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'If Mnuchin Doesn't Comply, Throw Him in Jail': House Democrats Subpoena Trump Tax Returns

'If Mnuchin Doesn't Comply, Throw Him in Jail': House Democrats Subpoena Trump Tax Returns

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin repeatedly refused to comply with requests to hand over President Donald Trump's tax returns—which some legal experts say is clearly required under federal law—the House Ways and Means Committee late Friday subpoenaed both Mnuchin and IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig for the docume

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Perhaps if the term gulag were used the Trumpsters might understand.


I understand why the White House is upset about this. It’s pretty clearly a case of using Congress as a tool to wage partisan political warfare prior to an election. What the Democrats are doing is, to me, profoundly unethical.
The problem for the GOP is that it is also profoundly legal. That’s the price for losing a chamber for either party. Most of us saw this stuff coming with the Democrats retaking the House. We knew it would be zero policy, 100% investigation theater. But they get to do that.

So those documents have to be turned over, and for once, I agree with Democrats: if the GOP refuses to comply with legal subpoenas, then they need to get tossed into the clink to think this whole thing over.


What an odious little man! It were the Quakers that devised the “Penitentiary” so, with any luck, this stunted soul will have some time to reflect (???)


I wonder if Kamala Harris is weighing in on this. I doubt it, as it might reignite the story of how as AG of California she chose not to prosecute Mnuchin during the housing crisis for the violations of One West Bank, against the recommendations of those working in her office who had done a thorough investigation of the Bank’s practices. Maybe she was signalling back then whose side she was on. Certainly not those whose homes were foreclosed on. Also, he did contribute to her AG campaign.


This goes way beyond “partisan political warfare.” The NY TImes found evidence of the Trump organization using illegal scams to rip off US citizens to the tune of half a billion dollars. Every time someone spends $400,000 to join Mar a Lago and get access to Trump, it goes right into his pocket. And on and on. The guy’s a crook. Its not about an election.


Perhaps the damn Democrats should begin labeling these lawless louts, as traitors to the Constitution and the American People, Enemy Combatants using the weapons of mass destruction of Hate and Abuses of Power to destroy our Democracy.

Then, in their next breath, the Democrats must recommend using Guantanamo as a place these traitors to America would best be held for their blatant attacks on the Rule of Law.


Unfortunately, there are very few rich white guys in jail. They can afford the best and sleaziest lawyers, so I doubt this scumbag will ever have to worry about jail time. We need to overhaul the entire justice system and make it fair and equitable for everyone, no matter their income.


Mnuchin was also a major donor to Harris’ first Senate campaign. Thank you for bringing this up, I was going to if you didn’t. Until we can make large campaign contributions illegal, we need to make it unacceptable for candidates to take money from the rich, corporations or lobbyists by refusing to vote for them. Starting now! Are you listening Kamala? She takes all kinds of corporate cash. Time Warner executives are her largest group of donors, so she’s not in favor of net neutrality, or preventing big media mergers either.


Well said. “One dollar=one vote” is the current reality, making any politician’s pronouncements about “democracy” and “the rule of law” no more than a cruel mockery.

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Perp walk. Orange suit to match his master’s hair, Gitmo.


Or – more likely – taking orders from her handlers in the DNC.

I find it incredibly hypocritical for P’Loser to be wringing her hands at all of this, after she and O’Bummer let Mnuchin and his fellow Banksters off the hook, and then bailed them out with OUR money, back in 2009 . . .


Oh, good grief. Exhibit A. “The Trump Organization” is, legally speaking, an entirely different bag of beans.

No one (on the left) is saying he’s not a crook. Of course he’s a crook! He’s an oligarch! They’re all crooks to us.

The purpose of this hunt is to expose his true wealth level to embarrass him in front of his flock and thus potentially harm his re-election chances. That’s a partisan political objective. This is why the GOP is stonewalling you guys. If we flipped letters–and we have before–you’d react the same way (cough blue dress cough).


Hitler seized control, broke laws and refused to leave also. If this is what it’s gonna come to…well, we’ve been there before and have not learned anything about past history or how Dictators work. And how gullible We the people have become…

Exactly. And the dutiful mini-minds are out in force baying like beagles chasing a scented rag. Eventually they will run out of interest and forget what they were chasing. Until the propaganda media blows the winding horn again, and off they go. This seems to work out quite well for the gentry.

and what did republicons do for six years of Clinton? and what did they do for eight years of Obama. Obstruction.

Laws need to be changed so no party can get away with obstruction.

Dems have to defend our democracy which is being destroyed by 40 years of republican policies and obstruction, gerrymandring and voter suppression. I do understand that dems have done gerrymandering. We need laws with teeth in them and no loopholes hammering away at laws.


and doesn’t it have to do with the emollient clause where it is illegal for a President to profit his business. WTF there has been many, many times he has profited. Lock him Up.


unfortunately, this is the body that makes those laws.
so obstruction is what it’s going to be.
except that even that isn’t exactly factual.

and this is yet another disservice that partisan media provides to the faithful of either party–they lie by omission repeatedly.

every year there are several major legislative items that garner widespread bipartisan support. the problem is that those laws usually involve someone getting blown up or oligarchs making money.
or an expansion of the police state. or budget provisions for same garrison.

the “obstructions” tend to come for legislative activities that neither party especially supports, but voting bases want.

People often quote Gilens and Page’s study of legislative corruption and the conclusion of that study. If they were literate in reading studies, they’d do better to start quoting the data tables in the appendices that show the kind of legislation that garners overwhelming bipartisan support. It reveals what most careful observers of American policy have known for years–on issues that matter to the ruling class, both parties are exceptionally accommodating to the other.

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Deplorable People identify with The Donald. How many attorneys will be thrown under the bus, to assure this man is re-elected? The answer, my friends is blowing in the wind, the answer is trademarked, copyrighted, and owned by Bobby Zimmerman.:ice_hockey: