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If Facebook Hides Conservative News, a Senate Inquiry is a Bad Idea



For those of us who are not Facebook users it is a little hard to grasp what all this means. But, it makes sense with regard to the Bill of Rights that the federal government should not be delving into editorial policy of Facebook. What the federal government should be doing is making laws to protect the personal privacy of Internet users. With the Internet of Things beginning to play a bigger role there is even a greater need for laws to protect privacy than previously. People need more control over the fate of their data and perhaps much of this data should not be stored by corporations in the first place. The Internet offers great possibilities but right now one has to constantly to make decisions about what to avoid and not to avoid in order to protect privacy.


A Senate inquiry is a bad idea. The Republicans control the Senate. Pox News can't make comments on their site. It would be good if they also hid CNN & MSNBC.


I would like to know where it is stated in the Constitution that news corporations have a right to news feeds maintained by other organizations or corporations. In my view, Facebook is doing us all a favor.

I do object framing this story as a corporate rights story, though. This is about the people's rights to a free press, which is very much under assault by news corporations.