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If Jeff Sessions Will Not Recuse or Resign, He Should Be Impeached


If Jeff Sessions Will Not Recuse or Resign, He Should Be Impeached

John Nichols

Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States announces that: “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”


My question is >>> What happens if Sessions does not recuse or resign? With each passing day and each new appointment in this 'government by billionaires' , it seems like Trump rules by decree and with an extra helping of impunity!

What ever happened to the idea of representational government? It feels like the corporate mafia has moved in and the people are soon to be the victims once the big boys set things up the way they want them.


We know from Watergate that Nixon and everyone in his inner circle except for John Dean stonewalled it. If it hadn't been for the tapes they might have gotten away with the cover up. So it appears all of those associated with Trump are standing firm. It is likely that the security agencies have the goods on Trump but nobody outside of these agencies knows what they have. It certainly seems that there is a Russian collusion thing and it is starting to unravel. This administration has only been in office for a month and it is already in deep trouble. This is usually the honeymoon period. But of course things are not normal.


Let's back up to the Obama Administration and the question of spying, or was it torture by the NSA (or one other, now too numerous 3 letter agencies to recall them all). The head of that agency testifying before the Senate Committee lied under oath to the committee. What happened as a result of that lie under oath. Nada, zilch is what happened. This lying under oath has seemingly become accepted practice; unfortunately the public is the only loser and that "wondrous flag" continues to fly over a capitol which represents a beacon of freedom to the world (or is that our statue of liberty). The ship is sinking fast.


Here is that which I was referring:


Washington, D.C. — Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder requesting that the Department of Justice (DOJ) investigate Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper, Jr. for lying to Congress. Contrary to what Director Clapper told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the National Security Agency (NSA) does, in fact, collect data on Americans, as documents disclosed by former NSA contractor Edward J. Snowden demonstrate."


Hey, it's really simple guys--little Jeffie Sessions, the bat-eared munchkin of racistland just forgot which hat he was wearing when he talked to certain Russkies!--Was it the Senate Committee hat, or the Trump Campaign hat (we all know what that looks like--cue video!)--If for no other reason, a grown man who can't remember which hat he's wearing should not be entrusted with a great big old department of justice!


So, are you actually using this as an excuse for Sessions outright lying about his contact with an ambassador from a country that we are not allies with? Two wrongs don't make a right and to suggest that is just stupid. As an Independent and an American, this is TREASON and with multiple members of Trump's inner circle in contact with Russia, it has HUGE implications. As an AMERICAN, you should want to know what the truth is, regardless of party. That is what patriots do, put their country before party.


Notwistalemon's comments are typical of a number of commenters here. You should have seen the comments a few months ago attacking the authors of any article that discussed how awful a president Trump would be. Even the most mild criticism of Trump would trigger torrents of accusations of being "just a shill for Hillary". And good god, when Noam Chomsky and some others on the left suggested limited, contested-states strategic voting for Clinton to prevent a Trump presidency, the torrents of hate and vitriol against this towering intellect on the left could only be likened to the murder of "Piggy" for being the only voice of rationality in "The Lord of the Flies".


Lying to the people's representatives is lying to the American people, when does this crap reach the level of treason?


Conservatives love torture - just take Jeff to Gitmo and water board him until we get the truth


Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998 for "lying under oath," and remained in office to finish out his term in 2001.


US officials don't only communicate with allies. Hillary Clinton has communicated with Russian officials as well, especially in her role as Sec. of State. This is how governments function. My gosh, how would today's generation react to Richard Nixon's detente with the old Soviet Union, AND actually visiting China?

The issue is that Sessions lied under oath about communicating with some Russian dignitary (this story is still changing). The mystery is why he chose to lie about it.


May I suggest, for the sake of your sanity, that you visit the moon of Alabama website and read the post on this subject.
Sessions maybe a creep but nothing he did is either illegal, unconstitutional or a contradiction of the questions that he was asked during confirmation. Not, that is unless anyone has any evidence that he discussed the election with the Ambassador.
This entire story of Russian interference in the Presidential election is nonsense: there is not one shred of real evidence to support the charges being flung around, essentially by warmongers desperate to keep up the pressure on Russia.
The wonder is that Russia did not interfere in the election, most countries do- Saudi Arabia and Israel, for example, have invested millions in election funds, propaganda and lobbying. And nobody does anything more than count the money and spend it.
Then there is the astounding fact that the US government makes no pretences about the enormous efforts it puts into Russian election campaigns, not to mention the use of the Embassy in Moscow to host conferences of anti-government groups, the National Endowment for Democracy, the Republican Institute (all funded by Congress). Then there is the $5 billion that the US government spent to carry out the couo in Kiev... the list goes on.
Finally consider this: the only substantial allegation (and it is nothing more) is that Russia somehow assisted in the publication of the Wikileaks of emails which showed how corrupt, criminal and unprincipled not only the DNC but their tools in the media (impersonating reporters) were in their effort to prevent Sanders from winning the primaries. In other words had Russia been involved she would deserve all pour thanks for assisting Wikileaks in uncovering a criminal conspiracy.


Assuming he did lie and did not simply forget about the meetings one would assume it had something to do with the substance of the meetings. There doesn't appear to be any reason for him to have had a meeting except to discuss something to do with Trump's campaign. While many senators meet with Russian officials this is not a common practice for someone on the Senate Armed Services Committee. What would they possibly discuss with an adversary? More likely his lie is part of the cover up. Flynn also denied talking to the Russians, and didn't even tell Pence.


Really? That is not what 17 US security agencies are saying. Do you think the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc, would lie about reaching the conclusion that Russia interfered with election? I would say the chances are 99 out of 100 that they have the evidence to back up their conclusion. These agencies are not going to jeopardize their reputations by making false claims about this. Ultimately, their reputation for providing accurate information is their main asset. Russia is an adversary and everyone knows that, except perhaps Trump and his followers. These agencies don't need to claim Russia interfered with election to create any additional pressure. Their motive is to determine the truth as best they can which is basically what they are hired to do.


Trump has stated that he has done no business with the Russians?????yet it has been reported that Trump paid 40 million for a house in Florida---then two years latter he sold the house to a Russian billionaire close to Putin----for 100 million-------60 million profit------what would you do for 60 million???

This deal was done with the help of Wilber Ross----Ross it has been reported funnels Russian money thru a Cyprus bank----Wilber Ross was just made the Commerce Sec????????????


Or is this just how the rich operate and the common people shouldn't really care about it??????


The "agencies" ro which you refer are controlled-and have been through most of their existence-by warmongers financed by the Military Industrial Complex- they falsify what you call intelligence according to the needs of their patrons.
The only thing that has not been 'leaked' by these agencies is any real evidence- we have had leak after leak of rubbish and rumour purporting to be evidence but nothing of any substance. And there is no reason why evidence should not be publicised, given that the CIA etc-whose partisanship during the election was on display for all- have made no efforts to protect the 'sources' of their bogus and treacherous work for that complex of greedy, cynical capitalists against which Ike warned you.
It is a diisgrace that Nichols has given up all pretence of serious analysis and shown himself to be another flack in the pay of the scoundrels who have been picking the working people's pockets for seventy years.


I used to consider myself a progressive and visit this site a lot. I guess I don't qualify anymore, since I'm totally disgusted by the witch hunt that I see coming mainly from the so-called "liberal, progressive" community regarding this alleged plot that Russia somehow influenced the results of the election and that Trump and/or his appointees are somehow in cahoots with Moscow. It reeks of the bad old days of Joe McCarthy. It is obvious that is all about making it impossible for President Trump to improve relations so Russia, so that we can together reduce the risk nuclear holocaust, find solutions to our common problems, and stand-down from the confrontational approach of the previous administration. I fully expect to be accused by this community of being a Russian troll and worse. I've heard it all before and I don't care. It all serves to prove my point that the so-called progressive Democratic party followers are far too easily led by the nose into crazy conspiracy theories that ultimately damage our national security and our ability to address the real problems the world faces.

With regard to Jeff Sessions, I believe him to be an outstanding jurist who is an excellent choice to root out the rampant corruption in our government. The questions posed to him were about his contacts with Russian officials that pertained to the campaign, not those that had to do with his official duties on the Senate Armed Forces Committee. Consequently, he did not lie. One of the "meetings" with the Russian ambassador was in a social setting with many other people around. The other meeting was in his office with other Americans in the room. Nothing sounds remotely nefarious to any thinking, rational person. Come on, so-called progressive community -- think!


Right. Not a good sign.