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If George W. Bush Can Be on Ellen, Of Course Sean Spicer Will Be at Emmys


If George W. Bush Can Be on Ellen, Of Course Sean Spicer Will Be at Emmys

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though some jaws dropped, many laughed, and former White House press secretary was applauded for having a "sense of humor" about the work he did for President Donald Trump, there should be nothing suprising about Sean Spicer's on-stage appearance at Sunday night's Emmy Awards.



And Don Blankenship can hope to run for the Senate in West Virginia.


MSM—no surprise.

Shame on Stephen Colbert for playing along with this nauseating ploy to boost ratings. Shame on all those who stayed, laughed, applauded and posed for photo ops.


Dear Ellen,
I’d puke if I had to be in the same room as junior bush … guess your standards are not so high …


This is the same media that gave candidate Trump lots of free air time, giving him a huge advantage in the 2016 election, all the while marginalizing Sanders.

Emmys are another example of the industry giving themselves awards…how sick is that ?

I traded my TV for a backpack forty plus years ago and never looked back.


I don’t much watch Hollywood products, and I have never watched Hollywood’s annual masturbation events (Emmys, Oscars). I mean, Steve Bannon’s got nothing on Hollywood when it comes to auto-fellatio. But I did, up until this, respect and enjoy Stephen Colbert. And now–and it’s no real surprise–Colbert stoops to performing a skit with Spicer, an evil-doer if ever there was one. So, Stephen, if you’re out there, try to walk your talk more and be less of a ratings whore.

Addendum: And Harvard, if you’re out there, WTF? Why not give Charles Manson a fellowshit in abnormal psychology? (“Fellowshit” was a typo, but I liked it…).


I cannot stand the use of the term “elite” to refer to groups of people ever since I somehow became the “elite” by virtue of living on the coast. It’s meaningless and its usage furthers class division, even if you were talking about TV moguls. Absolutely cringe-worthy.


Reflections of many ongoing and repulsively predominant aspects:

Bush Jokes and Laughs at No WMD in Iraq


Why, it’s only natural.

“All life is a blur of Republicans and meat.”


Sorry to learn this about Colbert.


You are absolutely right, Colbert is to blame as he was executive producer of the program. Nothing like pandering to the sick-minded (yeah, funny…ha-ha) sponsors and other producers and promoting the caricatures that formerly occupied the now-sxxt-brown WH. What a farce the whole thing is no matter who is featured. At least Mooch has curb appeal whereas Spicer is just another white-bread prevaricating political sycophant.


I know I shouldn’t admit to this - not without the protection of Colbert’s confessional - but I actually like Spicer to the extent one can “like” someone from TV clips. The hedge scene won me over. Nearly hurt myself. Buster Keaton couldn’t have done finer work. Now think about that a second. What did Spicer end up actually doing?

See I think we all owe him a vote of thanks. For being such a incompetent liar. His heart wasn’t in it. Takes real giblets to just lie on national TV like Trump can without flinching or breaking into a sweat.

The least convincing spokesmodel I’ve ever encountered … really just couldn’t hide the absurdity of his messages and his underlying disbelief. Every time poor hapless Sean opened his mouth he radiated stumbling mendacity. More a stagelight than an actor himself really… shone the light on Trump every time… just the messenger. I was well pleased with his hopelessness… suggested he was a decent fella down deep - at least worthy of a shot at redemption.

Which is what he is doing actually … yer own little prime time Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Sean is being “welcomed back” - given a walk, a suspended sentence - and he is confessing. Quite endearing really that folks can forgive the true penitent in public policy . And he does need forgiveness.

Very interesting thing what is happening with satire in the US - the cities of it anyway. Seems to be developing near sacramental aspects - some secular congregation is forming around late night laugh shows. Trump’s rallies were nothing but religious festivals.

Maybe this is how beliefs get sorted these days - the arena in which serious - deadly serious - commentary comes from the pulpit of improv. The language of these comedians is the polar opposite of Trump - content and purpose.

Most interesting to watch from the deep Australian bush. Now everyone should go off and refresh themselves on Paddy Chayefsky’s “Network” … now there’s prophecy at work.

You are a very interesting country.


They may now embrace the Shrubberies

But the liberal elite never stopped hugging (and kissing the sexual organs of) Obama and Clinton, ignoring the blood that bathed them both.


Colbert is indeed the whore de jour. Not being an American nor ever a TV owner, I was impressed by Colbert’s speech at the White House dinner. Has Colbert changed, or is the game much more complex? If Colbert had really been a threat to the Establishment, then he would have disappeared a long time ago. I recall being annoyed at Colbert’s “interview” with respected scholar Cullen Murphy, who had some superb insights only to be ridiculed by Colbert. The final nail in Colbert’s reputation (for me) was his attacking of Oliver Stone post Putin interviews. Its moments like these, that help you see how the MSM works (or in my case, fails to work). I do understand that the Establishment (MIC?) controls the MSM; what I don’t understand is how.


Actions have consequences, especially when you represent the White House. Spicer is just another in the bottomless pit of right-wing $tooges.


Good questions you raise. My sense is that Spicer was invited because his “comedic” appearance covertly supports Don’s statement that there are “good people on both sides.”
Am very disappointed (and surprised) by Colbert’s complicity as, indeed, his speech before Bush at the Press dinner was brilliant.
As to MSM/Establishment: ABC is owned by Disney, NBC (I believe) by Comcast/Universal and CBS (again, I believe) by Westinghouse. As far back as I can recall, the major networks have been owned/controlled by Republicans.