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If Obama is a Climate Leader, Why Is US Oil Industry Booming?


If Obama is a Climate Leader, Why Is US Oil Industry Booming?

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Despite President Barack Obama's claims of climate leadership, the U.S. oil industry is booming under his watch.

Bloomberg Business journalist Jennifer Dlouhy reported on Tuesday that "U.S. oil production has surged 82 percent to near-record levels in the past seven years and natural gas is up by nearly one-quarter."

The domestic fracking surge—a pillar of Obama's "all of the above" energy policy—is key to this trend.


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This is and always has been...the rigged game. Fossil fuels! Notice who it is that is claiming Obama has any kind of environmental legacy... the fossil fuel industry does.

Exactly where has Obama done anything to warrant such a title? So Obama's supposed environmental legacy is that he facilitated fracking? Well gee wasn't that an environmental legacy huh? Except that it was the wrong kind of legacy.


Obama is indeed a "climate leader" but the kind of climate he is leading us to has me wondering about his leadership.


President Obama must work inside a fossil fuel dominated economy. The problem becomes how to move forward in a very resistant atmosphere. Being black is not helping either in this matter. He has done more than any other president in history on climate. If the political climate were there, he would do more. Some democrats are not on board either. This is a declining democracy where money is gaining more steam and the fossil fuel industry has mountains of it.

When you look at what is happening also is the coal industry is being thrown under the bus now. In a sense it is divide and counquer. The gas people are quite content to move into a position of dominance replacing coal. In about 20 years gas will be decreased as renewable energy and storage step up to the plate .


Because both wings (Dem and Rep) of the American Oil & War party work tirelessly for the MIC?


Humans are the destroyers of worlds and have forgotten that we are only a part of the Tapestry of Life and cannot exist without the rest. For the worship of Mammon and unbridled greed we despoil and foul our own places and kill for the sake of killing and ego, like the cowardly dentist lion-killer scum. We were charged with being the stewards of Mother Earth but have walked, then run, further and further from that sacred trust, led by the ignorant, arrogant and depraved; our contemptible failure is palpable......and the charade/fraud of COP 21 tops the cake....

The power of money has taken humankind by the throat, fostered by those without integrity or moral compass of the world, like the fossil fuel conglomerate, who chase wealth and wield the power, not the wise or moral or builders of a sustainable egalitarian future. We will all pay a high price for their greed and the failure of millions to demand and force real change from our selected representatives, all bought-off by a corrupt political system to serve the status quo 1% and greed above all else.




Climate Leader: authorizes drilling in ANWR and off the Atlantic seaboard, rubber-stamps expanded offshore drilling in Gulf of Mexico after the Deep Water Horizon disaster, sidles up to Saudis, increases drone warfare in Middle East (pollution personified), fracking in US increases dramatically causing earthquakes that have never before been experienced in heavy fracking regions, allow EPA to rubber-stamp egregious environmental violators (oil/gas/mining corps at top of list), and the list goes on. His actions belie his prior claims to being a "climate leader." Guess he thinks his daughters' futures are all sown up being the children of a president set for life; children who have the most expensive private school educations to date and will have entry into any elite university of their choosing...air, soil, water, food pollution be damned...they're insulated from that aren't they????

Oh, and his crocodile tears shed that were emblazoned across the media while signing a virtually worthless executive order supposedly mandating expanded background checks...should be saved for the 15,000 men/women/children whose lives will be destroyed as a result of deportation back to the hell they fled.


He has been deemed a saint by a legion of demons who perpetuate his mythological presidency.


Leadership involves moving outside of one's comfort zone to persuade and seize opportunities. Obama had a bully pulpit in his first couple of years as POTUS and did sweet FA about anything of importance for civilisation at large whilst ensuring that whistleblowers were persecuted, innocent people remained incarcerated in the Guantanamo torture camp and war criminals maintained their place in society. He could have used "Occupy" but turned on it instead.

Any POTUS who said anything positive about the need to reduce Anthopogenic Gloibal Heating would be breaking new ground.

Maybe had Obama had had the intent to do the jobs he had promised, he would have been assasinated. Well, in the USA that is one of the long-standing historical perquisites of being POTUS and history shows that it goes with the job.

Obama's legacy is the final destruction of civil liberties in the USA and consequently throughout all western democracies, as the USA sets the overall tone of our political behaviour.