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If Only the US Had That $6.4 Trillion It Wasted on Iraq and Afghanistan Wars to Fight Covid-19 Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/11/if-only-us-had-64-trillion-it-wasted-iraq-and-afghanistan-wars-fight-covid-19


We want our $6.4 trillion back. And we want steep cuts in war spending. Americans are hurting.

And lucky for us we have all those opposition Liberal Democrats taking to the airwaves and calling hearings demanding the same!!!

Anyone? Anyone? Buehler…?


We learned the lessons of Vietnam well:

  1. Worship the warrior
  2. Show shock and awe, not death and destruction, on TV
  3. Eliminate the draft

They got that 6.4 trillion dollars to kill people in the Middle East the same way they can use to get 6.4 trillion dollars to help save peoples lives at home. Apparently the way the economy works is the Government can always print the money up as needed when Military spending needed.

Why not place an order for 200 more fighter jets, cancel the order and then use the money generated that was going to buy those fighter jets on helping American workers out?


For nearly four decades the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) has benefitted from more corporate welfare than any other recipient.

Much of that welfare is approved off-budget, in the dark of night.


Too bad the American Warfare Party now only experiences war through the comfort of a 60" HD screen while sitting on their couch.
Corporate Hollywood’s ability to create a cult of personality around chickenhawks dressed up, pumped up and fully paid up, is truly amazing. Even the women of Hollywood get to play dress up mercenaries; Comic Book Fantasy Clowns for the Hollywood idea of real empowerment.
Real women, too, like portraying character studies of genocidally inclined sociopaths; no wonder most of them got on aboard HRC’s death train. Killing " the other " makes for one tough mother chicken plucker, evidently. Tiger Moms, like real tigers, have dietary needs which includes eating the children of people of color who live outside of Hollywood and Malibu, etc.
Who knew?
Living vicariously from the couch in the family room; voting for budgets that empower The Best & Brightest sociopaths from Ivy League University, Inc., and watching the absurb escapist rot that passes for another Sci-Fi blockbuster. Yea, that’s the ticket.
The rich and famous Hollywood moneyhumpers, like America’s sports stars, have learned to love the War Machine and, then to take the money and run. To another dress up event, no doubt.
The COVID-19 Fight; with its warm and fuzzy Public Service Announcements saying we’re all in this battle together. Trump says he’s leading a war effort. Funny the wages always paid to grunts and essential workers, is about 1/100th of the contracts of non-grunts and non-essential workers. That’s overkill by definition, right?
But that’s Hollywood, that’s Entertainment!


umm…excuse me but what about the 6 trillion or so they wasted on the banks and corporations over the past 8 weeks alone? You dont even need to go back that far, just look back a couple of months ago. Pelosi now wants to bail out lobbyists too so they can bribe her so she can continue to successfully do their bidding.


And who was it who staunchly advocated for Bush’s wars? Joe “MIA” Biden.
And who went on to lie about his enthusiastic support for those wars? Joe MIA Biden.

And speaking of misbegotten wars, who will run to Biden’s left on the topic? Donald The Wig" Trump.


IF we want to stop elective war we need to bring back the Draft with almost no deferments.
If you’re in a wheel chair you can work in the company office
Pimples on your butt, bone spurs, College etc do not count


Great point Tank. I think many of us forgot how trump ran as a democrat in 2016 before he veered to the right.
The headline says “Wasted on Iraq.” I say “WastING” on Iraq and Afghanistan. We didn’t go anywhere, and we won’t. We have complexes, airstrips, and billions of dollars worth of infrastructure. And what better way to launder tax dollars, like sending them into the black hole of military spending.


Completely agree. When everyone’s life is on the line, we magically have no stomach for empire wars.


Before November, Trump will withdraw all troops from Afghanistan and run on “America First” again.

Important information giving wonder if 2020 elections are cancelled,
to be replaced with a Joint Chief’s of Staff military dictatorship. With
nearly a $3/4 trillion budget Congress gives its tacit consent and some 70%
of Americans trust the military more than any other U.S. institution.
With a Supreme Court of Federalists and fanatic right-wingers, well,
Any reason to be worried?


The same forces that pushed to take down Iraq are pushing us to take down Iran. Cui bono?


Everyone needs to have skin in the game. Otherwise… eh

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And who was it who wanted to look forward not back and didn’t pursue the SOBs and lock 'em away for war crimes? Joe “MIA” Biden and his buddy 'bama!


Trump ran to the left of Clinton. And hes already starting to run to the left of Biden.
Jimmy Dore and Dylan Ratigan go into this in some detail in one of their recent discussions

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One could certainly make the case that the American debacle in the Middle East will be the turning point to ending the Empire. We can only say, “good riddance.”


How many people know that Barack and Hillary attended a Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia during the campaign? What was decided there? That Obama would be president, with Clinton people in charge of just about everything else, and Hillary to run 8 years later? Biden and Larry Summers. DĂ©jĂ  vu all over again?

To help end the pandemic affecting life on Earth, is it possible to tap into a bit of NASA’s funding?
Didn’t think so.