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"If It's on the Ground, Why Shoot?" Outrage After LA County Sheriff's Deputies Kill Man Who Allegedly Dropped Gun

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/01/if-its-ground-why-shoot-outrage-after-la-county-sheriffs-deputies-kill-man-who

when does it stop? too loose with guns,me thinks they just enjoy killing,makes them feel manly or something


Either everyone carries a gun or nobody does. Getting murdered by police for walking into a store (Lafayette), getting into your car (Kenosha), passing a fake $20 bill (Minneapolis), selling cigarettes (NYC).
Since when are these crimes punishable by death? Since when are we not allowed our day in court?


These are cowards. So afraid of someone having or using a weapon that they kill people before thinking. Fire them all. They are not worthy of policing our communities.


I think everybody should suggest a solution that would change things. The present situation is beyond intolerable.
MY SUGGESTION: Every time there is such a murder by the police the national sports league players associations should meet and agree to shut down ALL SPORTS for a time. I suggest ONE WEEK.
That would get the attention of millions and millions, and all united, one way or another, until the shooter was arrested and charged, and appeared in court, and was denied bail, or not. That would get every rich team owner phoning his Congresspersons, and it would upset Faux TV,
and all the other broadcasters and all the people and it would have every police Chief and Captain lining up their police every day to tell them not to murder anybody today.
What is your better idea. There must be a better idea.
It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness/


I think you’ve hit upon a brilliant plan. In sports, color doesn’t matter, and so those who engage in sports (particularly ‘team’ sports, those that draw the biggest TV audiences) the players are much more likely to band together to protect a team member. AND, pro sports stars have leverage (despite Koppernick). The key is to ask them to band together to protect their teammates, and I don’t think that’s a very tough sell.