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If Money Is Tight, Climate Change Is Your Issue

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/10/if-money-tight-climate-change-your-issue

Before I moved from California, my car needed a lot of work-----it didn’t have that many miles on it, but to replace the part took mostly labor because the part was buried under other parts. I needed around $900, which I didn’t have. I worried a lot about fires, because how would I get out quickly without a car. I had neighbors , but they worked all over L.A. and I couldn’t guarantee where I or anyone would be if a fire began.
My cousin decided d to pick me up and move me----and 1 month later L.A. and a lot of places in California were on fire.
I suppose that timing can be everything. I was lucky that my cousin moved me and I had sold the car for a small price to a mechanic who could fix it. Lucky for both of us----but still my experience is not unusual re: having immediate funds for an emergency. WHY was it so hard to save? LOL, because as that New York man once said," The rent is too damn high!" My CA rent actually took 60% of my money----and that rise happened very quickly too. When income is not keeping up with rent increases it’s very hard to save for a rainy day----because it seems like every day is a rainy day.
Sometimes, moving is the only answer and I’m lucky that I have a wonderful cousin.
If a person doesn’t have enough money, then wonderful relatives can make all the difference. I am crossing my finger for everyone that if you can’t win the lottery, then wonderful relatives, or wonderful friends will be will be there for you too! : )


The backbone of all of the Industrialized Countries in the West , even those with large populations that champion the nonsense that is “The Free market” is PUBLIC infrastructure built by Governments using taxpayer dollars.

Private industry gets a free ride on this infrastructure even as their CEOS and that 1 percent claims they more efficient than are Governments and Government should take a hands off role.

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Kind of hard to rebuild your infrastructure if you are diverting all your loot to blowing up the planet for profit. And since the guv’mint is printing up all the loot it wants, it gets to spend it anyway it wants. “It” meaning the corporations, the Government/MICx. Why rebuild bridges and schools if you can make billions with forever war? No democracy here, just move along… Gopherit

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Not trying to be snarky, and I do agree with the theme of the article, but Katrina was in 2005. There were other inconsistencies, but not important in relation to the story.

If you don’t have money, Theo Wuest, there are a lot of issues.

No, you tug on one issue, the whole web of class and capital is going to move.