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If Inequality Continues to Grow at Current Rate, Richest Americans Will Own 100% of US Wealth in 33 Years: Analysis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/05/if-inequality-continues-grow-current-rate-richest-americans-will-own-100-us-wealth

It’s time to bring the French Revolution home to America.

Begin construction on the Guillotines.


…and thus the breeding ground for domestic terrorism was plowed, inequity is one of the main driving forces for a violent and unstable citizenry, what is top-heavy falls over…


But just think of how cool your cell phones will be!!

On the rioting in US streets 2038…as stated by Bezos Antoinette

“Give them new cell phones!”


I’m not too sure I would want to be a 0.001%er or for that matter anyone in the top 90% in the not too distant future. After all, even the smallest small town has enough lampposts in it to instantly undo all this inequality.

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“Sooner or later, they’ll get it all from you. Cause they own this f***ing place.”
George Carlin - The American Dream - 2004


People are too afraid they just want the three S’s .
Well we are long past that ,we are being violated by a violent economy that serves only the few .
Wake up people ,we have all the power you just don’t want it …YET !
Get behind Marriana Williamson and her message .

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Gosh what’s the politically correct thing for me to say? “Oh, just think about all those jobs that we’ll have because the rich got richer?” If anyone is confused by my use of the term “politically correct”, my belief is that political correctness is a thing right wingers do. OTOH, speaking truthfully, accurately and respectfully its what got mislabeled as politically correct. Truth and respect has nothing to do with political populism. What rump labels as fake news is really any news or messages that he doesn’t approve of. If you don’t want labelling your news as fake news, then it must pass as politically correct for him. Do you understand now? The right wingers are the true party of political correctness and they should be nailed for it. They don’t care about reality or respect.


This is hardly news. This headline is precisely what we CD posters who have been tracking the evolution of US culture and economy to its logical conclusion…NEOFEUDALISM have been writing for more than a decade…ever since the best Congress money can buy put US taxpayers on the hook for 20 something trillion dollars to bail out the too-big-to-fail banks following the 2008 crash that those banks caused.

Back in 2004 Warren Buffett reminded us that “there is a class war and my class is winning”, shortly after Illinois Senator Dick Durbin reminded us the “Wall Street owns the place” (DC).

By 2020 the GOP will have stacked the courts to the extent that it won’t matter what Congress legislates, the 1% will be assured that any legislation they don’t like will be overturned by fascist judges.


Talk about alarmist. This writer is extrapolating from a very short baseline – 3 years. As a statistician, I’m aware that longer baselines generally provide more reliable predictions. From the inequality.org website we see in their 5th graph that the bottom 90% owned 31.8% of the wealth in 1983. By 2016, that had dropped to 21.2%, a drop of exactly 1/3 in 33 years. So, based on this trend, the bottom 90% will need a full 66 years to drop the remaining 2/3rds of the way to 0 wealth. And by then, everyone will be under water anyway, so not to worry!

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“Alarmist” ?

Seeing how I am unlikely to be alive 33 years from now, 33 or 66 would be bad enough, however, based on the exponential growth of fascism during the past four decades combined with the GOP stacking the courts to the extent that fascist judges having lifetime appointments will be the defacto legislators after 2020, the author’s 2052 forecast being based on inequality growth proceeding at the same pace it has is flawed in the other direction. 2040 is a more likely date for the 1%'s neofeudal dream to come true.

The 1% will have a huge celebration in 2046 to celebrate their hero Trump’s 100th for accelerating neofeudalism.

Billionaires…sociopaths every single one of them.


And if there is anyone left by then will they be living like this:

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“Expropriate the expropriators!”

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All bow to Preston Bezos.

‘Behind every great fortune there is a great crime.’ (Balzac)


Well at some point it comes to this

Boycott Amazon, Whole Foods, WAPO. That’s a start.


Let them get rich! Our species will soon be extinct, so what good will their money do them?


A Bezos owned Company just got a massive Contract from the US Government. Watch for the Washington Post to call for more wars against “The enemies of Freedom”.