to me we’re now actually forbidden from endorsing or supporting them now. Similar rules prohibit favoritism in any law or measure that prefer our own countries firms or workers. Its just insane. We set this up, and our own government is working behind the backs of anybody who wants to change this,

That’s a great quote, I had heard it before but didn’t remember where it came from.

Co-ops are great. What I particularly miss are the food co-ops of the old days. I would love to be able to volunteer a couple of hours a month and participate in a food-sourcing community. The last few decades has resulted in the loss of these amazing resources that used to exist in many areas, but the demand for healthy food is higher than ever. I have whole foods where I live but their prices have risen ever higher and are too expensive for the staples that people live on. Co-ops could dramatically reduce the cost of living when staples are involved. People need non-corporate employment too. Government employment at all levels is likely to shrink a lot due to GATS and other FTAs, and there is nothing right now thats likely to take up the slack.


But we can’t be using phrases like working class, defund the police, or imperialism – can we? Okay with me, but only radical subversives such as myself talk that way, or even understand that kind of talk.

Leaving me somewhat perplexed: The author has advice for “Democrats” – on behalf of “the working class.” Surely Kenneth Peres has been around long enough to know about the shibboleth attaching to such phrases. That “working class” verbiage lines him up with me on the side of the dangerous subversives. But “Democrats” have always been very good at totally ignoring us subversives, Kenneth.

A btw on one of my favorite words (you might have noticed): shibboleth. I don’t have chapter and verse handy, but the story I’ve heard is that the word was used to distinguish foreigners. You’d point to a stream of water and ask the captive “What is that?” If they answer “sibbolet,” let them go. But if they say “shibboleth,” you can tell they talk funny, like those assholes from the other side of the river (into which their bodies are summarily dumped).


Thank you. I’m thinking both halves of our Kleptocracy are pretty consistently SUCCESSFULLY fulfilling contractual obligations slavering Debbie Wasserman Schultz sneered pretty succinctly, under oath? How else, would they get SO RICH? It’s nice to see Common Dreams yet again, publish garish alternative reality/ speculative fantasy, written by folks on major hallucinogens since '68 or recently returned from galaxies, far, far away? I wasn’t all THAT sure the Dark Ages ever ended? Since, tag-team Idiocracy ain’t a bad grift?

~https://cepr.net/important-addition-to-edsall-column-on-the-politics-of-resentment-downward-mobility-was-by-design/ (we’ve got one, here, who can SEE!)





Exactly. The democrats have been very successful by their definition of success.


The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was so successful that Obama dissolved it, although the New Democrat Caucus has taken over the DLC’s progressive suppression duties.


What you mean-um “Maybe”, Kemo Sabé?   The inaction by O’Bummer & P’Loser in 2009 with regard to War Criminals & Banksters is a pretty clear indicator of how much energy the DimWit-Rats will put into reclaiming
the legacy of FDR.   I do agree that there’s not much in the way of an alternative vehicle.   SAD!!

Good Luck, LayLow.   What “force” can working families apply to counter the TOTAL OWNERSHIP of BOTH
WINGS of the Duopoly by the MultiNaZional Korporations?

O-K, so instead of sitting down we stand up and . . .  and . . .


War criminal Pelosi and Democrats are part of the same crime syndicate.


What makes you think that the PTB who control both the DNC and the RNC want the DimWit-Rats to succeed? They are just pushing the pendulum to swing wider and wider each cycle:  The Lying Son-of-a-Bush to enrage the liberals, then O’Bummer to heat up the Funny-Dementalists, now Tweetle-Dumb to drive the Lib-Tards absolutely nuts, and in
a few weeks Creepy Joe to anger the neo-Fascists even more. As Phred has noted, after McConnell ensures Biden’s failure (not that Biden will actually try very hard) in 2024 (or 2028 at the latest) the Far Right will elect the Real Deal:


There are some good thoughts here, but do we not feel ready to acknowledge that at least the majority of the elected Democratic Party wants to implement policy that will hinder the working class?

Failure to acknowledge goals makes all the success|failure rhetoric badly off-key.


I’ll give “our” elected representatives a slight benefit-of-the-doubt in thinking that they don’t give two hoots one way or the other about the Working Class – so long as their Multi-NaZional Korporate overlords can continue to take over as much as possible of the Commons and the assets of the Middle Class.   Instant descent into Fascism next year with Tweetle-Dumb, or gradual slide into Feudalism over the next few years with the DimWit-Rats.  Fourteen years from now it’ll be pretty much the same, no matter which path we take to get there.

Why 14 years, you ask?     'Cause in 2034 it’ll be . . .

1984 — Only Half-a-Century Late!!

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