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If I Can't Dance: Women Unite


If I Can't Dance: Women Unite

Following Susan B. Anthony's tenet to "organize, agitate, educate," we honor International Women's Day with vital, still-appalling numbers on sexual violence, wage gaps, lack of political power et al. And to offset them, a rich tableau of women fighting back. Emma Goldman famously insisted on equity with "If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution." See us dance in Turkey, India, Palestine, Afghanistan, almost everywhere.


Thank you, C.D. for publishing this, and the other articles speaking to International Women's Day.

As is typical of this forum (given that too many posters demonstrate not just closet misogyny), very few comments show up following any of these articles.

To quite a few posters, there's a strained interest in making life's events and conditions gender-neutral. As if.