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If It Were Up To Me


If It Were Up To Me

More mass bloodshed. More armed-to-the-teeth white madmen. More hollow, heinous thoughts and prayers from pols who took millions in blood money and voted against ending it. More tone-deaf blather - "warmest condolences" WTF? - from a guy who got more than all the rest. More appalling numbers: America in 2017 has seen 273 mass shootings. Years ago, Cheryl Wheeler got it right: Take away the guns.


Thank you Abby and other staff here at Commondreams where sanity reins supreme. It really is very odd that we cannot see past our borders and see that other countries do things that work and then do them. Economic, healthcare and gun models that work, that save lives and provide comfort to all. The corruption is astounding and shameful. I write to my rep.'s in Congress and ask for replies and then hear crickets. Sad.


We Need Change on So Many Fronts.

I swear, if this orange haired neanderthal doesn’t force Intellect to Rise Up in Disgust and Change Course, then I think it will be a long long" winter of our discontent."

If not Now, When.

If not for This Recycling Tragedy, then for What do We Stand.

The Light Inside, must be Carried by Each Among Us.

It is becoming Crystal Clear, No Evasions Anymore, Each must Determine, What is My Responsibility,
What Can I Do to Help.


Declare the NRA a terrorist organization, seize their assets, and jail their leaders will be a good start. Otherwise we are nothing but what we call Iran “A state sponsor of terrorism”


Um, yeah . . . fact check about those ‘white madmen’ . . .

Here’s a look at the deadliest mass shootings in the US over the last two decades:

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas (2017): At least 58 killed

Shooter Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd of concert-goers at a country music festival at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, killing more than 58 people and injuring 500 others.
Pulse nightclub (2016): 49 killed

A heavily armed gunman killed 49 people inside a gay nightclub in the city of Orlando on June 12, 2016.
The attacker, US citizen Omar Mateen, was killed in a gun battle with police. He had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group, which later claimed responsibility for the attack.
Virginia Tech (2007): 32 killed

A 23-year-old student, South Korean national Seung-Hui Cho, went on a rampage at Virginia Tech University in April 2007, killing 27 students and five teachers before committing suicide.
Sandy Hook (2012): 26 killed

A 20-year-old American citizen, Adam Lanza, killed his mother in December 2012 before shooting and killing 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. He later committed suicide.
Texas restaurant (1991): 22 killed

In October 1991, 35-year-old George Hennard, a US citizen, shot dead 22 people in a restaurant in the town of Killeen before shooting himself.
San Bernardino (2015): 14 killed

A newlywed couple - US citizen Rizwan Farook and his Pakistani wife Tashfeen Malik, who was a permanent resident - stormed an office party at a social services centre in San Bernardino, California in December 2015, killing 14 people and injuring 22 others. The couple was shot dead by police.
Fort Hood military base (2009): 13 killed

In November 2009, US Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan opened fire at his military base in Killeen, killing 13 people and injuring 42 others.

New York immigrant centre: 13 killed

A Vietnamese immigrant, Jiverly Antares Wong, shot and killed 13 people at a civic centre in the city of Binghamton in April 2009, before killing himself.
Navy Yard headquarters (2013): 12 killed

Former serviceman Aaron Alexis, a US citizen, shot randomly at workers at the Washington Navy Yard headquarters in September 2013, killing 12 people before he was shot dead by police.
Aurora, Colorado (2012): 12 killed

James Holmes, a US citizen born in California, wearing body armour stormed a cinema showing a late-night premiere of a Batman film in Aurora, Colorado in July 2012, opening fire and releasing tear gas. Twelve people were killed and 70 others wounded. Holmes was sentenced to life in prison.
Columbine High (1999): 13 killed

Two American teenage boys - Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold - shot and killed 12 classmates and a teacher, before killing themselves at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, in April 1999.

You’ll find they are not all ‘white’.



"Warmest condolences?"

Who says such a thing?

Someone without the capability to feel genuine, heartfelt empathy. Someone who cobbles together the artifice of a response, because responding is what he was told is the right thing to do. Not because it comes naturally to him, because, you know, it’s about others and not him.


I do agree that the gun laws have to become much more stringent, but I also believe medical insurance/care needs to improve just as much, as way too many of these shooters needed psychiatric care. There has to be a way to seal some of these cracks when it comes to mentally ill people NOT getting medical help, but finding it way too easy to get guns. Instead, our elected terrorists are bending over backward to give corporations, banks and the 1% whatever they want.