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If Humanity Does Not Turn Back from Climate Abyss, Says Pope, 'We Will Go Down'


If Humanity Does Not Turn Back from Climate Abyss, Says Pope, 'We Will Go Down'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"You can see the effects of climate change and scientists have clearly said what path we have to follow."


and the Catholic Church is a still a major obstacle to controlling population growth …


With credit to the Pope, I note that even with his environmental encyclical, the CEO’s aren’t paying attention to him.
Good thing for Americans that our currency is imprinted with “In God We Trust.”


Thank you Pope Francis. All that’s missing is the connection between global warming and overpopulation.

Direct Grassroots E-Democracy


Which I’m sure is made by the oil companies.


And overpopulation will be solved by the ravages of Global Warming…


through Ethereum


It is precisely because of brainwashing institutions like the church that we find ourselves in the horrible predicament we are in.

When I recently told a church-washed colleague that the mere presence of glysophate (the monsanto weed killer) can produce detectable disturbance in human gene structure, his response was “Yeah. My dick will get bigger.”

I wanted to tell him - NO, Your children will grown bones out of their eye sockets.

But why bother.
We have the pope.
No one is going to listen to logic or reason when you are bred to listen to Mr. top hat.

Decades of Chemical Engineering experimentation, of bringing in new molecular structures to the world so as enable a new product, Just so that a couple of clowns can wear top hats.

At no point in the pontifaction did a believer question - hey what are the consequences of this? Where was the church when these weapons of mass destruction were manufactured for genocide in China and peddled through wall mart?

Fuck the pointy top hat wearing powerful, and this thoughtless existence that they have popularized…


There are still farmers, hiring field hands in need of work, and spraying this stuff without the necessary protective gear. They’re also still doing other hazardous things to the hired help, with impunity pretty much. It’s not that they’re unaware, either.
I got these guys to go and get proper gloves, masks, etc. ( X farm/kid- hand ).
It just shows banning these things is the only responsible course of action. Nothing else seems to get through to these characters.


“If someone is doubtful that this is true, they should ask scientists”

Sure, the denier crowd is really going to believe what scientists say. Doesn’t the pope know that the deniers think the scientists have a liberal agenda and are making their results look like warming is occurring to scare people and get more grants. To the deniers the scientists are elites who cannot be trusted. Rather they turn to people like Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh for accurate information.


Population growth (which is peaking and will soon stabilize) is not what is producing GHG’s, rich privileged people at the apex of the capitalist system are.


God bless this pope.

Despite the pettiness and comparative ignorance of some who post (or rather merely vent and rant) on CD and who cannot respect or acknowledge the great good that is being offered by this pope’s stand on social justice and climate change, most environmentalists and people of good will are grateful that he is a mostimportant ally. Some people cannot give credit where credit is due and moreover who go around talking as if they are themselves equally of international importance and influence as is this pope.

God bless this pope who has brought such good news to his church and who has set an intellectual and humane example in this world. That there are those who cannot give credit to such a man is a sign of the dumbing down of our culture that is exploited by the right.

It brings me great joy to see that this pope has set an example for world leaders that embraces science and truth as well as tolerance. He opens the psychological perception of the church as an institution to the present (social justice) and the future (climate change)! A welcome reform long awaited.

This pope has been a blessing for hundreds of millions of people around the world by his example and his message.

Some people should give credit where credit is due!


It takes a special kind of person to claim leadership in today’s contorted reality.

Define God,

with love,
Some People.


Where were you by the way? What has this pope to do with Walmart or your screed about chemical engineering except to stand on the side of the peasants!


I am, by choice, nowhere, and especially not a leader.
I am dealing with a court system that has effectively taken my daughter from me, and kept her in a concentration camp that is her mothers; home.
i am struggling to pay rent and keep a job.

As a teenager I was violently attacked for making a simple logical conclusion which went against the moneyed interests, in high school.

I have been silent since .

I have joined several organisations which I think may change matters.

The European Union announced that they may use Ethereum for their regulatory transactions.

I believe I have a device based on Ethereum that can go further.

Thanks for your questions.
We need every voice we can get to turn the tide - so despite his gilded residence, I do not mind the mad hatter being on our side now.

But let us not delude ourselves about history and the ongoing madness directly caused by dogma.


What do you have to say to that, Donald Trump?


The Human Condition is the biggest major obstacle to population growth.


The pope is way off base!
My god works with his holy people, the pirates to control global warming. We can even prove it.
What has his god done, lately?


and yet, you must still “hate the sin”


Too bad it won’t start by getting rid of the 1%.