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If Newtown Wasn't Enough, Why Would Las Vegas Be Enough?


If Newtown Wasn't Enough, Why Would Las Vegas Be Enough?

We have become a nation that accepts the blood sacrifice of our children as an ineffable part of our constitutional order, one of those things you have to tolerate, like pornography and the occasional acquittal of an unpopular defendant, in order to live in a free society.
Charles P. Pierce

Our leaders are afraid to tolerate limits on Second Amendment "freedoms."


I don’t like to nit pick, but this is not the deadliest mass shooting in history. Maybe, recent history or the history we remember.

And I digress, 9 million children will be without health care unless Congress reinstates their access to care.


Powerful commentary by Charles P. Pierce. He put heart, soul and reason into this! I can find nothing to argue with here, and everything to agree with. Enough! I will not debate NRA apologists any more.
Their arguments are a part of the continuation of this national madness.


pierce, that’s a pretty good article. (it would help dopes like me if you put your sarcasm or irony in a different font.)

you’re so right: if newtown wasn’t enough, why would las vegas be enough? if you don’t mind, i’d like to add in the murders conducted by our military and the police as contributing to the national inuring against violence, the anomie, and the distilled sense of impotence in our nation.

question: was the “god help us all” simply a rhetorical punctuation for a dramatic article? i’d say people better stop thinking some god is going to help us—if we don’t rise up in protest, more and louder, there is nothing that will change for the better.


Gabby Giffords, the congressional representative from Arizona, got shot along with others at one of her rallies. She was “pro gun rights.” A woman in Florida got shot in the back by her four year old child as she was driving her needless pickup truck. She was a gun owning promoter also. We are running out of adjectives to describe this situation.

We must now accept recurrent mass shootings as a part of the American landscape.

This is what they call “freedom,” I guess. But they get to define “freedom,” you don’t.

“We are all walking blood sacrifices waiting to happen.”

But, but, but, but, but, but, . . . if we all carried Uzis and AK47s at all times, we’d all be safer. Right?


Well written and heartfelt article.
Another perspective is that besides outlandish weapons, the shooters including police and military are mentally unbalanced. One of the main chemicals that helps keep us balanced is serotonin. Without proper levels, some people cannot control their anger. We all want to kill some one at one time or another, yet most do not.
Serotonin production is suppressed by glyphosate, Roundup. Steffanie Seneff has commented on this. It would be interesting to see if there is a correlation between the increased use of Roundup since the early 90s when its use really began to increase and the incidence of mass shootings. There are correlations with autism and Alzheimers as well as other degenerative diseases.
So along with banning assualt weapons maybe we should ban Roundup.


Any hope of solving the issue of gun violence in this country is doomed to fail as long as the issue is only discussed at the domestic level. Only when the discussion is expanded to a global and foreign policy level will some eyes begin to be opened and the true scale of the problem be realized.

Witness some of those same Democrats who voted for a 700 billion dollar war package, last week, such as Elizabeth Warren, condemn the shooting in Las Vegas, today, much the same as Barack Obama shed tears after Sandy Hook, but continued to push arms deals around the world. Hillary Clinton made gun control one of her campaign issues, but that same Hillary Clinton had no problem militarizing the State Department and pushing for war and arms sales around the world.

Indeed, when this country’s default foreign policy is to solve issues and maintain the empire at the point of a gun and to promote and enable a bloated and immensely profitable defense industry, it is completely unrealistic to expect this government to do an about face on the domestic front. Defense and arms corporations, first, the safety of people here at home (and only here at home), second. As long as our foreign policy continues to be endless war, we will have it here at home, too.


Agreed, the “Sky Fairy” reference was a bit odd.




Say it again.


“…unfortunate exercise of Second Amendment freedoms,…”
Maybe I’m out in left field here but the killing of all these people by this perpetrator (hate the logo: "shooter’) is not any “…exercise of Second Amendment freedoms”! Far from it. Owning of the guns may be but not the killing of others. Let’s get some decent journalism going or don’t write at all! (I’m not a member of the NRA and own NO guns).


I believe you are correct in connecting these dots. I honestly think that glyphosate, especially in the formulation used in Roundup, is having more deleterious effects on us than we know. We may just be seeing the tip of the iceberg here. It should be banned!