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If Left Wins in Alberta, Who Will Care for Interests of "Sensitive" Tar Sands Industry?


If Left Wins in Alberta, Who Will Care for Interests of "Sensitive" Tar Sands Industry?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The fossil fuel industry is bracing for what one news outlet called "a potentially massive political shift to the left," as voters in Alberta—also known as Ground Zero for Canadian tar sands—head to the polls on Tuesday.


While a shift to the left in Alberta of all places is surprising and hopeful , this is not the NDP of old unfortunately.


Hope things go well in Alberta, a good step to take down the Harper regime.

What in the world is a progressive conservative, hahaha!


I love the line… “A government that isn’t sensitive to that and sees pockets of cash that can be raided is probably not the right thing for resource development.” I think it would have been more accurate if the Oil guy said ‘resource extraction’. As for the “pockets of cash that can be raided”, this is a line that the Oil companies have been crying since day one. Keep in mind though that the reason that the NDP may win is because the two main parties have split the ‘right’ vote. It is sort of like the Tea Party running aginst the Republicans. If the NDP wins, you can expect a vicious assault by the corporate media against the government until they’re finally removed from office… or the corporate fundamentalists pack up and leave.


Damn…they actually have a “Left” that has power…?


This would be a great day for Alberta. Also, Mr Harper is an impediment to the people.


Exactly. The writer of this article is, like USAns everywhere, totally clueless regarding Canadian Politics. The NDP is not “left leaning anymore” The NDP of Ontario led by the Andrea Horwath runs well to the right of the Liberals and even the “Progressive Conservatives”.


The NDP is not “left” anymore.


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