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If Joe Biden Rejects His Progressive Base, Trump Will Win

I’m not sure who you think you’re arguing with, but it’s not me. I’m all for everything being publicly designed, built, owned, and operated as step zero, reducing demand as far as it will go as step 1, and of local energy generation as step 2

But there is no less-harmful method of energy generation than small, fourth-gen nukes, and physicists with excellent credentials both as physicists and as anti-extinctionists have said so in the plainest language. Either we go that route, or we abandon industrial life completely and start reducing our overpopulation by killing one another, or we go extinct along with all the other species that have evolved on a low-temperature planet.

People I trust have said the opposite, That is the reason they are working on fusion power. They are in a position to know more about this than I do, much more. However, fusion will still come with the problems of moving any produced energy to where its needed, and the solar storm issue could interrupt the power transmission grid, possibly for years. Even if there were no nuclear meltdowns in its aftermath. Do you understand the problem I am describing to you? I’m sorry, I didnt explain it. Boiling water reactors (which produce high level nuclear waste all have to keep that high level nuclear waste, as well as their cores, surrounded with fresh water, to keep them from a meltdown situation pumps must be available and powered.

There are several problems that need to be solved and this needs to be done now. We need to solve our existing problems to reduce and eliminate the existing risk before we have another solar storm like the one that narrowly missed Earth in 2012. WHich could have caused a major global disater - we came very close. Its like Russian Roulette. Exactly like that.

I do not think corporations are capable of operating as responsibly as we need them to under the circumstances. Look at how TEPCO, the Japanese power utility that ran the Fukushima power plants failed at a number of points to handle the developing problems responsibly. The problem started by simply building the plants where they did in the first place, knowing that tsunamis had occurred in the recorded past that were large enogh to cause the damage they did, again. And indeed it happened.

Anyway, you get the idea, hopefully. No, I do not think its a good idea given the deception we’re already dealing with from our government (an ettemped global coup to put corporations in charge and hijack democracy)

They have totally lost my trust.

You’re definitely arguing with someone else, because I said explicitly that I am strongly in favor of public control --I’m not even in favor of corporations existing, much less controlling anything. And I’m not at all in favor of water-cooled reactors for the very reasons you give. I’m in favor of advanced reactors that shut down automatically if they become unhappy, consume the waste from earlier generations, and can be made small enough to serve a city and perhaps even a neighborhood.

The neighborhood can right now be provided electricity and using cogeneration, an additional 12% power with Caterpillar natural gas gen sets. Small grid and distribution wiring can be buried alongside the alleys in cities and street curbs in suburbs.

Rural electric is easily solar. When city pavement and stone building gain +10 degrees on sunny days, indicates 40 years old idea of chip absorbing sun and heat outboard and being cool inboard. Work was in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

But we need to get rid of combustion as an energy generator, since even with natural gas CO2 is the unavoidable side effect. So cogeneration is better, but not good enough.

Once we get the human population down far enough we’ll be able to use combustion again, but until then it’s a killer.

Apropos the heat gain thing, have you checked out Bucky Fuller’s serendipitous dome cooling method? It turned out that a dome will, if built a certain way, naturally --and counterintuitively!-- cool itself by convection for free to about 15° F. below ambient – such a dome set up as a public(?) building in Nigeria(?) is actually considered too cool by some of the people who visit it.

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What about the risk of nuclear proliferation?

We dont need any additional risks. We can expect large declines in energy usage in the coming yearsbecause of natural shifts away from the model of everybody going to work every day. More and more will be automated so there will be much less pollution and much less travel in general. People wont be able to afford to use lots of energy because they are gearing up to sell a lot of it off which will raise prices a lot.

Nuke prolif is a function of psychopathy in high places. We cannot afford to permit psychpaths to exist in the population and nuke prolif is just one of the reasons.

Which means we must to what successful earlier societies such as the !Kung San people did, and the ones still managing to live traditionally despite Capitalism still do: monitor children for signs of psychopathy and when found subject them to intensive psychological programming. If that doesn’t work, they must be locked up for life in pleasant, enjoyable surroundings where the population is limited to psychopaths.

Once we eliminate the influence of psychopaths on our social world, many problems, including nuke prolif, will simply vanish. We can test that assertion by thought experiment: how many people do you know who aspire to have unlimited power over others and would risk nuclear annihilation to achieve it? It’s unlikely that you know any, since that pathology is very rare. But if you do know someone, s/he’s one of the psychopaths who needs to be sequestered.

Talk to some engineers that you know and ask them about the dangers presented by extended power outages, (more than just a few days) to cooling nuclear power plants on a global basis. A large solar storm like the one in 1859 could wipe out power in the entire Northeastern US for many months, to a year or more. It might never go back on the way we are going. Look at what a fiasco happened with coronavirus, which is a disaster we pretty much expected would come along within a few years, after SARS and MERS, it was fairly predictable.

This is like that too. We need to stop building more nuclear power plants and we should safely dismantle them. The PR firms that are hyping these schemes should stop. Tell them that they are doing the country a huge disservice to hype these irresponsible schemes.

Power usage is likely way down due to lower commuting less shopping, etc. anyway.

People should use fans instead of AC too.

The era of the commuter is coming to an end.

Yes, people who dont know the difference between right and wrong in high places are a big problem, HOWEVER, acting like psychopaths ourselves doesnt seem to me to be likely to cure it, either.

Ya know what I mean?

People who have NPD never ever admit it nor can they ever be cured of it, although sometimes when they are dying they improve for those last few months, they then realize that they arent perfect. And sometimes apologize to people, etc.

But not before then. At least I have never seen it happen.

Boy, I wish I could take back some of the time that they have stolen from my life.

The problem is, the NPD people are taking over the world behind our backs. We dont realize how fixated they are on it.

Its a hundred - no a thousand times worse than almost anybody has a clue might happen.

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First, I am nuke since 1947 for peace. We erred by having every plant a unique design instead of having one darn good one, replicated.
second, if the plant has to shut down suddenly, there is a stand by pump to keep the cooling water flowing. Harrisburg, PA is only USA failure - and meltdown did occur. Cancer uptick did occur.

Groundwater pollution from spent rod pools leaking is my third biggest gripe. Yankee, Bradenton and one in Michigan.

You took out coal burners for air quality and global warming - so the juice still needs to be made and distributed.

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This is what I am talking about. Power could be out for a very long time. Dont forget we could be very heavily in debt too. Because of all this spending. Its not just the big grab, where in dozens of areas, the oligarchs are all trying to max out their individual takes.

They also want to push out the poor, thats a separate scam.

They are selling off the natural gas, which will push millions out of cities, people dont realize that the reason our energy prices have been among the lowest in the world for 40+ yrs was a ban on natural gas export that has now quietly been ended. Thats likely to add a huge extra cost to peoples bills every month in both the winter and summer. Especially in less well insulated buildings. So prices will soon be going up a lot, pushing millions of families out of their rented homes.

the price rise means that many older buildings in cities, will be deemed blight and torn down. they will be deemed too expensive to heat. they should be retrofitted instead, but our oligarchs wouldnt dream of it.

No, we cant heat with electric heat, because its already too expensive (and will be much more soon) and unreliable.

This (link) is what could happen due to the DC pulse from a large Carrington class CME.

Like the one in 2012. This does not talk about loss of the ultimate heatsink. But that is what happened at Fukushima.


That would likely cause loss of the ultimate heatsink. Almost all nuclear power plants in the US do use the same or similar designs - the same one used repeatedly at Fukushima.

So we KNOW they ARE vulnerable.

But psychopaths do know the difference between right and wrong…they just don’t care about it. They know we care about the difference, but all that means to them is that they can use it to exploit us more easily.

Sometimes, but not always. Ex just got meaner and meaner. If he was capable of thinking then, he was probably trying to come up with an additional abuse for me and/or our children, on his deathbed. Never considering that he ever might have done anything wrong.

We failed to sell excess natural gas from Ohio and Pennsylvania fracking to both China or Europe with transport by ship using CNG, compressed natural gas. Both are buying from Russia.
Pittsburgh has a new plastic pellet plant at 250 million build cost to use up this extra.
And the price will not go up - other than the usual whining by Columbia gas who use
every rumor to charge more for a therm in heating season.

We should save it, leave it in the ground, for the next big volcanic eruption, which will reduce rain, solar energy, wind and waves all at the same time.

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Ultimately, the same thing. Playing the game has created a dead end scenario for humanity and the other beings trying to make a go of it on the planet.

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The biggest struggle now is to maintain hope in the face of what amounts a multipronged attack on humanity from that tiny minority of our species who control virtually all major economic decisions.

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