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If Donald Trump Is the Symptom... Then What’s the Disease?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/17/if-donald-trump-symptom-then-whats-disease

Bernie 2020!
He’s seasoned, he’s pissed, and he cares!
Bernie 2020!


Nice article there Tom !

Especially near the end - where you bring up climate change and the crash in the biosphere.

Added on at the end like that - it captures reality - as for most people it is still just an afterthought.


And it’s the disease that most concerns me, not the idiot symptom that it has manifested.


“The disease” is the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) owns the gubmit and any transformative POTUS finds himself or herself in MIMIC’s crosshairs.


Many good points, here, but also some that need to be re-examined as far as their assumptions. America’s wars, for instance, are NOT “unsuccessful” as Engelhardt and so many other Trump critics claim. They are, in fact, very successful and that’s the problem. It’s a matter of perspective. These endless wars are successful for the sake of continued obscene military spending, keeping Pentagon brass in their career tracks, maintaining the revolving door between industry and government, but, above all, maintaining a strategic presence in all parts of the globe for the sake of the empire. The concept of winning and losing is way past its expiration date, as the Pentagon well knows.


I suggest the disease is Capitalism itself and that the United States of America has appointed itself as its champion and its biggest promoter. From one corner of the Globe to the other, the US Military is out there ensuring Capitalism remains entrenched and ensuring the 1 percent at the top of its pyramid control ever more of the Worlds wealth.

A system that rewards the sociopath , which in practice what Capitalism does , will ensure the sociopath remains in power. A system that puts the well being of “Capital” over social well being will lead to societal breakdown. The lunatics run the asylum.


The author ends up missing an opportunity to define what a transformative POTUS will tell the world at the end of the article. S/he will say:

“The current economic model that dictates the necessity for constant growth is no longer sustainable. We are no longer going to ‘grow’ the economy, we are going to systematically shrink it.”

Any POTUS who refuses to level with the people is worse than non-transformative: S/he is a goddam liar.


The disease is the "Duopoly."

And most everyone we know has it.

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Humans have been beset by many dysfunctionalities down through the ages. Capitalism sacrifices the ones who don’t measure up. MICs sacrifice people in nations that propaganda designate as “threats.” Or possible future threats when, in the present, it would be a “neat idea” to grab hold of their stuff. Two guys wrote two books both entitled “Blowback” IIRC, but nobody took them seriously. Fascism grows where economic stupidities occur. We saw this thing briefly with Ayn Rand’s books, but the economy was too prosperous. People espoused her philosophy because it made them feel superior (and feel like at least they had an answer when their own lives felt shaky). Maybe mild narcissists can be drawn in by the not so mild. I could almost say, though, the disease is ignorance of geopolitics (the MIMIC tends to make us “ingrown”). I was making some comments on Duty to Warn’s fb page, and I’m convinced they cut me off because I had the temerity to point out the WASHINGTON POST acknowledged facebook helping Trump (so why rush to judgement about Russia…like so many DTW folks were doing at the time?). Even if it were a matter of strong narcissists piping the tune for more diluted versions [former = wolves in sheeps’ clothing?], you think facebookers on Duty To Warn’s page could recognize folks obsessed with preaching to their own respective choirs as some kind of narcissism [when they don’t know geopolitics or the history of detente from Adam]? No, they can’t. Shoshanna Zuboff somebody said goes back to von Hayek, which is worrisome cause that kind of economics won’t work with a climate crisis. Too much redundance. Can’t doubt, though, he might have seen something saner than Amazon & Walmart economies. No, I won’t deny the 5 Year Plans were scary, but somebody’s gotta have a plan.


Act As Though Acting Might MTPGA…AATAMMTPGA

I guess unless this changes quickly the duopoly as you call it is problematic. At this late date only 60 some democrats are on board for impeaching the tyrant trump.
And I believe trump is the symptom AND the disease.

Trump is GMORK of “The never ending story.” As “The Nothing” swallows us up because we show no more hope.

The disease is a growing monoculture of humans, their food and their pets.

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Trump has been one to cheer the division of the masses. Both parties keep that division alive.

We must be a united people to move forward.

No offense intended, but, the masses are reveling in their division and nobody seems to want to find a uniting force.

Trusting someone who’s loyalties lie elsewhere isn’t the answer.

Sometimes you gotta say, “What the fuck,” and take a chance on something new.

Still think it’s probably true humans could feed humans with grains alone…non GMO versions without petro-fertilizers. No more clear cutting as of tomorrow, though, won’t stop a lot of the heat that’s coming. Curtailing any more than what’s so far calculated [we got permafrost melting wrong]…might be augmented by planting the right plants…per Vandana Shiva IIRC.

Then again, fb itself could have taken me out of the Duty to Warn group…leaving me to think otherwise. Perhaps they’ve grown more used to criticism since those days.

Analogy: Dylan’s “Shelter from the storm.” (She) being America in this case, tries to give us what we need. But we are so pathetic we can hardly take good advice. ‘alternative meaning’

You are going to need an extreme catalyst to unite this rag tag population.

I think the disease is Hubris—which the Hillary had a lot of, but with the Donald, it’s Hubris plus a lot of Delusion. Sometimes Delusion helps people function. The Donald has been around and failed at so many things, and bankrupted so many others while he somehow survives. That impresses people–as in how does he do that? I think that somehow translates to some people as into a magic skill!
I think he lucked out for a few reasons—once a person has reached a point where people know his name—and then add that to a game show atmosphere and then add it to government-----then people who are failing feel a surge of personal power as he attacked other people and races and nations—and as people’s jobs fade away and their chances failed, I think that there is a vindictive element that makes the dissed feel better about their failures and makes Trump a positive to them. It becomes easier to blame other nations , other races and also because people keep hearing that America is the greatest nation and the richest nation—and maybe that was true after WW 2–but no more. People don’t want to let go of, “I’m the greatest, " when everything is falling around them.
But then remember in WW 2 America wasn’t bombed to smithereens— as we did to other nations—and then we not only had the bomb --but we used it—Now so many nations have the bombs----so what do we have that’s so special----we we used to have all the money and the nation that controlled money----but we really don’t have anything backing that. China and Russia have a lot of gold—but all America has are the military —which has worked since WW 2----but not for much longer. And as the military continues to suck money and health from the planet. Many are still comforted by the thought of,” we’re the greatest-"—losing that belief will kill many.
Maybe the deadly weather changes from the Climate Crisis will finally make an equal playing field–and maybe that will save nations from wars—stay home and save your neighborhood is probably the most valuable thing any person can do. The delusion of Trump will pass when the reality of the climate gets worse.
America will become the Qzymandias of the poem…“nothing beside remains, the lone and level sand stretch far away…” Reality can be harsh and cruel—but it cuts through delusion very quickly— : (


The disease is American stupidity and immorality.


The Disease is that Americans no longer have a Government that represents us. Congress’s Base are Corporations and those with money, not the American Voter. Trump and Bernie were the outsiders, who just might avail against the Corporations. Bernie was subverted by the Democratic Party Leaders, who only would allow their Corporate candidate to win the primary. With Bernie out, Trump was the only alternative.

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