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If 'Life Must Go On,' say Groups, France Must Lift Ban on Climate Protests


If 'Life Must Go On,' say Groups, France Must Lift Ban on Climate Protests

Jon Queally, staff writer

Ahead of international climate talks which are about to begin in Paris, an international coalition of NGOs, political figures, and civil society groups on Thursday demanded French President Francois Hollande lift the ban on protests and marches, saying that despite attacks in the city the world "must not suspend democracy and freedom" while simultaneously proclaiming a "commitment to democracy and freedom."


France has been working hard to make the climate meeting successful and a 3-month emergency has been declared. Therefore I think the only issue here is safety. How does a free and open democratic society deal with this type of terrorism? Hopefully they can work out some sort of compromise in this situation and allow the people coming to Paris to voice their opinions be heard. And there is some good news on the emissions front. Last year emissions barely rose at all. The EU reduced their emissions by more than 5%, which is remarkable. Emissions in China rose by less than 1% which is also surprising. The big problem was India which increased its emissions by almost 8%. If India can get its emissions down maybe there would be some hope of avoiding global catastrophe.


What if they protested anyway, regardless of the ban?




There is nothing people can say to oligarchs. How long does it take to figure this out? Nations are obsolete and concentrate mostly on state sponsored violence and austerity for mere mortals. Get a grip on reality.


What if there were hundreds of thousands of individual demonstrators spread throughout the streets of Paris? Is that a gathering?


It's Paris. I'm sure we'll find out.


For those who might consider signing the Pact for the Earth
About regeneration International

and for those who are interested in hitting the streets on Nov 28-29 to end poverty, inequality which require us to address climate


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Exactly. For every major IPCC conference, the goons cook up another grand distraction. For Copenhagen, it was "Climategate". For Paris it's a terrorist attack deployed, in part, to justify the suppression of organized dissent - but more significantly, to shield the IPCC's real mission from scrutiny.

It's the old magician's trick: misdirection. The hand is not faster than the eye, the craft of professional deceivers is to draw the eye away from where the trick is executed. The question is: what is the trick here? What is the IPCC's original mission?

Few are aware that the organizational structure of the IPCC was cooked up by Ronald Reagan's EPA - with two goals in mind: (1) Shackle scientific reports to such extraordinary demands for consensus that the threat of global warming is watered down, and (2) Guarantee gridlock on the policy side. On the policy side, the IPCC has richly fulfilled the nefarious intentions of its designers for decades.


Basically the prohibition of demonstrations is just designed to spur the fear of terrorism, so Hollande can pursue his goal of changing the French constitution to allow blanket surveillance of the population in an effort to tighten the reins of control in the government's hands. Don't let it happen!


Of course the reason is safety. Look at what is happening in France during the state of emergency that has been declared. According to the Guardian there are "Instances of armed police breaking down front doors with battering rams in the middle of the night, searching homes, handcuffing residents and placing people under house arrest without warrants or judicial oversight... so far, the emergency measures have led to 1,233 searches, 165 arrests, 230 arms being seized and 266 people placed under house arrest." Clearly this is not the type of country everyone expected the conference to take place in. And it is reported by the Guardian that "The state of emergency... has large public support..."


Exactly right. I think it is high time to consider new tactics.


Assuming you are asking a rhetorical question with the meaning: "We don't need no damn permission to protest!" Then I agree with you entirely!


I love those "Je suis le changement" posters. Where can I get one?

Oh, just noticed they are from the useless clicktivist group Avaaz...


There are some safety concerns, but you just know that the corporate-government establishment is giddy about cancelling the big march and the public conscious heightening that it can inspire. We'll see though what else will be happening or what will take the march's place.


The French Leaders should be ashamed of them self, to use this tragic event to promote their own agenda. Obviously the French Leaders like sporting events and they don't like concerned citizens standing up to speak their minds. This is absolutely despicable. They need to demonstrate weather they are allowed to or not. They need to stand up not only for a healthy planet but for freedom and democracy as well.


Global Warming protesters should get to the nitty-gritty of action on climate change: a direct tax on carbon. This is the first and most critical step in stopping global warming. (Make fossil fuels more expensive.). It defines a politician's, or any individual's, commitment to taking action to halt and reverse global warming. We can't allow political leaders, and particularly those popularly elected, to evade this defining issue. The future of humankind on our planet is at stake.


Wow, again its the same rhetoric that Guliani kept saying along with Bush after 9/11. They said dont stop spending money and that everything must go forward. Good stuff.


The Pope Says that Climate Change is a Moral Issue.....Moral: Defined as....concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character.
NOT FAR ENOUGH Pope. Climate Change is an Issue of Human Survival; an issue of the survivability of Human Civilization...A matter of life and death, not a moral issue , but a Survival Issue for humanity.
By positioning this as a moral issue leads one to Inaction and Complacency. Climate Change threatens our Ecological Support Systems which support humanity and human civilization...