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If McConnell Packs the Court on Behalf of Minority Rule, Dems Must Expand and Reform It

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/19/if-mcconnell-packs-court-behalf-minority-rule-dems-must-expand-and-reform-it


Of course Moscow Mitch “smirked”. Seeing how serial lies were the GOP’s stock in trade long before Trump came along, there was zero validity and 100% hypocrisy in Moscow’s claims that a SCOTUS confirmation could not be done in an election year.

As usual the dyed-in-the-wool Republicans and T-cult members are taking great pride in the GOP getting away with ever more egregious lies.


Shit can the electoral college and term limits for the Supremes. That would be a start to resolving this mess.


Got to change the constitution for that and we are going to have a Court that isn’t going to be flexible on those issues now. If Democrats gain control of both houses, they have to add new seats.


This defines the essence of “playing for keeps,” and throwing red meat to your base.
I daresay, I’d still be voting Democrat if they had the spine to play it as ruthlessly as the GOP does.

But I’m no longer convinced the Ds have the motivation to bother. The sweet, sweet cash flowing in from the MIMIC runs even steadier and stronger when the Ds are in the minority. And when Rs control a branch or three of government, the Ds have a comfortable excuse for accomplishing nothing. It’s when the Ds have control that we see the sad reality: Their coalition is so dominated by Blue Dogs, that they can only muster Republican Lite “achievements.” Better for them to hide behind the shadow of Mitch.


“There has been a tendency to try to put young ideologues on, in hopes they’ll have a 50-year reign. But that move deprives the court of the wisdom of older jurists and guarantees both inexperience and ideological blinkers on the court.”

I have long advocated an age requirement for justice nominees, one that represented the honor of membership based not on politics per se, but achievement - recognition for a lifetime of dedication to the honest, just, equal, rule of law.
An age requirement would reward that lifetime of service by people of varied backgrounds and political bent, as well as a relatively rapid turnover that would not create a cemented court with members in place for decades or half century.
Packing the high court with young blatantly political justices, some without requisite qualifications or judicial records is a subversion of our Republic and Constitution, that must not be tolerated, but repaired! Enlarging the court and-or reforming it from its current manipulated state is essential to preserve justice.
The influence of one depraved mentally deranged, ego-mad, figure dominating our jurisprudence and thus republic, for decades, over any change in public knowledge, demands, support, or societal needs must be defeated…

" If the Democrats win both the presidency and the senate, they must do something about the dictatorship of the minority on the court "


With stacked, politicized courts “the wisdom of older jurists” plus three bucks buys a cup of coffee.


Pete Buttigiegs suggestion of 5 judges from each party is just as bad. It another way of entrenching those two parties as the only choices.

Justice and the law should not be premised on party affiliations. It has to be blind to that crap.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled , That the Supreme Court of the United States shall hereafter consist of the Chief Justice of the United States and eight associate justices, any six of whom shall constitute a quorum; and for the purposes of this act there shall be appointed an additional associate justice of said court.

— Judiciary Act of 1869 § 1
So, since Congress makes the rules, they can pretty much do what they want. A narrow scope would be best, since the electorate doesn’t need a pissing contest between Congress and the Supreme Court. All we really need is a Congress with a spine, and a Congress ready to reform the Judiciary to serve the people, not just a President. As far as Pete Buttigieg’s plan, remember, he worked for McKinsey(SP?), so any of Pete’s experiences are colored by the corporate culture therein. Pete showed himself to be more conservative than he and his fans claimed to think.


This article is a fantasy. Joe Biden does not support expanding the court. It will not happen.


And rotating lower court justices through SCOTUS probably won’t improve things either now that Moscow Mitch and his obedient GOTP beeotches have filled those positions with neonazis and equally obedient corporate hacks.


The sense of the fourth paragraph, “McConnell will not break his own rule, which was arbitrary and idiosyncratic in any case, to advance a dictatorship of the minority.” was apparently uninteded.


We could all use the services of a proofreader from time to time.


Can we please try to cut down on the knee-jerk mccarthyism and jingoist nationalism?

Mcconnell is scum because of the work he does on behalf of capitalists / plutocrats, not because he is secretly an agent of “our” enemies, the evil, freedom-hating russkies.


This is not a democracy when one person, Democrat or Republican, has the legal power to say what bills can be voted on.


I do not find it obvious what reform Cole intends.

Surely it is not a balance of power between legislative and judicial that renders the US system oligarchic rather than democratic. Among other things, this does involve the manipulations of money and procedure that have removed electoral politics and the major parties from the control of their constituencies.

We certainly lose one of our last scraps of governmental consideration with the passing of Justice Ginsberg, but I doubt that the difficulty here is that the courts have power, but that the political parties and their funders do. In practice, it will be impossible to field a similar justice whether the decision takes place before or after November because neither party favors it.

Will the influence of the Clintons last as long as did that of FDR, whose ides it has supplanted? I sure hope not, but we are closing towards the half-way mark now, and people still write as though the phenomenon had not happened.


The treasonous Moscow Mitch should definitely be treated the way Musharraf was.

There should at least be minimal qualifications for a justice of the Supreme Court. Boofer proved he was unfit for the job during his confirmation hearing.


Maybe “not” was intended to be “now”.

Don’t underestimate Mctraitor Yertle. He is going to try! WE must amplify our voices now and at the ballot box! The tyranny by the plutocrats funding of the pimps in the pulpit and the sheep that would have US living under theocratic governed, plutocratic run - WE - the 98% all loose out!

Now is the time for democrats to strategically and surgically stand with plans to help “create a more perfect union for all”. All while modernizing our infrastructure, seriously investing in alternative energy and more environmentally public friendly transportation system. Investing in science and education, retraining older workers for the future, shoring up Social Security, stopping the hemorrhage of manufacturing, re-fitting existing homes, saving our public lands from gas/oil/fracking, re-regulating the environmental repeals that have happened during these last 3+ year!

I know it feels like a heavy lift (& more than years, more like 6), but if they could destroy that fast - WE must have public accounting of the damages that these people have done in order to understand and regulate against this happening in the future by people way more focused and evil not bungling but still lawless!