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If I Die In A School Shooting: These Are America's Children


If I Die In A School Shooting: These Are America's Children

Some uncommon responses to Santa Fe aka another goddamn massacre in the only country that has them. Houston's police chief "hit rock bottom" and called for action, a National Die-In is set for the June 12th anniversary of the Pulse shooting, and kids have started the fierce and tragic #IfIdieInASchoolShooting: "Put my body in the parking lot of the NRA...Graduate/buy a car/live...Politicize the fuck out of my death....Do not cry but sing, sing songs of liberty."


Yuppers… late stage disease known as empire takes its cue from old Beatles tune… the tax man. The lyrics seems to have changed from ‘tax’ to out and out ‘take’ … now more in the vein of ‘being on the take’ thanks to the squalid sepsis of Citizens United and the haze of pollution called ALEC.
The poisoned system which was designed to eat the margins - you know all those things you’re trained by advertising to hate, dismiss and ‘kill’ while you hand over your pound of flesh for the rest of the advertised pitch to magically be made into something the domination system can use… you know, “make yourself “useful””.
Now the subliminal message of militarization is twisting the decades of billions spent on teaching kids to kill via video games and “be all that you can be” (parse that phrase in its possible aberrations!!!)
One of those being, when your parents get mad at the system, go kill anyone you don’t like or fails to confirm the narcissistic patterning trickling down through the entire hierarchy of the system.

Enforce the laws against “white collar crime” lizard brain narcissism that is turning the continent into a full fledged slaughter house.

Love your local community and embrace its diversity in all its strength.


“God damn the pusher man”; i.e. the NRA!



Unless the U.S. immediately moves toward the banning of hand guns and semi-automatic and automatic weapons AND the buy-back/confiscation of such weapons (which number in the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS) AND de-militarize the police at all levels, the slaughters will continue and the words/tears/prayers will mean less than nothing.


It took kids in the street, albeit kids a few years older than these, to scare the shit out of Nixon as he cowered in the White House. That was the beginning of the end of the Vietnam War. These kids being shot up in our schools are now pissed. As soon as they discover that kids just like them are being slaughtered around the world, too, by US guns and bombs, the proverbial feces is going to hit the fan and fly in the faces of the politicians who are doing nothing to stop the slaughter; here in our schools, or overseas. In fact these corrupt officials are in bed with the NRA and with the MIC. Let’s help these brave youth turn that sleep into a nightmare!