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If Only We Could Vote for Peace Instead of a 'Commander-in-Chief'

If Only We Could Vote for Peace Instead of a 'Commander-in-Chief'

Robert C. Koehler

Maybe it’s the phrase — “commander in chief” — that best captures the transcendent absurdity and unaddressed horrors of the 2016 election season and the business as usual that will follow.

I don’t want to elect anyone commander in chief: not the xenophobic misogynist and egomaniac, not the Henry Kissinger acolyte and Libya hawk. The big hole in this democracy is not the candidates; it’s the bedrock, founding belief that the rest of the world is our potential enemy, that war with someone is always inevitable and only a strong military will keep us safe.


Robert Koehler very obviously WANTS to vote for Jill Stein but seems too fearful to even mention her name.


Oh my, what an EXCELLENT piece of truth–disturbing truth, but important to
have said in such cogent fashion. Thank you, Robert Koehler.



You had me at the title of your piece–me too, I want to vote for peace, not endless, stupid, greedy war that makes us feared and hated.

Thanks for your always thought-provoking, intelligent, compassionate and rebellious commentaries on our political circus, and constant state of war.


“…war is an obsolete and monstrous game…”

Yes it is, and the USA is spending something like $650 billion this year to extend that brutal practice which should have ended shortly after the cave men left their caves.

That warfare is still an acceptable arm of US foreign policy tells the world that the two major parties are, for the most part, populated by loathsome, money-grubbing cretins, idiots and swine.


" — what I hear is boys playing war—"

exactly, robert! i remember an old rod serling sci-fi drama where an entire community lived in fear under the threat from a spoiled brat with killer mental powers. it seems our entire political, military and financial class suffer from arrested development. they all seem eerily like the brick and maggie characters from tennessee william’s “cat on a hot tin roof” forever lost; trapped in the glory of their high school years.

you know, i think maybe as high as 60 or 70 per cent of us just want the crazy to go away. even on last night news we saw interviews with grade school and high school kids who feel very concerned and frightened over the prospect of either a trump or clinton in the white house. these youngsters, too, want an end to eternal war, but the egos of the presumptive ruling class do not hear us.

" It will be a hold-your-nose-and-vote kind of election year for a lot of people. This is our reality. We need to make the most of it and keep fighting for truth and justice. That is supposed to be the American way. That is not a reality for all Americans right now. We need to add peace to the equation."--Eric Ortiz

several year ago a friend retired from his military career asked, “when did we start voting for a commander in chief? we used to vote for a president!” here is a great analysis explaining the absurdities of campaign 2016.

hear here! glen ford explains election 2016.

Unspeakable America
Submitted by Glen Ford on Tue, 10/18/2016 - 23:12


Our red and blue POTUS choices in recent years have been as much for sociopaths-in-chief as much as commander-in-chief.


John Connor: We’re not gonna make it, are we? Humans, I mean.
The Terminator: It’s in your nature to destroy yourselves.


Unless there are pitchforks and torches in the streets, nothing will change.

Anymore, civil disobedience is our only dependable representative. Or try voting the rest of your life.

Goo luck with that.


"If Only We Could Vote for Peace … "

Kidding, right? In this “race” Robert, we actually HAVE a perceptive, highly intelligent and informed candidate for president campaigning HARD for these very principles of Peace as the desired goal: Dr. Jill Stein.

Exactly BECAUSE OF those anti-militaristic principles, the corporately-run Media & the DUOPOLY shut her ideas OUT of coverage, discussion & debate.

It’s not just about percentages, it’s about locking IDEAS from potential options for the nation: anti-democracy in full bloom! Where is your voice on this?

If it was important enough a topic to warrant writing an article, Mr. Koehler, how could you possibly ignore the existence of an actual current candidate proposing & fighting for those very principles … and HOW she has been ignored & silenced?

I guarantee you that the time & energy put into exposing & opposing our addiction to war done by Stein and her supporters around the country, in & out of the Green Party, has been far more intense than your efforts in front of the computer for this article.

What bothers me most is that if the issue of peace versus war did not warrant mention of those actively pursuing those ends — in this very election … and the many forces working to stop their efforts — how do you expect your position to be taken seriously?

— MINIMALLY, Stein’s position & candidacy require mentioning. You could ALSO have shown your readers how to PUBLICLY register their AGREEMENT with a Peace Agenda … by registering Green — immediately … no matter how they ultimately vote!
… There IS no other … or better … way right now to QUANTIFY those actually opposing our imperial war-like stance! Green Registration does just that … and grows the movement for peace.

Koehler, to make your position MEANINGFUL, you MUST include ACTIONS for your readers that actually include the possibilities of VOTING FOR Peace … now, and in THIS election … or at least registering their agreement with a path to peace.


Deep breath in. Deep breath out.
Repeat after me:
“I am letting go of Fear.
I am embracing Peace.
I am voting for Jill Stein”

A–a-a-a-a-hhhh. So, so easy.




This is very simple. Stein would never have asked anything as simplistic and absurd as “Why can’t we be friends with Russia?” I cant verify that that’s a precise statement because I didn’t watch any debates, since Dr. Stein wasn’t in them and without her they were certain to be quite farcical. She certainly wouldn’t have framed the question in such a way, but rather might ask why at least in the case of Russia, some degree of detente should be approached. That could never happen if a no-fly zone was insisted on by a presidential candidate who mindlessly helped start the horrific Syrian civil war in the first place. That would likely have been Stein’s approach.

I would think that the comment “miserable level of support she now enjoys” is uttered by someone has never even heard Stein speak. That is a characteristic behavior in this travesty of an election.


" The reality of endless war."

Until the majority of the American people realize that Amerika is the Fourth Reich and a military dictatorship; a totalitarian regime that has murdered untold numbers of innocent men, women and children by using the euphemism of " collateral damage" and has brainwashed most of it’s citizens into believing they are living in a democracy, these endless wars will continue to be endless.



The United States can be friends with Russia, but Hillary can’t be.
Well not Hillary exactly because she actually is a know-nothing, who only knows what’s she’s told to know.
On Russia it’s Samantha Powers of the UN who tells Hillary what she knows and Powers hates the Russians. Which is a baseless pathological hatred.
Samantha Powers is as crazy as Trump is.


I have looked at this topic and come to believe autonomous democracy is the most efficient tool for focusing distributed human intelligence.

Autonomous democracy exists outside government. It will grow by connections with each new idea generating more new ideas until occasional mutually accepted ideas generate a new story. Autonomous democracy will tell governments what to do when a new story of peace and environmental justice becomes the accepted way to live.

The US government as number one polluter received the first report on global climate collapse 50 years ago. A democrat intent on war was president. Nothing was done.

The US government subsidizes oil corporations with regular people’s tax money.

Start with the biggest mess. Then move to the second biggest mess.

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Donald Trump is correct when he notes that the election is rigged. Yes, the electoral process in the US is rigged. It is rigged to ensure the election of those who promote plutocrat friendly economics and endless war, i.e. candidates from the Democrat/Republican Party.

I will vote for the Green Party’s Stein, as a very, very small part of ongoing efforts to promote community based movements focused on social/economic justice, environmental sustainability, and peace (anti-war/militarism). I expect that such organizing will become more challenging. Now that Hillary Clinton seems all but assured of becoming the next US President even if progressive supporters do not vote for the ‘lesser evil’, there is new growing trend. Now progressives are being directed to vote for Hillary Clinton to ensure that she wins by a large margin. (For example: http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-mcmanus-election-margin-matters-20161012-snap-story.html ). Once in office, I will not be surprised to hear politicians, pundits, journalists, and commentators directing progressives to set aside disapproval of Clinton’s plutocrat friendly economics, domestic surveillance, militarism, etc. and back her in order to avoid the ‘apocalyptic’ consequences of Republican obstructionism.


I got my ballot today and I intend to vote for Stein. TPTB say that I am wasting my vote or even worse letting the greater of two evils win. My problem is that both our sanctioned choices are evil and voting for either is truely a waste of my vote and unpatriotic to boot.


On programs on HBO they are gutting Stein and her followers. They love them some Clinton and love to laugh
at Trump, but anyone with a Progressive view, look out.


I agree Steve and am glad that you are braving the hatred of Hillary supporters to say so.