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If Obama Had Met with Kim Jong Un, the Republican Party Would Have Had a Cow


If Obama Had Met with Kim Jong Un, the Republican Party Would Have Had a Cow

Juan Cole

The depths of hypocrisy of the Republican Party in supporting Trump’s meeting with the North Korean dictator in Singapore are hard to plumb. This is a party whose leading members adopted the Ostrich Foreign Policy Principle for decades. If you don’t like a country’s government or political and economic system, pretend it does not exist.


Media hyperbole has trumped facts for at least the past half century. Despite POTUS Carter’s 1978 Camp David accord being one of the most successful international actions of the 20th century, media, GOP and Democratic Party hyperbole has made Carter a pariah and deified his successor (Saint Ron) who stole the 1980 election and put the 99% into a downward spiral that keeps accelerating.


The Republican Party of conservatives that criticized Obama has been either replaced or muffled by a populist Truimp party of white nationalists and America First types. I would guess many conservative Republicans privately criticize Trump but theycan’t do it it in public without suffering dire consequences. I think it is less than hypocrisy than “having to keep your mouth shut if you know what is good for you.” The populist right wing extremists are keeping the party in line. It comes down to Trump’s way or the highway.


Transparent hypocrisy => awakening, hopefully.


Hipocracy has ruled the day since November 8th, 2016.


And now, instead of having a cow, the Democrats are having, what, a “donkey” fit?



So the R-party is kept in line. And a coherent message–government is the problem–is delivered consistently.

Sounds like the exact opposite of your party. Yesterday you said they stood up for minorities. Was putting lots of minorities in prison, throwing them off welfare, calling them super-predators, and bombing their countries standing up for them? Because that sounds like the incoherent BS that’s helping propel your party into the dustbin of history.

And that blue wave in this year’s mid-terms is looking shalier by the day…


Sitting with friends last night the " living room consensus " was the MSM was so negative towards The Summit. Give it a chance? R U kidding? It’s all a N. Korean scam; and then, we gave away all the family jewels for nothing but old broken and recycled promises. And, the over-the-top demands for justice in regards to human rights violations and political assassinations by Kim: oh, the irony of the U.S. Establishment calling out that old gem. Give us a break on that b.s. We should have our collective mouths taped shut in this regard. Stifle yourself please, America.
A canard by another name is still a canard when we’re No. 1 on the death count charts in this 21st Century timeframe. Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine and, of course, the current Syrian debacle. Millions of dead in the MENA and the MSM is worried about Kim’s dead half-brother? The phony handwringing is worthy of a high school theatre award. More, and more, pure b.s.
The U.S. needs to sign a document formally ending the Korean War, slowly initiate a troop drawdown and eventually a complete withdrawal, stop this " total annihilation strategy " and take the log out of our foreign policy eye before we continue to call out other’s blindness.
Really, " what’s so funny about peace, love and understanding " to our Washington Consensus & our MSM? After all, the longest journey still begins with a first step. On this, if you’re human, isn’t being anti-war the only rational goal/choice?


Rule by Hippos?


You better check your history on Carter. While I say he is the greatest EX-President, he was terrible while in office. Hence only one term, nobody wanted him for another four yrs.


The “conservatives” that criticized Obama are the SAME people as the Trumpers. You must be fucking blind (or stupid) to think otherwise.


This is part of the playbook. No Democrat could have opened up China—that needed the Republican RM NIxon with his “anti-communist” credibility; in the same way, no Republican could have gotten away with selling off the broadcast spectrum and destroying “welfare as we know it”—that required the Democrat WJ Clinton with his “liberal” bona fides.

The fearful symmetry of “two” political parties allows both to claim bold originality for doing what the other wants done just as badly.


I was thinking this is the same phenomenon as “only Nixon could go to China.” Though the reasons are nonsensical, Democrats are perceived as weak and Republicans as tough, so U.S. people only accept international diplomacy from Republican presidents.


That perception goes back to the Vietnam War and Johnson. And, it was the only " war " we lost, as well. Nixon, Raygun and Bush I & II =s strong, Democrats all wimps=s weak.
The greatest and deadliest MIC the world has ever seen beats up lowly Afghanistan or Iraq and we’re Super Men and Super Cops in the Police State that’s " policing " the entire planet, for good, justice and The American Way. Ha!
That’s a steaming pile of shit, btw. We’re doing what we’re doing around the world for One Reason: to loot and destroy the little countries of the world and put them under our malevolent and fat thumb. For the Corporatocracy’s deeam, using our DoD for their personal army. It’s sick and twisted and soooooo Amerrriiicccaaannn!!!