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If Elected in 2020, Bernie Sanders Vows First Executive Orders Will 'Reverse Every Single Thing President Trump Has Done to Demonize and Harm Immigrants'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/29/if-elected-2020-bernie-sanders-vows-first-executive-orders-will-reverse-every-single

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Bernie is this…Bernie is that is what everybody keeps saying. All I know is Bernie always steps to the plate for the American people and even the immigrants. Bernie understands the importants of immigrants to this nation since it’s inception. We all except for the native American and some of the mexican people come from immigrant back grounds. It’s just shameful how America has become the worlds Black Coats. America needs BERNIE!.


BERNIE, the Anti-Trump!


That’s Exactly what needs to be done! Reverse everything Trump & McConnell have done. At least Bernie has the guts to say it! Had he won in 2016, none of these horrors would have taken place, and the world would not be on the brink of War! Could be that’s why he urged us to vote for Clinton, because he knew what Rule under Trump and the Repubs would be like? He was right, even tho we detested HRC. Lesser of 2 Evils? Yes, Big time!


Targeting immigrants to make political hay goes way beyond President Swamp Gas and Turtle Mitch. Then Texas Congressman Tom DeLay started that ball rolling early in the Dubya regime and that ball has continued to accelerate ever since.

Does Bernie think the farmers who are being negatively impacted by the GOP’s tariffs and failure to fix immigration will someday wake up and stop supporting the GOP ?


While the motivations are good ones , I think people have to question the mechanics of Governance through executive orders. If one President can use them to do good , another can use them to commit wrongs. Executive orders directly bypass the Constitution and any semblance of checks and balances between the Judiciary, Executive and Legislative.

The use of such are closer to the power a King or Queen would wield than they are to the powers that should be wielded by the Chief Executive in a Democracy or Republic.

If Sanders does in fact gain power , and the President after him a Republican and uses the power of his or her office to reverse all Sanders has done, what good has been accomplished and are you not investing too much power and too much good will into the Office of the President?


Thanks for speaking to the reality of “elections have consequences.”

As to, (this is the first thing I will do) business. We have heard this broken record promise by every candidate I can remember. Seldom works out that way. Just feel good rhetoric.


In the end, it permits them to continue to approach politics as an exercise in civic laziness. Vote every couple of years, and you’ve done your duty. Meanwhile, the right continues to organize like crazy at all levels. They’re always invigorated because they are active on the ground.

Liberals just want to live their comfortable lives and trust elites to take care of business. And this is why we’re here.

Trump withdrew from the Paris Agreement

Bush withdrew from the Kyoto Agreement for the same reason

“… I walked away from Kyoto because it would damage America’s economy, you bet. It would have destroyed our economy. It was a lousy deal for the American economy.” - Bush 2005

It is not the man, it is the party


I think you, me and most of this community watched the debates and took them for what they were. Mostly Entertainment. They told us what We wanna hear, Not what they will or can do, in reality. That’s what Politicians do best!


" If elected in 2020"…STOP RIGHT THERE! I would argue that Bernie has absolutely no chance of being elected in 2020.

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It boils down to this at the fundamental level. If rights , freedoms and liberties can be removed and assigned by a single person using executive orders, then you do not have any of those things. You are a subject of the Executive.


You and I both know Bernie will be again thrown under the Democratic Bus.

Many here, still believe in the “Chuck and Nancy Show,” the “DNC Tool Perez,” and the fairytale that the Progressive side of the party can “reform” the Corporate Whore side of the party.

Who are we to pop their bubbles Shanti?

Let them continue their March towards the "Zombie Apocalypse."


Actually, Gingrich the Newt dealt the immigration fear-mongering card as part of the GOP’s Contract On America in the 1994 midterm campaign. Subsequent agents, including DeLay, have been refining the practice since.

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WELL SAID! Very true.

The author of this article does a good job of laying out the pros and cons concerning Sanders and Warren – it’s an interminably long treatise, but his argument holds up. (The original article was posted on CounterPunch)


More barbarism from the Trump regime:


I would agree. He had his chance last time. However, I do think he’s the most honest of the entire bunch!

Gotta get rid of Biden first then of course Trump. Only one I see up to the challenge is Harris. Remember, I did say, “ None of them are perfect!”

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a description akin to a monarch.

this argument sadly moves few people.
neither does the one about empowering a Star Chamber of judicial-crats to rule as well.