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If It Hadn’t Been for Those Meddling Climate Kids


If It Hadn’t Been for Those Meddling Climate Kids

Stephen Miller

In 1962, Diane Arbus took a photo of a lanky young boy in Central Park holding a hand grenade. He stands before the camera, a deranged look on his face, his free hand contorted into a menacing claw. It’s an iconic image that captured the generational tension around the Vietnam War and, according to songwriter of that time Graham Nash, one that questions the lessons we teach our children.


Thank You. Take the chance,
record this devise, ours, all our own,
generations' best advise to our elders:
(fill in blank here.......................)


So what are you arguing for deck-hand? That there is no public trust, that youth have no interest in preserving a habitable world?

God bless the child... that CARES for this marvel of a living planet!


My gratitude to these young people for doing such great work for the planet.
They still have hope and youthful vitality, much needed in today's times. They will be on the front line of climate change.


?????????? What are you saying?


How would you know this?... Many young people have BEGUN some amazing things... in many areas... Just because they may have taken legal advise/expertise from some adults, doesn't delegitimize their work/efforts, right?..


Deckhughes, Lets set the record straight. You do not know Eugene, OR, or kids at all. One middle school, and two high schools operate KRVM broadcast studios in there schools, in Eugene, OR. Those kids you put down are broadcasting over the air regular during the school year, and they are very good. Stream KRVM during the school year, and find out for yourself. These kids in Eugene, and kids all over the world are super aware, and they don't need adults to tell them whats going down, because they already know. P.S. Braille for the blind, was created by a kid Louis Braille, check it out.


So it's a Children's Crusade and they "don't need adults" to tell them anything? Unfortunately, there's more to addressing climate change and all the rest of the multiple environmental catastrophes that are happening with greater frequency and intensity over the whole globe than bring aware of it. It's good that they are so aware, but what can they actually do about it?

Now that they know "what's going down," the next task for them might be to learn how to communicate with adults to see if there are find ways for young and old to work together. That's a much thornier problem than talking among themselves. They would have to figure out ways to overcome the longstanding reluctance that many of us grownups have, and is deeply embedded in us, for believing that children might know whatof they speak, and to get in through our thick adult skulls that the "experience" we think so highly of that makes it seem right, proper and downright normal for adults to be condescending might just be irrelevant to current conditions. Their challenge and ours is to see if there are ways to bridge the "age gap." They might be able to help us with the rest of the gaps that need bridging.

It would be great that they are becoming so aware if there was time for them to come of age and take over running things. I personally don't think there is, and I hope I'm radically wrong about that. But recent weather events among other war type stuff going on would seem to indicate otherwise.

But I suspect that some of the "senseless" violent acts that some destabilized young people have done recently might be an inchoate way of screaming for war babies, baby boomers, generation Xers, millennials, and inbetweeners to answer: "What have you done to us?! You've killed our future and you won't listen to us so we can work and figure out together what we might possibly be able to do!"