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'If Kids Don't Eat in Peace, You Don't Eat in Peace!' Democratic Socialists Drive DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Out of Mexican Restaurant


'If Kids Don't Eat in Peace, You Don't Eat in Peace!' Democratic Socialists Drive DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Out of Mexican Restaurant

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Exemplifying how all Americans should treat Trump administration officials who show their faces in public as they continue to rip families apart, activists with the Metro D.C.


Karma’s a bitch and so is Kirstjen Nielsen. How many hypocritical government types (of both parties) employ undocumented workers to watch their children, clean their toilets, mow their lawns, and maintain their pools only to treat them as a group in the manner of a political football. The undocumented are people. Individuals and families with lives and histories of their own–often adversely affected in their home countries by the atrocities and avarice of Empire. Ef the hypocrites. Power to the People, with or without documents.


Whatever the ‘name’ of human beings grouping together to stand up in defence of those subjected to the consequences of heinous deceit, egregious forces and abuses of power, these examples of working toward a different future where those perpetrating these methods are instead the ones facing the consequences is, in my opinion a step in the right direction.

The presumption that an ‘appointed’ official can manipulate any and everything from an office needs to be ended. The intensifying exclusion and abuse of We the People can only result in massive, coherent, diverse, resolute, vocal, non-violent resistance.

We not only outnumber the abusers, but in alliance and coherent resistance we far outweigh any COLLECTIVE intelligence set on such abuses. The only difference is that those in power are functioning from a conceptual base of SECRECY. That in and of itself speaks volumes.


This kind of direct action confrontation should be happening all the time at all levels of government, and it should also happen to the corporate elites.
To her credit, at least heartless Nielsen doesn’t travel with a security detail like earth-killer Pruitt does. I’m surprised that she didn’t call in a goon squad to rough up and arrest the citizens who confronted her.
Absent an actual French Revolution or watering the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants, direct action civil disobedience, general strikes, sit-ins, and similar approaches should be used with the Kochs, Mercers, Trumpers, and all the other ghouls who herd us like cattle.


Another evil feckless moral zero! Follow her everywhere and run her out of the easy life she denies to others!


Whatever they call themselves, they did good. --Jesus Christ


And the punditocracy will cluck their tongues and fret over “the decline in civil discourse”

To which I say

“Go fornicate your own orifi.”


Here’s the real problem with “these people”; they ALL are arrogant, elitist, and conceited with WAY too much money. Bottom line is they just don’t give a fuck.


Good for DSA! Need way more of this, constantly, for every single fascist in public office. I note the irony of Frau Nielsen eating at a MEXICAN restaurant, when she despises Mexicans and is working so hard to keep those “animals” out of the U.S.


Ostracize these creeps until they stay inside their golf club retreats and do not come out.

Thank you, social democrats are among the best people.


Kudos to these activists! Show the true scum that these soulless, sociopaths are that have hijacked our country!


Hello DavidCarson, I’m for both watering both the tree of Liberty and a variation of the French Revolution in which the original would look as benine as a little girl’s tea party! We are long past the point in which pretending that we have anything but a fascist dictatorship exists here.


Hello Particia_scully, I suspect that when they go to dine out it will be in private clubs, private dining rooms or having catered meals at friends or their own homes.


Hells yes! Flush the bastards!


Having worked in food service, I can tell you that the food served to known butt holes is often fucked with back in the kitchen. I’ve seen it, you can count on it. Wherever these people dine, the cooks should be informed so that proper measures of contamination are put in place.


The heroes here are the DSA - It’s time for us to get off our asses and get involved in our local DSA chapters.


Please pass the hepatitis…


Creepy hag


Excellent :slight_smile:


We the People must demand her resignation.

Call, write, email, or send a carrier pigeon to your “Rejected Officials” demanding her resignation.