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If Joe Biden Rejects His Progressive Base, Trump Will Win

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/20/if-joe-biden-rejects-his-progressive-base-trump-will-win


I totally agree. But have they learned anything? Or, rather, can they change? If it’s true what Gore Vidal said (and I believe it is)—that America has one party with two right wings—I’m not at all hopeful.


Geezus, Biden’s handlers can’t be that stupid or can they???


"If Joe Biden ignores, demoralizes or actively alienates his progressive base, he could pave the way for another Donald Trump victory, in what public intellectual Noam Chomsky has called “the most crucial election in human history.”

True. But even if he wanted, how much saying does Joey really have? Judging by the way the democratic campaign was maneuvered, it seems that he is just the face of background forces.


Yes they can and are. They will say a bunch nice things we want to hear but then throw us under the wheels of the bus if they win


I’ll consider standing with Joe if he gets off of my feet…


If Biden wins, I fully expect him to reject the progressive base of the party, which the headline mistakenly describes as “his.” Has he not stated that he will veto a Medicare for All bill if it shows up on his desk? He owes his allegiance to the timid centrists who resurrected his campaign, taking it off life support so he could miraculously emerge as the frontrunner.


Dear Amy people want normalcy not a left wing wokiness. More and more you represent the latter. Stop criticizing Biden as you enable Trump.

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Biden’s not going to reject his progressive base. He’s not going to lead them, either. More likely, he will be led by them. In any case, it’s up to Democrats in Congress to send him progressive legislation. I guarantee he will sign anything they can get through both houses. Biden won’t be the obstacle. But there are lots of folks in Congress, particularly the Senate who could be.


He is running hard right thinking, just like Hillary, he will win Trump voters. The progressives are already leaving.


A colleague with whom I moved furniture for a few years used to shake his head and say, “We’re in our last days.” Where can we be when such good reporters get invited so late to the party?

  • Joe Biden rejected any “left-leaning” base decades ago. That’s why they hired him to watch that smart new kid, Barack.
  • The vote count suggests an ideological divide, alright. One ideology counted the votes, albeit by digital proxy; the other did not.
  • AOC called out her support for Biden immediately after, thereby violating every principle she offered in her speech supporting Sanders.
  • When it comes to spurning voters, political parties have no try, only do. If a political party attempts to spurn you, consider yourself pre-spurned. In 2020, it’s all over but the “No, Mommy and Daddy really love me, in their own ways.”

In this sense, being “spurned” does not mean being left out or cold-shouldered by a potential lover. It means that people working actively against your hopes and dreams have taken over what you may once thought of as your party. Chomsky may be correct that the election is the most important in history, but I sure hope not: it’s already over. The bad guys won, and they will coronate one or another of their henchmen.

Batten down the hatches, mates; we are headed into new waters.


The need to protect/save our environment; have Medicare-for-All; and encourage and respect all those who denounce racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and antisemitism, is not left-wing wonkiness. When Amy says, “If Joe Biden ignores, demoralizes or actively alienates his progressive base, he could pave the way for another Donald Trump victory,…”, she is simply speaking the truth and Biden needs to recognize that.


Look “normalcy” is corporate control of the world, the normal is what got us here!


Amy, it’s already a done deal.

Biden, Pelosi, and the DNC offer nothing but middle fingers and the maddening refrain of “we’re not trump.”


If Joe Biden ignores, demoralizes or actively alienates his progressive base, he could pave the way for another Donald Trump victory

Here, I fixed Amy’s closing statement: Being that Joe Biden ignores, demoralizes and actively alienates his progressive base, he paves the way for another Donald Trump victory.


Much better summation then Amy provided.


Hi IuIemaIi:
There might have been someone to vote for—but as the dems are already erasing the work of Bernie and of the Squad—I have a feeing of doom. PIus so many Americans beIieve that as taxpayers the People ought to get something for their money-----aIas—it appears that we need a Neo Magna Carta, American styIe-----But wiII there be enough time before climate change makes corpses of us aII?
The majority of politicians have become Iike ICE NINE, in Vonneguts novel of Cat’s Cradle. The state of the elected appears to be made of humans who have become mentally ImmovabIe and deadIy. : (


Amy it’s much worse than what you report. Biden and the dnc have already rejected the Progressive base, and decided to court the moderate republican voters instead (not sure how many of those are left in the country). Now they have added an assault weapon ban to their platform that will alienate the very voters on the right, they are trying to court.
Again I’m back to believing the dem party is trying to lose, just like 2016.

Put forth another widely disliked candidate, check.
Refuse any progressive ideas, check
Promote republicans to lecture your base at the convention, check
Court republican voters instead of the left working class, check
Lose in November to Trump…

“Let’s Talk About Mistakes At The DNC, Framing And Solutions…”
Beau of the Fifth Column Platform


That horse left the barn a long time ago Amy. The appointment of Karmala Harris as VP running made should have confirmed the rejection of the progressive base to anyone.


You are correct! This progressive left the FIRST time the DNC/DCCC/DWS/Pelosi STOLE the Dem. nomination from Bernie. And then they did it AGAIN.