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If Governments Don't Act, Warns Economist, 'Prolonged Depression Guaranteed'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/19/if-governments-dont-act-warns-economist-prolonged-depression-guaranteed


Or act in the wrong manner, as is currently being done by Orange Anus and company.

If the left doesn’t organize at least as well as the astroturf rightwing groups do, then the biggest opportunity to upend and re-jigger this exploitative system will have been missed.

Wall St is now effectively controlled by the federal government.
Same with fossil fuels, health insurance, and airlines.

So as the rightwing groups can send gun-toting loons to state capitals to whine about opening businesses, we should be organizing marches highlighting the fact that the great titans of capitalism are nothing more than bail out babies who should have been allowed to fail!

Nationalize the banks!
Nationalize the oil industry!
Nationalize healthcare top-to-bottom!
Nationalize airlines!

Nationalize1 Nationalize! Nationalize the bail out babies!


It is not above the trump regime to take advantage of states by intentionally leveraging them, especially blue states.
The machine gets well oiled wheels and gears while pretending that some of it will rub off on the rest of us. It never does.

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What are they saying with the no job no rent signs. Are they looking for free rent, or are they complaining about no jobs.
No job, no nothing as I see it. Unless trump becomes a human being.
Things were bad enough without him botching the pandemic response.


And where is the aid to the people, you know, the real people? Nancy? Chuck? AOC? Anyone?

And then it all went silent… except for… the sound or pints of ice cream being opened in front of $12,000.00 refrigerators and Biden talking to himself… “go vote for someone else” echoed down the hall while “the squad” texted out In-Activist platitudes and meaningless wishes, while Bernie opened thank you cards from all his friends at the DNC.

CD needs to stop portraying the Democrats like they are the good guys. There are none.


I think CD toes the line on partisanship. It is a liberal site to begin with, so why wouldn’t it lean that way. The people commenting are approximately 75% or more anti democratic party as it is. I wish we would leave the good democrats alone to do the impossible job of fending off conservative policy wants.

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It hard to have good Democrats when their policies not much divorced from the Republicans of the 1980s.


If we discourage them all we are left with nothing. Just lay down in the road and let the trump tanks run us over.
We may be able to keep the wolves at bay if we at least pretend to have something going for us.

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Well if they pull down the state and local government debt market that will send the finance sector into the toilet big time.

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So lets see how this is going to play out again. On 1st base are the wealthy and their BIG Corps. They get immediately bailed out and lose NOTHING. Then it appears will be the politically connected with State and local Gov’t jobs. The rest of us can go fukk ourselves . We get to pay for all of the above and lose our jobs in the bargain.


The depression is already here for many. I drove through San Francisco on Sunday and I don’t think the poorest third world country in the world could look any worse. There are thousands upon thousands living on the street. Not only homelessness but large amounts of substance abuse and mental illness. People are and have been broke, homeless and discouraged. It was heartbreaking and almost beyond belief.

There are now apparently 76 billionaires living in San Francisco and it is the home of the all so powerful Nancy Pelosi yet we have these deplorable conditions on these city streets. We are in deep, deep trouble as a nation.


Rescind ALL the tax cuts to the parasitical rich–no one. but no one “earns” a billion dollars. Rather than paying taxes the states are forced to borrow from the same parasites.


Shahid Bhuttar needs to hear from us with donations.


It’s not “we” who hinder the “good Democrats”—i.e. Progressives—it’s the Party Elites, who insist that greed is good.

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This Republican/Democrat division is about as real as the good cop/bad cop division. There ain’t no ‘good cops’ because not a single one of them will tell the public who the bad cops are nor refuse to work with them. Same with the two sides of the corporate party, they KNOW who should have fallen down a well headfirst as a child to save the world much grief, but like cops they will NOT go public with the reasons why, nobody tells the truth, and the wealthy corporate Democrats will ‘make deals’ with the wealthy corporate Republicans and…nothing changes except for the worse. We know this but so many really think that they can vote their way to truth and justice by voting for the OTHER candidate put up and funded by the same Wealthy Class of corporate owners. It’s Kabuki Theatre, folks, and we all know it but we just DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT. This sucks!

Hasn’t anybody been reading the responses to ‘Groping Hands’ Biden by the so-called Dem liberals and Progressives? They are using the SAME damn arguments that the Republicans used to defend ‘Pussy Grabber’ Trump. Excuse me? Al Franken took a walk immediately but you don’t see Biden exiting the stage in favor of the 2nd candidate with the delegates, do you? Bernie is waiting in the wings with the highest delegate count…but The Wealth Class will NOT let the status quo change. Other than a few ‘identity politics’ favors to some groups as publicity stunts, next year will be like this year which is like last year.

Kabuki Theatre.

There aren’t any good Democrats because, if they truly were good people, based on the professed ethics they say they adhere to, they could no more force themselves to support Biden any more than they could ever support Trump. And when you compare the ethics of elitism, corporate whore-ism and banker graft, the war crime lies and treachery, the political favoritism, etc etc etc that are spread throughout Biden’s political record to Trump’s elitism and graft and lies and the fact that he supported Clinton with millions in campaign contributions in the '90…you find the same Class of people. Wealthy and amoral parasites.

This came up on another good site, and it makes sense.


Go read it and then, before you reply here, think about what are the chances that any of that is going to happen? With sociopaths and psychopaths running most of the countries of the world including this one regardless of who ‘wins’ the coming election? Not a chance in hell, so what’s left?

The Republicans do nothing, hinder everything anybody else tries to do, and lets the pandemic fire up into a PANDEMIC like we haven’t seen since the Black Death, declare an emergency and cancel the election, and send troops and cops out to control the population who is starving. Every read the book ‘It can’t happen here?’…


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Wall St just cleaned out the US treasury. The US Banksters got away with it in 2008, now 2020 why not go for broke. The bond and commodity markets were collapsing even before the Coronavirus. The coronavirus just allowed for the biggest bank heist in history, $15-20 trillion dollars, little oversight in the four bailouts. Now there isn’t money for local governments, Main St, small businesses and individuals in the “5th bailout”. A systemic failure on an epic scale. There is actually plenty of money and a 90% top rate and Wall St Sales Tax would solve the problem.


The republicans are much worse than what you stated. They got rid of the pandemic response team then cry like little fucking tommy lauren’s about how “Obama fucked us”. They cry about golfing trips and then outspend golfing trips 4 to 1. The only reason people take them seriously is because how shitty Biden, Clinton and Pelosi are. They fucking cry about spending and rack up trillion dollar deficits, they cry about the economy then fucking crash it twice in ten years all while blaming obama or immigrants. They cry about taxes then lower Jeff Bezos’ while secretly implanting provisions to raise yours in 2024 which they will then blame obama for.

Republicans are like a fresh pile of shit. Democrats are like a pile of shit that’s been in the sun for a few days. It wont smash into every tread you have like the fresh stuff but its still shit and you cant even put it in your garden because its stale as fuck.

Rather than facing this crisis of a depression and regardless of your stance on President Obama’s legacy, Trump reveals that one of his motivations has been racist hatred against Obama and his need to undo all things Obama, rather than address his homicidal tendency to get us all infected he continues to deflect blame


Trump’s snub over Obama portrait is part of a plan

There appears to be virtually no chance that President Donald Trump, facing a rocky road to re-election, will extend to his predecessor, President Barack Obama, the traditional courtesy of a formal ceremony at the White House to unveil Obama’s official portrait.

Any likelihood of that – however slim to begin with – has seemingly vanished with Trump’s ebbing political fortunes. If this President were presiding over a thriving economy and a contented population, and riding high in the polls, there might have been a chance that he would be magnanimous, and proffered the friendly, time-honored gesture to his predecessor.

But Trump is on the ropes, suffering one political body blow after another. And his political instinct, when cornered, is to fall back on what worked so well in 2016: disruption, distraction and division. What is different this time is that Americans battling the Covid-19 pandemic have all the disruption we can handle. Nobody’s looking for a President to turn Washington upside down.

Trump’s usual parlor tricks – picking fights with celebrities, assigning childish nicknames to political opponents – have gone stale at a time when millions are looking for work and are worried about the health threat to their families.

That leaves Trump with his most basic move: racial division. In 2015, he descended the escalator at Trump Tower and referred to Mexican immigrants as “rapists” (“and some, I assume, are good people,” he said). He seemed to revel in religious bigotry during that same year, demanding “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”.

From The Intercept: