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If Inequality Continues to Grow at Current Rate, Richest Americans Will Own 100% of US Wealth in 33 Years: Analysis

This - a thousand times. Cornel West gets it and has been talking about ‘class warfare’ being the prime motivator of racism and crime. Even Yang sent out a tweet basically declaring that an ‘income dividend’ of $1,000 a month would reduce gun violence by 99.9% and claimed he has the math to back it up. I agree.


Certainly boycott Amazon, but consider why. Jeff Bezos doesn’t need self-driving car tech to continue bankrupting local small businesses. Amazon undercuts their meager profit margin with home delivery that increases fossil fuel consumption, traffic, car dependency and manufacturing outsourced to wage-slave nations. Whole Foods caters to clientele who foolishly believe self-driving car tech is inevitable because they saw it on YouTube. It’s simpler to predict that Amazon’s faulty business model will collapse sooner than when the rich can possibly own everything.

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Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income UBI initiative is based on autonomous vehicles soon eliminating occupations driving cars, trucks and buses. Completely “driverless” self-driving car tech is a fraudulent ruse meant to distract public attention from actual solutions to problems related to car dependency and traffic. This foolish assumption about self-driving car tech is embedded within current GND proposals that are likewise faulty in favoring all-battery BEVs and inexcusable disregard for plug-in hybrid PHEV advantages. To wean modern society off fossil fuel dependency, we must learn to use fuel/energy more sparingly. Only PHEVs can do that. Fuel Cell EVs have the least potential.

Yeah and all those trees for their cardboard packaging.
Carbon tax them big time…

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this has been going on for years. I’ve worked with full time workers living in cars since the early aughts.

What makes it worse is finding a safe place to sleep in them without getting attack by either thieves or cops.

Third world hellhole.


1k a month would be near useless in most places. CoL much higher in too many spots.

As a supplemental, it might help. But as a subsistence income, not even close.


The Rich Bastards want their Slaves Back.

“The rich bastards want their slaves back” ?

Owning slaves requires that you spend money purchasing them, feeding them, housing them, etc. so they probably don’t want that business model.

The “rich bastards” ARE working toward a neofeudal paradise wherein the 99% are desperate, expendable serfs who work for little compensation and are always in debt to the company store and are cast aside like a candy wrapper as soon as they can’t work any more.


Maybe, when the sheeple are eating grass and living in the streets, the awareness of govt corruption may sink in.

That’s OK, if we don’t drastically change as a species, we don’t have 53 years left, rich or not.

Thank you, some claim Yang’s 1000 bucks wouldn’t do a thing. It would almost double my Social Security.

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I assume you mean 33 years but yes I agree. Hell I doubt we will make to 2033.

Also, we have a massive overpopulation problem that, regardless of how careful we are with the use of energy, we as a global society will continue to consume more!
I say, start talking about the overpopulation problem so that people will consciously choose to limit their “reproduction” so that the planet can get back to sustainable level.

To all the rich right wing ass holes, and especially to the dirt poor right wing dumbfucks, you don’t have to worry about us being Venezuela we already are.

The recent Walmart Shooter Manifesto included several passages on “overpopulation” to justify his planned massacre. The shooter sites the Christchurch Manifesto shooter who likewise blamed overpopulation and population growth rates between people of color and Caucasian. Overpopulation argument leads to extreme racist reaction and tragedy. Personally, I devote my effort to addressing the abuse of inanimate technology, particularly in transport, energy and land-use development patterns that create a market dependency that is exploited by the ruling class. “Let them drive Volkswagens.”