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If Dems Stare Down Trump in Dreamer Shutdown Showdown, They Will Win


If Dems Stare Down Trump in Dreamer Shutdown Showdown, They Will Win

Brent Budowsky
If Senate Democrats go to the mattress over this issue, and if Trump and Senate Republican leaders force a shutdown because they will not accept a bipartisan plan to save DREAM Act, they will be annihilated by the high court of public opinion in our democratic nation.


gee, mr. budowsky! i want the dreamers to win. i want love and compassion to win. you make this sound like a game of political one~up~man~ship. have you forgotten “the deporter and chief”?

p.s. not to mention, “single payer is off the table”? and “who knew i’d be good at killing people”?


Dreamers deserve assistance, no question. But I wonder: If the Dems allocated half of their dreamer indignation to our perpetual wars as well as single payer, we might be on our way. I suspect they don’t do this because they want campaign contributions as well as votes–votes not only from the many now employed in the defense industry, but also expect to receive votes from latinos including dreamers. The goal is worthy; but the coarseness and insincerity behind the strategy are disturbing.


If you see a blue dog in the Senate, yank its choke chain and yell “Sit, Stay”, because otherwise it will rollover.


The Dems are in the process of standing tall and telling those meanie Republicans to “cut it out.”

That’ll show em.’

Well, that and the strongly worded letter Chuck Schumer’s staff is busy writing for him.


Sorry, but I don’t think either party should use the threat of a governmental shutdown to push their agenda. Shutting down the government should simply be off the table, period, for Democrats as well as Republicans.


Another way to look at it, is the Blue Dog Corporate Schmuck Democrats know who they serve, and who serves them, as they sit up and beg all along K Street.


. . . and C street.