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If Joe Biden Rejects His Progressive Base, Trump Will Win

No, there is a huge risk of nuclear proliferation.

You’re not considering the huge costs of cleanup. After the huge gulf coast disaster trade deals have been structured to shift the liability to small subcontractor firms away from the large corporations. That basically dumps the cost onto the taxpayers. Any sane society wouldnt do that.

The damage from the Deepwater Horizon to the gulf coast area was huge - more than 65 billion was reported by the media but that ignores the fact that most losses never go to court in the US, and suing a large company like BP is so difficult few lawyers take those linds of cases, those who do sue have awards whittled down to pennies on the dollar and often whatever they win is taken by subrogation clauses of other insurers before they see any of it.

Its my understanding that the fishery still has not recovered.

Nuclear could easily be much worse and last thousands of years.

The ocean is not our septic tank. Its the birthplace of all life.

Why cant we simply use a lot less?

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deepwater horizon murdered 11 workers. nuff said. three BP managers responsible have not been brought to fair justice.

Nuclear fuel rods need not be stored at all.
they can be and are replenished in other nations.
I cannot emphasize that this avoids groundwater
contamination such as yankee, bradenton and one in Michigan

No spent fuel rod cooling pools avoids a even bigger danger.

High level nuclear waste still needs to be stored. A big stolar storm would create a global emergency even with no nuclear impacts at all, but the chance is quite high it would cause multiple nuclear meltdowns because of the extended loss of power.

Then our problems would become much much worse.

What we have to do is switch to a different model that does not depend on long distance power lines. Generate and use locally.

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Then go natural gas Caterpillar GenSets serving about 100 houses or more. One mechanic handles 138 of these along a 125 mile stretch across Indiana, east to west. Fuel is from a cross country pipeline.

One of the households would be responsible for checking the lubricant, filters, etc.
Preferably a skilled trades person.

But we lose the fresh water we need from desalination.

The nuclear plant has redundent pumps and piping. Three mile isle was human error at the operations center. Not by the design in place at that time.

That was a melt down and did escape and did cause cancer.

Solution: nuclear plants are a yes and must be placed in unoccupied areas. That is why out in the ocean is best. we can cable in the watts to shore. Or convert to microvaves and beam up to satelites
that beams the energy to your houses receptor. Why haven’t we done this yet, you ask. Well, we cannot figure out an easy way to make you pay for this energy route coming into your abode.

Arent they selling it off to Asia? They (in a normal year) get 3 to 5 times as much there. Why sell cheap gas to Americans when you can sell expensive gas to Asia?

A side benefit will be the alleged building boom from replacing all the postwar apartment buildings that millions of US families live in now. Currently they cant sell them, but thanks to the export they will become obsolete and blight and they can be torn down and given to real estate developers like Trump. Homelessness will skyrocket and millions will lose their pensions, too due to losing their homes and having to move to rural areas and having their their working lives cut short, but profits will rise. Isnt that all that matters now?

We’re the new Saudi Arabia they say.

But, others say they are totally wrong about the natural gas and that theres a lot less than they claim.

That its an investment scam. thats what I think is true because long before all the hype I was hearing that the shale gas was the dregs at the bottom of the barrel and the environmental costs were too high to justify extracting it. But they are doing it anyway. European countries have figured that out too.

So, Europe is an unoccupied area? Should we pollute Greenland too just so corporations can be paid zillions to clean it up? I get it. Sliiiick!

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The ocean is already occupied. Also, there is no way to “beam” energy as you describe safely. Whoever told you we could or should is wrong.

These proposals fit the pattern of ideas proposed under non-science based regimes that have serious problems they arent solving and have no intention of solving.

beam by NASA. 1975
fella has nine degrees
also served as Dean of Engineering at Univ. of Virginia later.

He also trimmed down weight of weather satellites for rocket launches.
NASA is now privatizing.

“What couod possibly go wrong?”

After all, there are lots more planets where this one came from!


How stupid do you think people are?

from new zealand: They are seeking wireless transmission of electricity.

‘You’re absolutely right. Transferring energy with microwaves has been around for decades. In the 70s, NASA showed it could support a helicopter drone in the air, charging it with microwaves from the ground. It’s been around for a while.’

Brexit may be falling apart. Suggest that if London loses their world dominance in finance, there will be a land war. Brits never win a battle and never lose a war. Plus they have uncle Trump to back them up. Ain’t it great to be a North American colonial??

Wel, nicola tesla had all sorts of ideas like that and yes it works a tiny bit. I can radiate kilowatts of power and light up flourescent tubes 20 feet away, while making crozy cool sparks that will ooh and awe you and make the air smell of ozone. But, its tremedously inefficiant and a waste of power. And it would also destroy all your personal electronics if you were actually trying to live like that. If you used microwaves as you said it would fry your eyeballs. You would be blind by the time you got to our age. And probably crazy too.

Youre also neglecting the very real risks of nuclear waste. Last I looked they still hadnt gotten the bugs out of that. Turned out the casks they were storing the hot waste in were leaking, a few terayears before they were expected to. Cost to fix that leak up, was in the low nine figures.

Close enough for government work as they say.

You left out the details. How many watts were successfully transfered and what was the loss in between.

Also, 'helicopter" Youre acting like energy is basically free and as if the ocean was a dumpster and not the birthplace of all life.

there is a phrase for a dead, anoxic ocean, its called Stragelovian Ocean. The ocean has gotten like that several times in the past. Most life just dies. Noticed I said most and not all.

The devil is in the details, if all life had been destroyed then we wouldnt be having all these problems today!

Brexit is just a scheme to get rid of the beloved NHS and the rest of their socal welfare schemes, while making it look like a fuck up they never intended. Even though they did.

Similar to whats happening here with Social Security and Medicare. Soon.

The expression “Live and Let Die” originated in England you know.


Chicago Bridge and Iron provided the
stainless steel storage tanks at Hanford, Washington.
With both these yo-yo’s, whatcha expect??
It was corrosion.
{Still the problem per THEE Ohio State univ.
suggest a call to Pfaudler, Rochester, NY for glasteel.}

cost was over 3 billion dollars to alleviate a couple years ago.

I have confrontational experience with chicago bridge and iron pressure vessel engineers.
I won.

We shouldn’t bail out energy companies. We should create community energy independence/interdependence.

Public utilities are better, and should be the default.

The people should get the money from oil and gas in their areas.

Corporations should only be chartered for purposes where they are necessary.

Utilities should always be owned by the public.

We should phase out amoral corporations as much as possible. Alternative means of energy generation are an interesting field, but you should channel your interest towards safe, renewable, decentralized means of energy production, and especially, saving energy, so we are less dependent on fossil fuels and especially nuclear power which is a lot more potentially dangerous than people think…

Large power and energy grids should be used differently and should not be the primary means oif powerining communities.

I know that were I live, we have a house thats started out identical to those of our neighbors, and we use less energy I suspect than almost any of them. Our power use is a fraction of what most of our neighbors use. Their houses bake in the summer, ours is cool.

We don’t use a lot of power, and we live well. We have better insulation, particularly windows and roof, and we cool differently. (natural ventiation vs. AC.) Most of the year it feels like we live in paradise, the home stays naturally comportable. Yet we use a lot less electricity and gas. We drive less. We hike, and walk when we can. We ride bikes. We dont own an SUV. We fly infrequently, and only maybe a few times a year if that. (some years not at all) We use public transportation and share rides when its available and convenient. (I have the ability to go into the big city when I want to which I take advantage of when I need to go there to do things, that costs me almost nothing, Only drawback, I have to get up very early, but then I get back early too.)

When I was a kid I basically grew up riding public transport. Its great.

Water and sewer were public utilities. Now, water is foreign owned by germans nearby. Public transportation is great, expensive city or county service. In the 1970’s, NYC had all their money in the bridge fund and the city itself was broke, asking for a federal bailout. They did not get it.

Electric and natural gas have always been investor owned with a guarantee of % profit. Heavily audited except Illinois and Ohio where electric rates are a scandal.

It’s not really stupidity, it’s that we think they have the obvious goals: to win. But they don’t. Their goal is to “play the game”.

Newer (Gen 4) reactors don’t have that problem, and at least one—the molten salt reactor—will consume most of the radioactive potential remaining in the waste that’s now sitting around.


I’m sorry, but spare me your pitch, Ive heard it too many times to count.

And watch your wallet, as it seems to me that most of the people who are pitching these nuclear fission schemes are scammers looking for a government handout for a technology that creates more problems, not solves them.

This is hardly the time to be spending taxpayer money on more bad big energy projects when we should be focusing on keeping people in affordable housing, not putting them on the streets. We should be building small energy efficient owner owned homes for single paople and families. Look at the things that have worked. One is public housing, another is public education, another is public healthcare. The people who are in charge now are wolves in sheeps clothing. They are corrupt. Frankly, I dont trust them at all. What youre telling me is wrong. Its hype.

Let me just say this, if any of these schemes had an ability to solve the proliferation or nuclear waste problems, you would have known it a very long time ago. They don’t. Also, the model of long distance energy transmission - the grid concept, is no longer a good model because of the global realization that a single high energy solar storm would throw the world into a global catastrophe, which might include multiple nuclear meltdowns. Also, the risk of nuclear proliferation as I understand it is substantial.

We barely missed a huge solar storm in 2012. We should take that as a wake up call to decentralize energy. Lets wind down our use of electricity so we can make it resilient to unexpected emergencies. Lets stop making more problems we will have to address urgently all at the same time after a solar storm.

Corporations are not a good model because they are amoral and irresponsible.

They are literally trying to take over the world, by emasculating democracy. Its not broken, they want to steal all the money that public services save. Only a madperson would entrust them with the responsibilities we still do today.